How long do hearing aids last? related questions

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How long do hearing aids last?22022-06-06 07:59:10
How long do hearing aids last? 
Is student federal aids good or bad?0Jack2012-10-26 07:59:52
I know that the acceptance of loans is bad because you have to pay , but also has to repay Federal Student AIDS as those offered by the FAFSA ?
What are available financial aids for University of California Irvine?0doo2012-09-10 10:17:02
I really do not know how to express my question because I have been living in the Philippines for two months after birth . I was born in the United States , so I have a U.S. passport and dual citizenship ( American and Filipino ) . Recently took a vacation there in America and I liked the lifestyle is not much better . I have an aunt who lives in Anaheim and his house is only 10 minutes drive from the UCI . I'm told that Aunt because my American citizenship , can have a loan plan or something. I really do not understand . I have 15 years and I am a sophomore in high school . I have graduated in March 2011 . My mom told me to start looking for financial aid or scholarships . Here in the Philippines , who are currently studying at De La Salle Zobel School ( if you know this, you can search your Wikipedia page or go to < / a> ) . I currently get a line of 90 degrees (highest possible would be 100) . More specifically , my grades range from 90 to 94 , which is A-. Sometimes I get 88 or 89.
Please help I am going to my divorce hearing on the 23rd..?1XOCHIL2012-09-28 18:03:02
My wife who married eight months and now separated by seven months showed an annulment or dissolution of marriage and property none.We only new each other two weeks before marrying .. I replied --- I want a divorce and my Honda Odyssey 2011 I had to put in his name as financing. I hung up and can be U.S. dollars $ 32,000.00 down on. I had to finance the remaining $ 10,000.00 in his name because my credit was bad and I did not have a valid license at the time. I put another $ 30,000.00 in his house and I do not care what I have also tested for. His response to my divorce was --- listed assets are non-existent except for the 2011 Honda Odyssey, which was a gift that was given for Christmas 2010. She says she wants her to be because it was a gift and she is the only person in the car loan. Also your vehicle simply transporting their children. Which is false --- I have his 2001 Ford Expedition still sitting in my driveway that the judge gave me temporary custody after he filed a restraining order six months ago. She says in her slowdown sold his only means of transportation that is reliable with their knowledge outside .... Can someone please help me .. My court date is on 23 of this month .. Thanks MedlinePlus Oh yeah, and the money used to pay everything was mine before we married .. MedlinePlus Alimony? We were married for 8 months only .. The only income I have is from a structured settlement monthly bill of a car accident when I was a kid .. Has 6 children by three different fathers .. I should not have to pay alimony. MedlinePlus She has a vehicle fully loaded 2001 Ford Expedition that sat in my way. Taking into account all their children MedlinePlus The 2001 Ford is in her name, she got it from her last divorce. She told the judge that no other vehicle .. Which is a blatant lie. PLEASE HELP
What will happen at my CCJ court hearing?3kime2012-10-09 17:32:04
I took out a loan to Company X in joint names with a former partner. I repaid by a , while no problems. A while later, due to the increasing debt of others, went to a debt replayment plan was all in my name.They agreed to a payment structure with all debtors, including the company X. I have returned for a while without problems. A while later chnaged my circumstances . New couples , marriage and children. For three months, during a change of the transition that much make reduced payments for three months. Company X submitted a CCJ against me. I responded with a defense claiming only half because it is in both names. Now, as usual, the case will be heard in court. I realize, but because of the response from X to the court that I am also responsible for the entire amount not just half . Just . Since receiving the CCJ I managed to get back on track with the lower payments and have been paying a fine for 4 months. But what will happen in court? I'm worried. Will they make uncomfortable questions ? Tips ! !
What will happen at my CCJ court hearing?0plz help me2012-09-18 15:01:03
I took out a loan with the company X in joint names with a former partner . I repaid for a while without problems . MedlinePlus A while later , due to growing other debts , I went to a debt replayment plan was all in my name.They agreed a payment structure with all debtors as company X. MedlinePlus I repaid this for a while with no problems. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A while later chnaged my circumstances . New couples , marriage and children . For three months during a transition I change vastly reduced payments for three months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Company X submitted a CCJ against me . I responded with a defense claiming only half due to it being common names . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But as usual, the case will be heard in court . I realize , though due to the response of the company X to court I am also responsible for the full amount not just half . MedlinePlus seem fair . Since receiving the CCJ I managed to get back on track with reduced payments and have been paying very well for 4 months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But what will happen in court ? I'm worried . Will you make uncomfortable questions ? Tips ! !
