Is it true that you can get interest free student loans if so where should I look? related questions

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Is it true that you can get interest free student loans if so where should I look?0Quin2012-11-06 05:34:10
Interest on savings bonds prior to 1990 is tax free when used for higher ed.- what about student loans?0beebee2012-11-02 09:04:28
The new rule is you don't have to declare the interest from cashed bonds (purchased after 1990) as income if you apply it towards higher education. I just found some bonds that I was hoping to use to pay off my student loans. Are they tax free then if I use them to pay off the loans I took out for college tuition?
Is it true that interest owed on unsubsidized federal loans is tax deductible?1Tilly2012-08-29 16:23:05
As a veterinary student , I'm basically screwed no matter what when it comes to loan repayment. Total cost of tuition ? Over 180k in tuition alone. Not even begin to cover living expenses that I have to take out loans for the cause at 24 credit hours per semester , there is literally no time for a job. After this latest decision by Congress to eliminate subsidized Stafford loans , I'm in a panic . Will I even be able to pay everything off the power to create a family and contribute to a pension fund and social security has a good chance of being dried by the time I have 35 years? I was reading on a forum, but I can not find anything to back it up , that payments of interest on unsubsidized Stafford loans are tax deductible . Has anyone seen anything to support this?
Has anyone heard of integrated home loans with a 1% interest rate? Is it to good to be true?0Travion2012-10-27 07:07:18
Has anyone heard of integrated mortgage loans with interest rate of 1% ? Is it too good to be true ?
What are some interest free loans? Can you get any of them with bad credit?0Doreen2012-08-14 09:54:35
I know a lot of places say you can get a loan with bad credit, but I think the capture of these places is that you can still get a loan with bad credit, but only your interest rate will be high. So I have 2 questions . First, what are some of the interest-free loans ? I know there are some, because I asked and someone said there are some, but not told me what they are. Second, you can get any of the interest-free loans with bad credit and still be able to have any interest? And if not, then what is the lowest interest loan you can get with bad credit ? There have bad credit , I'm just asking.
Do Muslims Get Interest Free Loans?0☆Ethan2012-09-29 15:25:03
Under Islamic law , or sharia is forbidden for a Muslim to pay interest on a loan . I can understand ? Borrow without interest ? If you do not believe me , just read the Koran or search online .
May i know is it possible for me to get interest free student loan for international student?0kellie2012-09-16 04:55:06
there are plenty of companies or websites that offer student loans today. are false ? u can suggest a good low-interest loan to students who need refund only after graduation ?
Are there interest free loans on this earth? if yes, where are they found?0GATOR2012-09-06 06:43:05
We are a group of helping poor women to borrow money for your small business in the city of Arua in Uganda the need is very high , can not meet the demad with our salaries are low , we can not do more than what we are now we need help doing .
Which would you pay back faster, interest free overdraft or student loan?0Asad2012-08-14 04:25:35
I am less than 1500 in my interest-free overdraft , and I have a student loan to pay 1.000,00 ( this is UK). I want to pay as much of these as possible before moving to Los Angeles in April 2010. What do you think is best to try to pay more?
I have a student account with Lloyds Tsb, I want to have an overdraft (interest free), a question?2Arleen2012-09-20 21:12:02
If I have an overdraft of say
Are there any interest-free loans for online business? And how can I benefit from it?1sweetzaidie2012-09-18 13:15:14
Are there no-interest loans for business online ? And how I can I benefit from it ?
Can you open more than one student account with high interest free overdraft limits?3 Kefir -2012-10-11 18:26:02
Hello I recently opened an account with natwest student

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