Can I sync Outlook data without iCloud?

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Asked at 2021-09-10 09:09:00
Can I sync Outlook data without iCloud?
Answer1 Answered at 2021-09-10 09:10:29
Not so long ago, the owners of Apple products were faced with the impossibility of synchronizing Outlook contacts and Calendar using iTunes. The company now recommends using iCloud for this purpose. Firstly, it's inconvenient since the additional configuration of all devices is required. Secondly, it's not safe. You don't want your data to be stolen by hackers from the cloud storage because support for syncing contacts is deprecated, do you? Every year Apple finds itself in unpleasant situations due to weak iCloud security and frequent user data leaks. Unsurprisingly, many are reluctant to use cloud services. Instead, people use special applications like AkrutoSync. The software saves and syncs all data without the need for iCloud.
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