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Advice on flipping used cars?2Rose2012-09-30 19:16:03
I'm thinking of taking a loan of $ 1000-2000 to start flipping craigslist used cars , and a local car auction . I'm fairly new to this process and I'm looking for advice and tips on how to buy cars for as cheap as possible and selling them for maximum benefit. Any advice and tips on what not to do that is appreciated
I need a rundown on the basics of flipping used cars?0lerne2012-09-23 07:29:02
I'm thinking of taking a loan of $ 1000-2000 to start flipping craigslist used cars as well as a local auto auction . I'm fairly new to this process and I am looking for advice and tips on how to buy cars for as cheap as possible and selling them for maximum benefit. Any advice as well as tips on what not to do would be appreciated
Flipping a house question?3amy lorette2012-08-31 19:43:02
Two friends of mine and I are thinking of getting this house and flipping then reselling them. The house is in the [email protected] , 895 for c / payments 700/mo . 3br, 2bath . As we have seen the house needs cosmetic work only . We are every 22 years. old and just looking at an investment opportunity , while we are young . We all can go on our own for the 1st time , so it is lived in the house and work on it in our spare time . All of us work in an average job (20k a year) and contribute money to the same amount. Is this a good investment? Can we do this in less than 2 years? Can we do this cash directly , without borrowing ?
Flipping houses and how to get started?0michael gow2012-09-23 23:37:03
As you can see in the question , I know a basic idea of ​​how to begin. I researched this for a while to learn what you can before you get into it , because it will be my first home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Once of my biggest concerns is how to get the money to buy the house . I have read and seen people who started with nothing , but passed a house to make a small profit and kept at it. Do you get a business loan to buy the house , or when you talk to real estate agents , you can get a loan with the bank , or what exactly . There has to be super full in detail, but please put some information to help you . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, being my first home, what I can expect? How long will it take and will be a long and hard ? Will I have hardly any benefit , or will I be okay ? Thank you and please , leave only helpful answers . Please do not be smart and say something like : " You buy the house , make changes , sell for profit ." That's not useful, well, I guess leave useful and informative answers .
Flipping a house. I know its not the time to do, but I want to ask?0Alexande2012-10-15 17:57:45
My question is . Do you always have to pay cash for the house . Most of the project was carried out in a few moths , so if you did not pay the box and took out a loan . D othe How to make a profit ? Even if you pay the loan by selling $ $ dont have to pay the intrest so they can be up to 33% of the loan . Bare with me I'm new at this .
How does house-flipping work?0iormares2012-09-30 10:25:03
I love watching these shows about house flipping. I see the headaches and problems encountered , but still seem to think it would be fun and a great way to make money . What I can not understand is how seemingly ordinary people (ie , not rich ) can afford their own home while buying another house and sinks to $ 50k in renovations ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you already own your own home , you go to the bank and get another loan? I think the bank would not approve such a risky venture at first. And even if you do get approved , how people get $ 50,000 in cash to make the renovation ? I just do not undertand . I can understand how someone does if investors have a lot of personal money or know construction workers who can do the job cheaper. But for others who are doing flipping his first house, how to do this?
What is the best method of financing for house flipping?1lil tiff 2012-10-13 03:41:02
What is the best way to get funding for selling homes , without taking a loan against my house ? Something with a low interest rate for a short time , or a fixed rate for a long term?
Im looking at buying vintage cars for wedding cars?1Larry King2012-10-24 06:53:02
Can anyone tell me I can get a business loan or car loan ?
I want to start a business flipping small houses and i have no money or credit to get a loan, what do i do?0Paul2012-11-04 01:28:03
How I can start really need this for me and my family as a cause many Americans who live pay check to pay check . Im a very intelligent man , but when I was younger i did not so my chances ruinon
What should I do- cars?1Swk132012-10-22 09:20:03
I have 16 years old, a sophomore in high school , and just got a job . My dad says I have to pay 90 % of my car , but he could lend me the money to buy one now , so I can go to work (I will pay over the next two years ) . My question is , should I go for a more expensive car ( a mazda 6 March ) for around 9k , or go to a cheaper civic or something else? Should I care how fast / beautiful it is ? I have no idea. Help me .
Is it possible to get loan on 5 cars? (up to 15% APR PER CAR)?0neeta2012-08-26 11:50:02
- The cost of the car can be anywhere from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 ( per car , 5 car So I'm talking about funding of about $ 100,000. ) MedlinePlus - I can make a down payment of $ 4,000 per car MedlinePlus . - I guarantee you will pay over 48 months . (2 years ) MedlinePlus Thanks, guys .
Cars Worth?2brynda2012-11-02 03:54:02
So I have a chevy camaro 98 and not for evil, no body damage or something. The new tires . The odometer reads 180.000k but just put an engine in about 6 months ago , it had only 69,000 k so what should I sell ? I know but I will KBB mechanics , car salemens , ideas or anyone who knows cars. Any private party or possibly trade. IDK I have only one loan on it now , but I really doubt it will be approved for another loan because of bad credit car . ( Any ideas on that too , lol ) Thanks a million ! ~ Kal

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