Which program is better for first time buyer my community program or a FHA home loan? related questions

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Which program is better for first time buyer my community program or a FHA home loan?0d walker2012-11-05 09:17:41
I meet with two different loan officers, one told my community program is the better of the two the other loan officers told me a FHA loan would be the best since we can put the 3% down.
What is the best loan and or program for a first time home buyer?0Afra2012-11-03 11:25:34
I make good money, 75,000 a year but I don't have money to put down on a home.How can I buy a home with no money down and still be able to live with a reasonable mortgage? Something like 2,000 a month for a mortgage payment? Also my credit is good but not excellent.
Will many community banks refuse to take part in Obama's small community business lending program?0Arron2012-09-10 03:03:03
Bank executives say their customers do not want loans , even at low interest rates , because the sluggish economy has chilled expansion plans . Some say the federal money is not worth it because they fear it will come with too much regulatory oversight . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " We made ​​a strategic decision not to have our primary regulator , the government , also be a partner in our bank," said William Chase Jr. , CEO of Triumph Bank in Memphis . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chase said the bank already has enough capital to meet the demand for small loans . " Our business customers are mired in uncertainty and are reluctant to invest in their businesses," Chase said . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100925
First time home owners program?0Krissy2012-10-17 01:36:24
Hello MedlinePlus I want to know if anyone can tell me where I can go online to make a first-time home owners program. I wonder if you can tell me if I can do the online program . Because that would be really convenient for me . Because I'm a housewife MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would also like to know if you can tell me where I can go online to find a loan for people with bad credit my credit score is 509 with Experian . and my credit score is 600 with Experian husband . are currently working on our credit score , but we also like to buy a house , my husband is in the military , and we can keep up with the payments . currently renting an apartment , but I think that does not benefit us at all. Can you help me .
What are the eligible uses for the CAIP (Community Adjustment and Investment Program) from the SBA?0db2012-09-20 23:03:03
I'm working on a project to find all loans and grants available for small , expansion and / or relocation of businesses in northwest Washington state and am having a very difficult time finding the eligible uses for this particular loan . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
How can a business owner advocate the federal government to expand the SBA Community Express Loan program?1Lyndzey2012-10-09 07:30:03
This loan program is a "pilot" , which means that the number of loans that can be made are limited as a percentage of total SBA loans approved . My company helps small business owners and this is an excellent program for credit to business owners , but it has a champion !
Pell Grant: Do I have to enroll in a degree program or can I take community college classes of my choice?1LaNoria2012-10-11 04:16:01
Hello , MedlinePlus I was approved for a Pell Grant ( EFC is 0) . I'm in California . I have the intention to take a short online course at a community college , just to hone my skills for my event planning company that I am working . I'd like to take some certification courses Event Management , Event Marketing , who start their business courses , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These are all certification courses , but are offered as online courses within the university community ( Orange Coast College ) . Registration is the same as any person who is signing up to register for a degree program . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does the Pell Grant cover these classes , or do I have to specifically enrolled in a degree program ? Ideally , I would get only the skills and training related to the field I will not go through the whole degree program ( maybe later , but not now ) . I just need to make sure the Pell Grant / Student Loans will pay for it . Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, if you are going to pay for it , are there any other recommended community colleges that offer this type of online training , with the exception of Orange Coast College ? Starting a new business , Event / Wedding Coordination / Management .. marketing your business , etc. .. I do not want to go to college met online . I would prefer a community college that offers online classes . Thank you !
Can you switch from an online masters program to an in class program?1Niomi2012-09-05 21:27:04
I have a problem . I am now in my third year of my degree program in psychology at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I'm dating someone and we are very serious . The problem is that it is a year behind in school , so I will graduate before him . To get a decent job in the field of psychology that I need to get a master's degree . They have master's programs in psychology at my university and has neither the UNL ... So , did any of my future employers despise me if I take a year online master's program and then switch to a program in class? The other problem is that I do not have to pay back my school loans I have to stay in school and I did not want him in Lincoln itself . Can you divide a master like that, when you transfer money from online classes ?
Should the Federal Student Loan Program create a loan forgiveness program for those who are unemployed?0Rainie2012-10-26 20:57:52
With the economy being so bad , if the federal government create a student loan forgiveness program for those who persistently underemployed or unemployed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This program will help those in financial bondage free of liens . This will increase the credit score and precipitate lowest rates on things like insurance premiums . Some employers hire those who automatically deleted because of credit history . Yes , they do. Honestly , I can not think of any other new program that will affect a large population of highly qualified , capable and educated . This is the group that will bring the economy back to health . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would you support a proposal of his own home state ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would you urge governments to promote this proposal?
First-Time Homebuyer Program or Not?1Bob Jones2012-08-27 09:50:04
If you actually go through the program buyers for the first time in my hometown (Bay Area , California), or just buy a house in the old style (regular ) as well ? I recently attended an orientation for first-time buyers in my city and these are the facts : - The property must be a detached , attached , apartment, or house - The property must have been previously occupied / sold - Loan is offered as a silent second and / or down payment assistance - The buyer must provide the 3% buyer and contrib reduce closing costs or pmt - AMT Maxumum loan assistance if 20 % of the purchase price up to $ 75K - The interest rate is 3% simple - Loan is deferred for 10 years (120) months - Does not require payment during the deferment period (first 10 years) - No accumulation of interest during the deferment period (first 10 years) - Refinanced allowed Now . . . A friend told me that I will not be able to draw the equity out ( I want to buy a car) because the purpose is not to make money out of the house. Moreover, since the loan is deferred for 10 years , I'll be paying interest on loans separately 2 after 10 years may be more than barganed for ( since the interest on the first loan is a stranger AMT silent and the loan is definitely 3%, my guess is that total loans Amts combined interest shall be 7% or higher). Does this sound like a good program for a home buyer first time or should I buy a house in the usual way because I have some money saved.
I would like some more information about the Ford First Time buyers program!?1Music_Girl2012-10-25 05:00:48
I have no credit very good at all , but I have 19 years and have never had a loan for a car before. I friend of mine bought a brand new Ford Focus for about $ 13,000.00 with about $ 500.00 down and she pays about $ 300 a month . Just wondering if anyone has tried to obtain financing program for newbies with bad credit ... although very little. My friend had no credit exsistent too. I just want to hear from people who really know this and know what they are talking about!
What is the best reputable debt consolidation program out at this time? I am afraid of fraudulent companies.?0Cracker Chick 2012-11-03 09:04:52

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