A man called me saying that I did not pay a payday loan and legal action was going to be taken against me...?

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A man called me from an unknown number. I did not answer, because I don't answer unknown or blocked numbers ever. He called twice then left a message. He said that he was looking for [my name] concerning a sensitive matter that he could not disclose on my voicemail. He then left his number which was (646)525-4064 and said that if I did not call back, he would assume that I was trying to escape the law and this could put me in a "big mess"! It sounded suspicious but I did call back anyway.

When I got on the phone, he told me that I had been named the prime suspect in some case involving social security numbers. Oh, he was foreign so I couldn't even understand everything he was saying so I would have to ask him to repeat it. Then he said something about Big Payday loan filed a suit against me because I had not paid a loan back that I took from them. Last year, I did take out quite a few payday loans, but my credit union helped me pay all ELEVEN of them off and I haven't heard from anyone since then. He said they had emailed me but I had not responded back. I am trying to run far far away from payday loans because they almost destroyed me, but I never took out any loans with this company. When I do receive emails, I usually unsubscribe so they don't mail me anymore or send them to spam. I searched my emails to make sure and saw their name a few times where they sent an email for me to take out a loan, but they were just generic emails to attempt to get me to take out a loan. Nothing else.

Anyways, the man said that he worked with legal consulting company to help rectify this situation before legal action is taking. He said the name of the company, but I can't remember it for the life of me. I also did a reverse phone number lookup and it was a cell phone number out of New York. But anyway, I ended up cutting him off and telling him I don't owe any more loans, thank you, and hung up. He then called me back twice. I didn't answer anymore and he left me two messages. The first message said something to the effect that the cops were coming unless I attempted to pay my debt. The second one just said something about call him back so we can discuss my options.

My question is...is this some kind of scam going around? And can I report this character? Also, if I truly still owed a payday loan, wouldn't the company do more than try to send me emails? Wouldn't they try to call me and tell me? I'm not scared or anything. This is just crazy to me so I just wanted to ask questions concerning this issue so maybe someone can help me. I am not calling him back. I'm thinking the payday loan companies are mad, because I paid off my debts and not requesting any more money neither am I responding to them anymore...I don't really know what's going on....

Anybody with any insight, please let me know....

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