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Wasn't credit a bigger issue back in the day?0music2012-11-05 01:47:16
Wasn't it harder to be financed for some things. My mom was telling me about when she turned 18. She had every card, out there. She also told me she received instant approval on an auto loan and put a 6k down payment on a credit card. What happened to these days?! Wasn't it harder to get financed and interest rates were higher? My dad bought a Mercedes in 99' with tier 1 credit but was still charged like 9-13% intrest
i have a debt of about $ 500 for a credit card capital was so high with late fees and a car loan I have and took the car back after realizing it was a lemon. its "on my credit score, of course, and my credit score is 500.VERY POOR. The condition of both accounts are derrogatory and my only option is to pay them, and it was closed. which is bad . I'm in the 2 desperate need financing for a car . I am only 20 , but I need something '4 scul and work and my baby. Also, my contract is almost finished and I will not have a licensed 2 of that credit . How I can get money to pay this off ? How do I pay? If I bother ? is their another way to raise my credit?
Wasnt it democrats who wanted to give mortgage loans to those with bad credit?2aniekia2012-11-04 06:30:01
... in response to activists and groups like ACORN , to help those sending credit to buy houses ? It sounds really comforting and generous , but was realistic ? Social Security and Medicare are also Democratic founded that are virtually bankrupt and cause $ 44 trillion in debt in the coming years . is for sure, because no one ( including Republicans ) will do anything to solve this problem.
Better to have decent credit or a bigger down payment when buying a used car?0reima2012-10-14 15:36:42
My car broke down recently and I have to get a new one ASAP. As this was an unexpected expense , I'm not quite ready financially , so I have to ask, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus would be better to use $ 1,000 to pay off some credit cards to make my credit score look better when I apply for a car loan or should I use the $ 1,000 as a down payment on a $ 10,000 car ?
Need bigger vehicle....credit not good....any lenders that will help??0ineedhelp2012-10-10 10:37:33
Does anyone know of any lenders who may be able to help my husband and I desperately needed to fund a larger vehicle for our family ? My husband is in the training of U.S. Marine and I'm home with our 5 children . I have only a small Honda Accord for transport, and have 2 car seats . Both had some bad credit problems in the past , but I've been trying everything possible to clean up our credit . We tried and tried to get an auto loan in vain . My husband joined the Marine Corps to try to make a better life for us and hopefully give us stability , but trying to get an auto loan has been an uphill battle for us . Can anybody help ? Please give me some suggestions as we are desperate ! Thanks for your answers!
How to get a bigger credit limit? Do charge cards build credit? -Details-?0Foster mathebula2012-08-11 09:22:02
I have good credit (mid to upper 700). I have 21 years and look forward to get a home loan .. I'd say in 2 years. Currently I have 4 'store / credit cards and 1 regular credit cards. Of the 5 letters in all, I owe money to 2, a store card and my regular one. I put these balances both know I'm paying, I'm still intending to do ... not carry over balances as soon as the bill arrives. I have no loan at this time, for about 2 years ago I paid my car and I had a personal loan. I am also a student and do not have a job, only for this semester and even going to get one in December. In my regular card that I owe $ 400, and my balance is $ 750. This is my longest line of credit, I've had since high school. It began as a $ 300 card, then randomly changed to $ 750. As I said, as soon as I get my own, I'm paying, and $ 400 was a purchase, there is no outstanding balances. Is there any way to get a higher credit limit? I guess the question should ... I want a higher credit limit if I want to build my credit? And it will rise with me not having a job? Furthermore, the credit card actually has an equilibrium, with 0% interest for 1 year. Should I pay off (which I am able to do), or make payments? I was thinking of paying 1/2 of that, then make 2 more payments after that to pay in 3 months or so. Would that help my credit, it hurt me? Is there another way I could build my credit? Do student loans (which do not currently have any) build credit, you have to have a job when you apply? I'm thinking of taking a small personal loan once I get a job to help my credit card. My old bank told me that all loans to go to at least 1 year and then pay them because if they are paid sooner rather than actually does not help your credit, is this true? Sorry this is so long ... Thanks in advance for any advice!
Ive asked before, i wasnt as clear, Will i be able to get a car loan?0Newma2012-11-03 23:31:02
Im 18 , I get $ 7,000 - $ 10,000 loan for a car MedlinePlus private / bank loan MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus iam currently a student cosmetologist MedlinePlus I live in southern cali MedlinePlus I make about $ 9/hr and work only 15-20 hours a week ( working on mac makeup ) MedlinePlus i freelance hair and make between $ 30 - $ 1000/week MedlinePlus depending on how much they work . MedlinePlus ei godsgirls.com model that pays $ 60 - $ 500 per game MedlinePlus photo MedlinePlus may qualify for a loan for a car ? MedlinePlus Do I have to provide proof of all this revenue ? MedlinePlus I need a car , I live in and commute a hour/2hrs to school every day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help ? MedlinePlus thanks MedlinePlus ( Please do not tell me you do not need a car , serious answers only)
Why is the credit system backwards, The bigger your debt the easier to get a loan?6bula2012-11-05 20:06:03
I have 50k paid for house a 25k semi truck and a 382 monthly car payment my score is less than 600 MedlinePlus only a credit card with a 500. limit and the usual bills MedlinePlus my brother is in debt over 200k on his house 40k for his hummer and about 25k for motor home his score is over 800 you can not pay your bills without using his credit cards and refinancing are short on 1200. per month , but has been able to float but he is sinking bad. MedlinePlus I under 15000. for all that I have has a decent income , but not get buried in credit card debt . MedlinePlus the system is really back. He just did a refinance for 250k and took all the actions of his house again to pay your credit card MedlinePlus not earn enough to pay your bills MedlinePlus I have about 2500 a month bonus my credit score has been in the range of 540 to 570 for five years . When are the fico scores going to stop requiring so much debt to raise credit score .... that's just the reverse
Has anyone gone through a online loan lender that wasnt a scam?1Rodolfo2012-10-01 19:56:03
I need a quick loan . I want to use one of these loan lenders online but do not want to be ripped off. I have bad credit and need a personal loan for bills . Does anyone know of a site / place that is not a scam that can help me please?
Why wasnt the SWAT team used to arrest James Bulgar?0Those memories, Land of the Dead Road2012-10-13 02:14:29
I just got a car that is financed the loan wasnt approved yet brcause of my lease with apartnent?0Cam2012-08-23 18:08:03
The loan may not be approved by the lender because ny rent is overdue in the amount of 1 k , but I have the car in its review stage and tried to verify my contract , but my landlord told me I was in arrears to eviction stage , is there anything I can do to prevent this wo I can keep my car because I need to work and made ​​the first payment and ..... I can also use a different address or something because like.my dad are both Jr and Sr
Ok ive tried getting a bank loan and wasnt approved cause I couldnt show how much I.make cause I get paid cash?1Shala2012-11-05 09:53:02
What is a good bank for a loan

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