How much higher is the interest rate on a government student loan than a home mortgage? related questions

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How much higher is the interest rate on a government student loan than a home mortgage?0gfghbh2012-11-05 20:09:49
Why a higher interest rate on modular home mortgage?0~*" Harekrishna Bless America!"*~ 2012-11-02 10:59:39
We were hoping that building a brand-new modular home would be the answer to our VERY frustrating and discouraging search for a new home. But when my husband called the mortgage company today, they really burst that bubble! They say the interest rate will be higher on a modular. We are not talking "doublewides" here... My husband and I really had our eye on a couple of higher-end models that look as good as any other house I've ever seen. Better, even! So, why the higher interest rate? And how much higher would it be? My dear husband did not press her for answers, but I want to know. Thanks...
Why are mortgage loan interest rates higher for fixed rate mortgages held for longer periods of time?0n.2012-10-07 11:16:35
Sorry if this sounds like a silly question , but I do not understand. For example , why are 30 years fixed mortgage rates the highest mortgage rates , vs say a 15, and why are 15 year fixed rate mortgage higher than adjustable rate mortgages ? It seems that lenders are taking a greater risk with an ARM versus a fixed rate mortgage and have to pay a higher rate (eg , comparing this situation with a new car loan versus a used car loan - the risk is higher in a used car loan ? ? ? ? MedlinePlus I can understand a fixed rate loan of 30 than 15 - a higher risk of default by the borrower , but still do not get the ARM be so low .
What is the average interest rate on a federal government student loan?0Katherinre2012-10-26 07:35:10
Ill be grauating of the community college in a year and a half , and was wondering what the intrest rate student loan federal government will . No information please private loan .
I need a company to consolidate my student loans - Not the government who wants me to pay % interest rate!?0KeeKee2012-09-10 13:40:02
I need a company to consolidate my student loans - not the government that wants me to pay % interest rate ?
How to know if I am getting a good/low interest rate for a home mortgage ?3Thara*2012-10-19 14:08:02
I'm in the process of looking out for a home loan ( first time buyer ) and wanted to know what I have to look at what I get quotes from lenders know that I am getting good interest rate / low ? MedlinePlus 1) Do I have to just look at the APR rate known as what the final price is for my loan ? April does this determine my actual speed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Any other factors I should consider? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) Is there a sheet or online website where I can put all the numbers you get from different lenders and does the math and tell me which one is best for me?
Where can we find the best interest rate and service on a home mortgage?0michella2012-09-07 07:18:02
We have to borrow about a third of the value of the home . Any advantage with online solutions like Quicken Loans ?
Why would a borrower prefer an unsecured loan, which comes with a higher rate of interest?0F2012-08-06 10:25:46
Why prefer a borrower an unsecured loan , which comes with a higher interest rate ?
Under which of these 2 scenarios will the interest rate be higher or will it be the same?0Care2012-11-04 02:08:01
I borrow 250k to buy a 500k home. I own outright a 500k home and want to take out a 250k fixed-rate home equity loan. Assume in both cases, the loan is a 30-year fixed and all circumstances are equal (fico score, etc).
Why are mortgage rates higher now than in 2004 and the FED rate is near ZERO?0Frederico Barreto2012-11-04 21:56:40
Is this all about the banks getting bailed out? Ya, people will say "Oh but the FED rate really isn't about mortgage rates". HOWEVER, actually it is - but seemingly only when it's convenient for the banks. Back in the bubble, it was desirable for the banks to have low rates so they cut them. Now, it doesn't matter WHAT the FED and LIBOR rates do - the banks have the mortgage rates magically stuck at over 5%. What gives? Also, why are the banks allowed to "pull back" all lending now including and most importantly refinancing. They are simply denying all stated income loans including refinancing. People are trying for "loan modification" which are but a desperate chance to get relief on their mortgages. Certainly bailing out the banks has only made this problem worse.
Should I transfer my balances to a 0% card or consolidate to a personal loan with a higher interest rate?3nwabisa2012-08-19 22:36:05
If I can transfer my balances to a 0% card or a personal loan to consolidate with a higher interest rate ?
Car dealer wants to change the terms of the loan, more down payment, higher interest rate. Can I decline?1hinanit2012-08-22 06:11:05
the new terms and return the car ? What are my options ? I have had the car for two weeks , had money in a trade and not down. Please help . Thank you.

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