I need help on how to replace a light bulb/fuse for my car?

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I have a 1997 Ford Crown victoria Lx, and it's in pretty good shape, although it's falling apart (by falling apart, I don't mean the transmission is falling out or anything, but the inside and outside have deteriorated) it runs well, and it's probably one of the best maintained cars in the state. However, even though its in good shape, on the dashboard, on the driver's side where it shows which gear you have it in (such as "park, reverse, neutral, and drive") the lightbulb that lights up the panel that shows the gears seems to be burned out or not working, so at night, I can't see which gear I'm shifting into without shining a flashlight on the dashboard, its really that bad. I've checked all of the fuses under the steering wheel, on the driver side and none of the fuses seem to be bad, I'm not sure if it's a fuse, or a bulb that went bad and I have no clue on how to fix it. If I take it to the dealer, I'm sure I'll have to get a loan just to pay off all of their charges, and I'm short on cash at the moment, but I'm still willing to pay to have it fixed. On the other hand, if somebody could show me a simple way to fix it, or perhaps diagnose the problem, I'd be grateful. I'm not sure if its even a lightbulb that lights it up, but it really is annoying because the whole dash board lights up except for the panel which shows the gears. So if anyone could help, I'd appreciate it, because I'd much rather fix it on my own, I don't have time or money to blow away at the auto repair shop. Thank you.

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