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Military loans and real estate?0batman2012-11-05 17:14:50
I'm thinking about joining the military for 4 or 5 years, and then investing in an apartment building. What kind of loans can I get? I could probably save between 50,000 and 150,000 dollars if I get commissioned and save most of my base pay over that time span.
Do all Real Estate Realtors take Military VA Loan?0tash2012-11-06 02:09:18
Real Estate Investment Loans?0regan2012-11-02 02:13:41
I'm looking for a lender who can do a CASHOUT REFINACE using the current appraised value (no seasoning). I'm buying these houses with all CASH and fixing them up with my own funds. I just want to take the cash back out when they are done and move on to the next property. Stated/Verified, N/O/O, FICO: 730 (limited trades...6 months only). 60%-70% LTV. I can do 3-5 of these properties per month. I'm looking for this loan program at a BANK or Private funds. I ran a mortgage office for 7 years and I'm tired of that side of the business. I've also flipped over 20 properties.
Can I run ads looking for Private Real Estate Loans or is that Illegal?0Alihaa2012-08-31 21:53:03
I've heard conflicting reports regarding SEC rules . I understand you are asking for money to invest in the SEC , but if I have a property that I have said that I can ask if ads specific amount , and is guaranteed by a particular property ( secured by real estate ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it okay to post ads for loans wanted , I see that all the time .
Why in most cases, loans are secured on real estate?2Aztech 2012-08-23 13:51:02
Why in most cases, loans are secured by real estate?
Real estate lawyer - can i repay $1500/mo student loans?0christen2012-10-06 10:31:43
so I'll be graduating law school and go into real estate law - Should I be nervous about making $ 1500/mo student loan payments ? What is the highest repayments of student loans that you have heard ? please help !
Where could I find real estate agents that deal with VA Home loans?3Lolo2012-09-03 00:26:03
My brother and I are trying to buy a home in Franklin County, IL. field. But we have to find the agents that have to do with using your VA home loan . I tried searching online for answers, but all links lead me to find how to apply for a VA home loan and FAQ. Can anyone help me?
Is it hard to attain loans as a guarantor (with bad credit) of an LLC for real estate investments?0Celine2012-08-17 10:45:04
All real estate agents out there? Scenario : bad credit 20k cash (Do not want to liquidate ) need to finish writing the business plan
What does "insufficient loans secured by real estate" mean when you are rejected for a credit card?1Brandie2012-10-06 15:50:02
I was rejected credit card for that specific reason . I do not own real estate , or credit reporting agency that the information was used by the bank to see if my credit was good enough to have some "real estate" in its report . Please let me know if anyone has any idea. Thank you.
Does anyone know about securing real estate loans for properties abroad, particularly in emerging markets?0anglo2012-08-31 13:22:02
Does anyone know about obtaining real estate loans for properties abroad , especially in emerging markets ?
I am looking for a hard money lender in the Dallas, Tx. area. Loans secured by real estate. Do you know some ?1Butch2012-08-30 18:18:03
I have been dealing in real estate for several years . I own 38 properties , but wants more for rent / sell in MTGS envelope / flip . My credit score is in the mid 700
Can real estate agents, who are independent contractors, apply for small business loans from the government?0 â¿´ s. 2012-09-22 15:00:03
ie to cover advertising costs .

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