How much financial aid can I get in America?

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I am an student from Canada who would like to go to the University of Rochester or Michigan at Ann Arbor. The fee for Rochester is about $50 000 a year. Michigan is I believe $40 000. I want to know if I could apply for financial aid in the states. I was wondering how much I would get. Just to let everyone know my parents make about $40 000 a year. I however live with my aunt and my parents are not financially responsible for me. My aunt is on disability and makes a bare minimum. I do not currently work. How much do you think I could get in financial aid? I'd be willing to take the rest out on a loan if it was reasonable.

BQ: In Canada we have free health care. If I go to the states for school is there like a student insurance I could buy or would I have to pay for all my medical expenses?

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