Refused a job centre crisis loan help!?

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hi i applied for a crisis loan this morning, i live with my girlfriend, and we have had no real income since i lost my job on the 22nd of august. since then we have had 2 crisis loans, 1st one for 50 pound to last us 5 days, 2nd one for 71 pounds to last 7 days. today because we are still not receiving any benefits, and we are both estranged from the rest of our family we needed to apply for another crisis loan, but within an hour we had a call back from a very patronising advisor named Wendy, who refused to give us a crisis loan until after we have been to a work focused interview, which is booked this saturday. Is it not against the law to force people to starve? we have been without gas already since yesterday, and now have no electricity! any advise as to what to do? even if we could wait til saturday, we could not apply for another crisis loan until next monday, i don't know what to do, as we cant survive one more week without money for food gas electricity! please someone offer some usefull advise! were desperate!

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