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Do banks create money out of thin air?0Rahul2012-11-05 14:07:32
When you get a home loan, does the bank simply create this money out of thin air? Or did they already have all of that money on their books? I almost went through foreclosure and the customer service lady from the bank made me feel really guilty for trying to back out of money I borrowed from them. But if they simply created that money out of thin air then they have no right to give me a guilt trip over it. Actually, if they created the loan money out of thin air, and I foreclosed on the house, then they would gain possession of the home for free. So why would they even try to make me feel guilty about that? Please source your information on how banks create loan money.
Commercial banks and thrifts can issue new loans and create money:?0Armun2012-09-09 14:36:02
A. When deposits exceed the sum of cash and deposits at the central bank MedlinePlus MedlinePlus B. When individuals or companies borrow solvents MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C. When you have excess reserves MedlinePlus MedlinePlus While the economy is expanding D. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus E. When the reserve requirement is low
Why give 750 billion to Banks, when we could loan 750 billion to small Business and create 12 million jobs?6alobi2012-09-02 22:42:03
Why give 750 billion to banks, when you could pay 750 billion to small businesses and create 12 million jobs?
How can I recieve money,or a loan to create my own Buisness?0CONVENTION 2012-11-02 08:37:54
I'm a 23yr.old, undergraduate from Guam. I would like to recieve any form of money to start a buisness. I haven't conducted a buis. plan of any sort, but have great rescources ,and networks. My credit situation is below average due to a unpaid student loan. I'm not quite sure if i'm looking for a private loan, or not. All I know is i'm very determined, and versatile. I would like to be a buisnessman who creates, and operates a successful project, or buisness; but in the end sale it off, to start a new project of different likes. An example of what i'm reffering to is a home owner, who buys a piece of land or house for a low and affordable cost. Then fixes,builds, and invests in the outs, and ins of the structure. In order to increase the value 3-5xs' its' original cost. To those who are helping me; I would like to know how to get the money? whether it be through SBA,Personnel,or student to finance my operations.Do i have any advantages being 23yr. or Pacific Islander? Thank You!
Thin capitalization (accounting - tax)?0Ange2012-08-14 12:20:03
Suppose shareholders loans are considered equity under the concept of fine company , 1 . What tax consequences result in the payment of interest? 2 . on repayment of principal ?
Mortgage Help for "thin file" little credit?0Alania2012-09-09 02:06:04
I have 19 years and my girlfriend me getting married and want to get a house they both work full time that i make about 15000 and 25000 each year is also want your mom to move in moving 12,000 a year to help with the mortgage. My girlfriend has bad credit due to no health insurance so you have medical bills and the city lived in profits in the left anterior direction of six years in one place so that she has thousands owed to public services and mom is in the same boat. Now I'm a full time student in college I work hard like my girlfriend and I want to be able to get a house. On paper I do very little, but I have only good credit with my car payment that has been paid on time for 10 month life of the loan is 2 years (total $ 2500) although I am saving and will have paid off by February and although the only thing on my credit is my student loans (totaling $ 8250) which I am on good terms with, I know all this because I checked my credit report, but not my credit score because it costs money and I don 't have a credit card but I also requested a Discover card and has rejected my credit controls were only two times when I was looking for a car and my bank twice trying to get credit in the protection project and my car loan one has a co-signer. I'm not living with my father, but the rent is not my name all invoices are fine, but only from July this year. The market for the house I live we could get a good home for about 50,000 would not be able to make a large down payment but want to take only a ten-year loan and could afford an interest rate of up to 9 %. We have heard we will extend the 8000 first time home buyer tax return until April of the following year, which would be good for the house payment early, but would really like to be in a home by next summer and 8K would good too, but the things I do to try to get this accomplished. Could I get a credit card with an annual fee and balance payment is always a good idea because I thought the cards you have to pay for that are scams or not reported to credit bureaus and how I can get pre-approval and this would be a good idea at this time or would be a waist of my time and make my score worse?
Is there a way I can qualify for a car loan when my credit profile is still thin?2sherkyra2012-09-03 04:05:02
I have good credit (750) , but I recently tried to apply for a credit card company and was denied because my credit profile is too thin . Right now I'm making about $ 2500 a month , but I'm a massage therapist , so I pay cash directly . I want to buy a car , something reasonable , but I have fear of applying for a car loan and get denied , do not want this to affect my credit . How I can make sure that a lender would recognize the money I'm making now ? Or is this all just a matter of time , as my profile is too " thin" at this time ? What would my car loan application judged?
Do you know how the banks get your money?? Inflation??2Page2012-08-20 10:07:04
Did you know that the private Federal Reserve "banks" are the cause of inflation? They are not government agencies. The government goes to the Federal Reserve , make a little money that was created in an online account because they have too much debt, and the government uses that money to pay bills. So a postal worker receives part of that money as salary. Part of it is deposited in a bank , say $ 1,000, because he knows that inflation reduces the value of your money if you deposit it . Then , did you know what the bank with the money? It is 900% loans that amount to other citizens who work in a high interest rate . That's right - on the banks of the federal law only has to maintain 10 % of your money in hand. So the bank maintains the original $ 1,000 and $ 9,000 can pay without having the extra cash on hand. So the bank has $ 10,000 now , and pay the remaining 90% (9,000 dollars) to a high interest rate. This is how they make all that money at our expense. What to do?
How do banks lose money?1youssef2012-09-27 22:58:02
if the currency is multiplied by commercial banks through fractional reserve banking indeed create money out of nothing through loans several times their actual cash reserves - How they manage to lose money ?
How do I raise money from banks for my business?0Dawb2012-11-01 23:15:12
What are the documents necessary ,which will trigger approval by bank staff evaluating my loan application?
Why haven't I heard from the banks I owe money to?0Arishdeep2012-08-12 05:34:02
I used to have daily phone calls , letters and all kinds of things, but I moved far, far away and have not heard from them since. I owe money on credit cards, a car loan , and about three cash loans.
Banks loan with bad credit Aany

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