I would like each candidate to explain how is he intend to solve housing crises that brought world-wide econom? related questions

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I would like each candidate to explain how is he intend to solve housing crises that brought world-wide econom?0gaga 100002012-11-04 20:51:59
Unless and until the homeowners are given amnesty (modify the loan to the current market value, as banks are doing when they agree to short sale) housing market will NOT recover for several years to come. If banks are willing to cut their losses, when they are short sale properties to new buyers, why are they evicting the current homeowners who are going through hard times, instead of allowing them keep their home by principal reducing modification?
How does the world wide recession effect me?0Amaya2012-08-07 06:03:02
My husband and I have a lot of investment in the markets, and not own a home , however , there are other ways we can affect a recession ? We have a car loan and an unsecured credit line ... ?
Why hasn't anyone at country wide been prosecuted. They made billions in the housing bubble yet no conviction?0:))2012-09-10 07:41:03
Bernie Madoff is spending time in jail for a pyramid . However, the country billions in unsecured loans made ​​and simply walked away . The only difference was innocent investors and taxpayers another era .
Please help me to Solve the below Assigment,Also i need a structure to explain it?0Rikki2012-11-05 06:55:14
Please read the case below carefully and analyse fully as required. Larry Lynch has been working for a year as an analyst for an investment company that specialises in servicing vey wealthy clients. These clients often purchase shares in closely held investment funds with very limited numbers of stockholders. In the fall of 2008, the market for certain types of securities based on real estate loans simply collapsed as the sub-prime mortgage scandal unfolded. Larry
Any college students who can share some type of way to solve housing problems while in school.?0mark142012-09-21 19:49:04
Well I'll start off by saying that I am a 19yr old woman who lives in NewHampshire . I am a part-time student , but I still have to take 4 classes and go to school 3 times a week . And I am having a very difficult time . I live with my parents , grand ma , two younger brothers . And I can not even study in my room , because they are so loud ( who are Hispanic ) . I have a part time job as a house keeper , because they have been applied for many jobs store looking for a part- time position , but not many hours because I have to study a little personal time . But all I could find was this job keeping the house where I pay less than $ 500 per month and more than $ 450. So I do not know how I'll be able to leave my house beacuse , study or bedroom cheapest I can find is about $ 400/month . But besides that , I have to pay for car gas , car insurance , cell phone , and food. I wonder if you have any suggestions for me , if maybe I should get a card and buy my food Credict and gas , and make the minimum payments , then pay with a student loan , but it will be a lot of money to pay when I graduate . Because I live with my parents right now , and only pay about $ 250 a month , my dad is cheaper car insurence because I live with my dad . So that's all good. Can you simply not post comments Rud , a lot of students go through this , I'm just asking for any advice or solutions. thanks
Could someone explain to me how Barney Frank and Fannie Mae single handedly caused the housing fiasco when?0SunnyDee2012-11-04 10:20:02
(1) Realtors made millions in commissions (2) Mortgage brokers made millions by encouraging their clients to lie on applications and pushing loans they knew people couldn't pay back. (3) Appraisers made millions by going along with the game and doing inflated appraisals. (4) Wall Street made millions by packaging worthless securities and selling them to little of lady pension funds. (5) Rating Agencies made millions by giving AAA ratings to junk securities. (6) Wall Street and the National Association of Realtors bribed countless politicians to do their dirty work. Could someone explain how all this can be blamed on Barney and Fannie?
Is it write that someone can ask to pay off including a settlement if they dont intend to do so keeping d cash2natahliee2012-09-27 12:38:05
family loan was given ( not loan officers ) were asked to pay two bills , including interest and any prepayment agreement expires . the lender had decided to keep the cash and the settlement , but not pay the bill of what the borrower said that this agreement will not pay if the bill is not paid so we just paid the balance are in the right to do ?
