Please help me to Solve the below Assigment,Also i need a structure to explain it? related questions

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Please help me to Solve the below Assigment,Also i need a structure to explain it?0Rikki2012-11-05 06:55:14
Please read the case below carefully and analyse fully as required. Larry Lynch has been working for a year as an analyst for an investment company that specialises in servicing vey wealthy clients. These clients often purchase shares in closely held investment funds with very limited numbers of stockholders. In the fall of 2008, the market for certain types of securities based on real estate loans simply collapsed as the sub-prime mortgage scandal unfolded. Larry
I would like each candidate to explain how is he intend to solve housing crises that brought world-wide econom?0gaga 100002012-11-04 20:51:59
Unless and until the homeowners are given amnesty (modify the loan to the current market value, as banks are doing when they agree to short sale) housing market will NOT recover for several years to come. If banks are willing to cut their losses, when they are short sale properties to new buyers, why are they evicting the current homeowners who are going through hard times, instead of allowing them keep their home by principal reducing modification?
How should I structure my car loan?2Malaysia2012-09-17 14:11:04
I'm looking to apply for a car loan through a bank , but I have a mortgage on my credit , everything else is fine, car note three credit cards , student loans , blah , blah ... Anyway , I asked my grandfather to cosign for me and he said it was fine , but it is in social security ... I will be paying for the car , I have a good paying job and all ... The question is, I can put my grandfather as the principal debtor and started as coborrower , or vice versa ?
How should I structure my student loan payments?0Dragana2012-09-18 18:52:02
I have a lot of student loans , both federal (consolidated ) and private . My private loans are on a variable interest rate . I feel like I'm spinning my wheels payment each month to a balance that does not seem to move. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do? Should I include fixed rate loans in deferrment and pay double for the variable rate loan ?
How to structure a deal for people investing in my LLC?0charnelle2012-08-13 09:57:02
I own a cleaning service I want to use OPM ( other people's money ) to fund my business. I bought a coffee shop for several years, ad, as it was a great idea, the anchor store the place to which was attached to closed, so I had to declare bankruptcy (which had a lease and other obligations not could escape). This time , I have learned and will not be sticking my neck all the way without necks of other people, at least halfway to mine hehe. I've been in business for one year. I will create a business plan. Marketing methods I used are all free or relatively cheap and I was rewarded with a stable business. I thnk if I had to spend money on marketing our brand , we could get many more customers Plus I am operating in two markets. I want to be able to structure a deal for people who want to invest in my business. Of course , I'm running an LLC , not a C Corp so I can not make any IPO or something. My problem is I do not know how to structure an investment agreement : How I can structure a payment plan as a loan , with interest ? Should I get the money in increments as an investor pledges $ 10k more than a year , but to be given to $ 2500 per quarter with an expected return of $ 2000 after two years. PLEASE HELP ! I recommend a good book about how investors without the participation of one million lawyers expensive. I want to be very basic. I just want to be able to show how our business has been conducted over the past year , showing our business plan and ask for their money. I keep getting back up loan for my business. I do not want to bankrupt every time myself or anyone else.
How can we structure payments to an investor as a percentage of gross revenue?0Abbey(Urgent Please help)2012-10-12 04:10:25
Background : MedlinePlus We are beginning the process of incorporating a new business . The company is a C Corp. We have three founders , two of which ( the call " Tom " and " Dick " ) will be operating officers and will not make any significant capital investment , but bring existing commercial relationships in the table . The third founder ( call him " Harry " ) serve primarily an advisory / support, but will be contributing a lot of initial capital . We want to keep half of the company's stock in reserve for subsequent capitalization and employee stock ownership . The remaining 50% of the population should be divided equally between " Tom " , " Dick " and " Harry " , so share ownership of the same company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here 's where it gets sticky : We want to return Harry loan to the company during the first three to five years, but beyond that, we want to reward the capital investment of Harry with a small percentage of our (gross ) income - maybe 2 % . This arrangement could be in perpetuity but rather spend a percentage of GDP to a percentage of the profits after three to five years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How can we structure this kind of deal ? Could it have something to do with the sale of Harry a different kind of stock ? Is there a way to structure a loan to pay interest + a percentage of gross income ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help is appreciated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus By the way : The company will be a California Corp.
How is the best way to structure loans for 2 homes one which will be rented, negative geared?0Brittty2012-10-10 04:37:43
I have a house with a $ 150,000 mortgage that is valued at $ 240,000 , now we need a bigger house if I want to keep my first house . my question is , is better to use my participation in this house as a deposit , borrow as much as I can in this house and rent this house and say that the tax thus reduce my payment on the next bigger house . Or is there a better way to configure everything that makes my home more affordable and gives us more money at the end of the day to live . if anyone has any information I'd appreciate it .
What are the options when buying land and then building a structure, financially?1Jetta2012-09-29 09:39:03
I'm looking at buying some land in the TC . MedlinePlus How can you buy land and then pay for the cost of housing construction and infrastructure that is ? Do you buy the land on loan and then you have to have money on hand for the rest ? Or when you take the loan for the land , do you inflate to allow construction of the house also ? MedlinePlus I'm looking for the cheapest form of monthly payments and without a lot of money by doing this. I prefer not to have a payment of large land loan and a mortgage loan too big at the same time each month . Total for land and home is probably in the range of $ 250-275 .
What business structure should I pursue for an online used motorcycle parts business ran from home?0ty2012-09-04 12:51:02
I'll be the sole owner , the execution of this mostly on eBay from my house by myself . What structure should go to to look at my business ? Actually , you have tried from the same business with a friend of mine , but he could do to a conflict of interest ... We went and S -Corp business , but now that I 'm doing this on my own that I have little legal knowledge still not looked loans , will start small , primarily with cash. So I'm looking for what is best in terms eve personal responsibility and taxes . THANKS !
Please solve?0jacquelin2012-09-19 22:23:02
A loan
I need help can anybody HELP me solve this?2 직위나 역할을 나타내는 명사 2012-08-14 09:01:02
I had a best friend for 12 years .... Alomos did something horrable to me after all he had done for him ... im not to throw in the face, but now that friendship ended and I had paid about $ 1500 for some things and counsel for the car payments ... Also I paid my credit card Wal-Mart and bought a television for $ 400, which has not paid him wat he did was ask the TV and broke it, so he had to pay for it and havent seen my other money ... most decided to break the friendship even before all that happened ..... I was the kind of friend that was always there for him in good times and bad ... simply do not appreciate ... so I'm lead to JUDGE OF THE COURT OF PEACE so you can pay me ... But without the work of your payment of an attorney for a DWI and not pay me well if they will be put in jail wat i keep up with the court or give up and learn the lesson? ?
Could someone solve these?0laila012012-11-05 11:55:58
I have the answers, but I need to learn to solve them. Please help, thanks. 1) A used car is financed for $4600 over 60 months. If the total finance charge is $1550, find the APR for this loan using an APR table. 2) Solve using the formula for the effective annual yield, y=(1+r/n)^n A passbook savings account has a rate of 6.3%. Find the effective annual yield if the interest is compounded quarterly.

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