Where did electrohouse music come from?

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Where did electrohouse music come from?
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I’ve been listening to electrohouse music since I was a teenager but I’ve only just started looking into the history of it and it’s really interesting. Culturally, it grew out of major US cities in the 1980s. We’re talking New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit. Interestingly, though, it was also simultaneously being developed in Japan and Germany. That’s why it has such a distinctive sound that mixes different cultures.

House was a major subculture in the 1980s, with DJs deciding to take disco songs and add to them. The baseline was intensified and electronic synthesizers were used to create this incredible atmosphere. It was really a sound that no one had ever heard before. The club scene was massive in those days - much more so than it is now - and electrohouse was a way to take the club experience to the next level. If you’re looking to hire a house DJ, then visit this website . 

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