How would these variables affect the "premium" for inner-city housing (relative to housing further away from t?0K2012-09-10 18:44:03
a city) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Royals from holding financial assets . This was the more surprising , since it has a strong negative correlation (99.98 % significance ) . Any idea why ? 2. Tax rate : consumption not rent . Also a negative correlation . How are within the city suburbs taxed at a higher rate than their counterparts outside the city ? MedlinePlus 3. Savings Rate . This is obvious , and strongly positively correlated . MedlinePlus 4. Homes financed by loans secured revolving . That is, loans that are secured against assets , and where you can pay a variable time , instead of having to make a constant payment each period . This correlates negatively. MedlinePlus 5. The real changes in equity . Again, a negative correlation. Any idea why ? MedlinePlus All are within 98 % statistical significance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you guys .
If I buy a brand new double wide..?1Felicia2012-10-12 15:39:02
I will be paying all cash without a loan or something, how much I can negotiate? Let's say , if it was $ 49,000 how much should I try to negotiate ?
How to increase the value of a double wide trade-in?0nayibe2012-10-08 17:29:03
My husband and I are expecting our pre - approval for a modular home . We want to use our existing double-wide home as a trade-in and can depend on our loan worth because we are cutting close to 80 % of appraised value rule . We are waiting for the appraiser to value our place and the new home you want to buy . MedlinePlus My question is - is there any way to increase the value of our double-wide when the appraiser (separately ) a lot of modular determining its value as a trade -in? MedlinePlus It will be bad enough that they have to subtract to move , all necessary repairs , etc. I have to do what I can , reasonably , to up the ante . " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please share fact , not assumptions . The fact that they can support their citing an online source of books , or through their own credentials are highly favored ! Thank you soooo much .
Regarding financing a single wide mobile home?0Abbado 2012-08-31 10:28:03
child has a credit score of 520 was 18 and left a 3 mo initial cause of mold , but still has a trial that was a year paid.Spent Irag.He ' s 23 now with my wife and 2 children . Want to buy a new unique assortment . You have much to put our house on.Can we paid to safety or would be better to make a mortgage loan.He has grown up now and is home responsible.Our worth more than 3 single wides . Who would fund a single variety or should secure a loan from the bank to secure a loan rate.Would less give us a better interest
Need some guidance on financial crises?0didier barreto2012-10-12 12:47:11
I am a professional working in Chennai SW as a project manager in a medium-sized company. I have three dependents [wife and two children]. I am the only earning member in my family and all I won was won by myself. There were no assets or anything my parents are my parents wife. Only assets that have given us are Education. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had bought a house in Saligramam area of ​​13L and meet other basic expenses I had to go to a personal loan, they do not have any money with me. So my loan amount was 16.5L aroune. I was paying almost 21k as EMI every month. All was well until last year, ICICI locked up my savings account because my credit card payment pending. This is the only mistake he had made against the advice of my father. Even if I was paying correctly. At one point I wanted to close the CC. When I visited their branch there was no answer. So I took it easy. But one day everything was fine colapsed. Since my account was blocked, I started getting checks from my company as salary [Being a small business and am in management level was achieved Sr.] and used to pay most of the cash through EMI since all ECS was recovering from the back. Somehow I was manager until January. January, the situation has become worse than the salary of the company has been delayed at the start and after two months we started getting only 40% to 50% of salary. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my debts are around 16.5L [including credit card and other small loans]. Right now it is getting adjusted and I'm geting atleast 50% of salary at the time. One of my friends suggested that I should recharge my home loan [the value of the house now is about 10-25 L] with 3 or more 4 L and close all other loans and pay only for home loan. This would be possible only if I go to another bank. Direclty Bank may make payment to creditors to assure me that I'm not misusing the money again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know this is really difficult task. None of the above was intentional. I have to get out of this problem and is the first house he bought in our generation does not want to lose this too. I am willing to make payment through my office directly from my salary. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not even know some1 has faced this kind of situation in life. I need help on how to overcome this situation. If anyone had banking relationships and has any idea how to help me, please help me in this situation.

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