Where to find a genuine financial aids or private sector parties providing real, unsecured consolidation loans?0Thanks to all Jiskha Teachers2012-08-11 09:46:02
Help needed urgently to help me to solve all my licensed lenders loans, these loans that had caused me many problems, the loss of my 4 years relationship , insomnia , difficulty concentrating my work , borrowing money from friends and family , causing it to start playing hide and seek " seems to end of the world , have mercy on my situation some1 can lead me to any place or person who can give me a loan, repayment in monthly installments , of course, with interest, by Please contact me as soon as possible [email protected] , contact yours does not . and requirements.unsecured only loans .
Do you think that we have a winning case in Contempt of Court hearing?1pkd2012-10-12 20:02:02
My husband and I are very early to go to court on a charge of contempt of court filed against his ex-wife. In November an agreement of the community of goods, was signed which gave the house and my husband a settlement payment. She had 90 days to refinance the house and within 90 days was in the first week of February. After the deadline came and went with no one is doing his attorney said the first company tried to refinance through was taking too long to Feb. 26 that was two weeks after its original deadline decided to go to another company. Then we were told that the new company said it would close at the end of March and asked until then to do it all. So I gave him that time. Neither has done so far. I have online access to the original mortgage and note all the time Refi slope unchanged. Even before the liquidation of assets of the community and even now she is waiting until the last possible day to pay the mortgage and accumulating hundreds of dollars in late fees. She is waiting until 20 to 26 days delinquent in paying what is scaring the mess for us since my husband's name is still on the mortgage and anything after 30 days on your credit card. We have been renting until this is over with and we can not buy anything. Our rent is more than the mortgage payment, but since have filed contempt of court I'm thinking I could pay all late fees and late current mortgage so we can show that to the judge and ask that the reimbursement. Not really have the money to do all that, but I have an aunt who has been helping us by giving us some loans (I paid back in monthly payments) in order to get their help to do this and pay your copy, and with either a refund or simply with what we have been doing. By the time it gets to court she will have had six months to get this done. Oh, and his lawyer is not in contact and give news or anything. We're practically in the dark and the text to your ex just to make sure you will make payment of the mortgage. So what do you think? Is this a good idea? Think you have a good case against it? Has anyone else been in a similar case? How was it?
I keep hearing bad things about Beneficial? has anyone had any good experiences with them?1**renak2012-09-14 03:17:03
im thinking of taking my credit cards and combine them into a small personal loan for about 6000 of them , should I? I really want to just consolidate and get rid of these cards , but I am not in dyer need credit consolidation , I just want to organize the cards and rip and burn !
How can one become an advocate for the deaf community? I'm hard of hearing and would like to bcome one.?0French2012-09-03 03:21:04
I'm hard of hearing and are interested in becoming an advocate for the Deaf , with the possibility of running a nonprofit agency . I am waiting for a possible grant from Gob ( direct loans ) for the team , etc. I would also be buying ASL Dictionaries and videos, etc. b distriubted for low-income families . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here are some sites that might help: . (Online learning site ASL ) and (where you can get a loan ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help ... is greatly appreciated! !
Why are so many people ignorant on FACTS about Islam but loves hearing PROPAGANDAS about it?8jesten2012-11-02 06:22:02
Why are many of you out there just ignorant of the facts about Islam? Why do so many of you act like puppets and accept whatever the media ( mainly Western media ) portray Islam as ? A religion of hatred , violence and many other bad things ? God has given us (his best creation ) of an individual brain to think before judging . So just why are many of you out there do not use the power of your brain that God had given to you and discover the truth behind the lifestyle of Muslims ? Why not take a Quran or even google for an online version and read it ? Why not judge on the basis of the one and only Holy Quran is authentic , even to this day ? Nothing more to be added in the same , nothing is removed from it . For us Muslims , this is the truth . We worship the one and only God who is Lord of all and every one of you out there , regardless of race / religion .
Can anybody help me i want a long term long but not an unsceured loan as it wouldnt help i?1Cicilia2012-10-04 16:58:01
I have a house , but is owned by my daughters who are 7 and 4 to help me and i cant not work, but I can afford repayments if greater than 15 years

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