What challenges are there to maintaining us citizenship and permanent residency in aother cuntry? related questions

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What challenges are there to maintaining us citizenship and permanent residency in aother cuntry?0Tony Leal2012-11-04 17:39:48
Can a minor US citizen with a US citizen born mother and a permanent resident Father who is also a citizen of Austraila benfit from permanent residency in Austrailia? Will there be challenges for the minor in the US?
How can i get my U.S. Permanent residency status back? help!!!!?1nettie <32012-09-08 10:54:03
I am a Canadian citizen , but I have been living in Georgia USA from 2000: I received my residency status through my employer mothers as the rest of my family.I had work permit and a social security number . I attended Jr High , and completed high school and some college there. I recently returned to Canada to be with my parents for the summer only , in the time I was here I would have to see a doctor because I am pregnant.When reactivate my OHIP after 3 months waiting period , I told to get OHIP had to give my greencard by states ( not ask any of my brothers or sisters to do this when he came up here for a few months) so I had too, is that I really needed to go doctors , I could not have my baby on the floor in the country without documents . So now I'm stuck here . I have all my stuff (cars , furniture , and clothes and other belongings ) to my parents house in Georgia , but now , how am I going to live there if I did not have the status of residence ? ... I have a son ( who was born in the U.S. ) and I'm about to have a daughter of her American father , who can not travel to Canada because of his background . I have not enough money to pay school fees for international return with a visa , I can not qualify for OSAP because I have not been in Ontario for 12 months, and now I'm not a U.S. resident I do not qualify for FASFA and I do not have enough credit to get a student loan , I'm between a rock and a hard place . They told my mother that she could , at the request of my card again, but since my parents have ceasedd her letters she can not . I could try to apply for a SB -1 Visa , but do not think it will pass , someone please help me i dunno what else to do .
Debt and changing citizenship?0Alber2012-09-02 18:53:03
My boyfriend was awarded his doctorate in the spring and are interested in finding teaching jobs abroad. However, he is currently over $ 100,000 in debt of all student loans has had throughout the years. He would like to leave America and find a job elsewhere with the intention of changing citizenship in a not too distant future , but is concerned that the U.S. government I could not let it out of debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We try to investigate this situation online , but had a very hard time finding any relevant information. Does anyone know how the government handles situations how are you ?
Advice needed urgently - about maintaining contact with a guy you're dating?0SHAREEN2012-10-05 16:48:29
I met this guy online who lives in a different European city (2 hours away). We really hit it off online, so I decided to meet to fly to their city - and we liked each other even more. They took the dating website, because we are trying to see where things would go between us. Its been about 5 months since we've seen each other. We chatted every day (without fail!) Per hour, literally, and I know and trust that he's not dating someone else - and I'm not dating anyone or MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus My problem is this: I'm the one who always calls him, because he knows that in my cell plan I can call you for free. Whenever he wanted to talk about was going to lose call me - and I call. And even when I have spent my free minutes, still call it (which means you end up paying for those calls). Hes working (and I am not at this time), so I told him to lose call me so that I know when to call for a chat, as I will not bother you at work. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I confronted him recently to ask why he can not call me from time to time on my cell phone for a change - and he says it's because he has no "free minutes" to call another mobile phone in Europe. But he explains that he can call me at my home phone for free. I basically explained that doenst even have free minutes, he could at least call me a couple of times - I mean I can not rip a hole in your wallet, I'm considering doing the same to call my cell phone even when "free minutes have been depleted." And I stress that I am even make calls paid to him, even though I'm not working at the moment. He then explains that unlike me, he has to pay loans, payment appropriations, bills etc. and has no money to pay for such calls. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my question is this: I have the impression that I'm not even worth spending a little money for a phone call - I'm being silly or what? If as an unemployed, I can call him why can not he call me? To be honest - I feel like I'm not worth the extra money you have to pay for calls to me. Am I exaggerating? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hes a great guy -. I could not ask for a better man, and I really like it, but I think he feels the same for me, because he can not even do those simple phone calls MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As for ourselves, it keeps saying that I should come visit (however, seems reluctant to come see me here, I guess because I still live at home with my parents). But now I'm starting to think it's because the money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Guys - please help - your opinion is needed on this. Cheers
Small business loans for people with dual citizenship?0Lonielle2012-09-24 15:16:16
Where I can find information on the programs of small business loans for people with dual citizenship ? My husband is officially a dual citizen of the U.S. and Germany . Find information on loans for veterans (he was in the army ) , but nothing about dual nationality . There must be a program out there !
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WHERE in Oregon can I get a personal loan with "credit challenges"?1cjs11-rox2012-10-03 14:22:02
I am a mother of 3 and work 40 hours a week . I have no time to lose , looking for something that simply can not be possible .... Is there a place in Portland Oregon , which offer unsecured personal loans , even with less than perfect (ADB ) credit ? Please , no payday loans , title loans online or work at home scams ....
How can I obtain residency?4 ã‚‚ Eternal -2012-10-26 02:53:03
Hi, I have seventeen and possibly might go to CSUN . The thing is that with all the impaction occurs that would be there for more than four years and paying out of state to get pretty ridiculous . The thing is, I'm not trying to obtain residency in that fact alone . I know you're not suppose to claim just because you go to college there. What happens is that I've always wanted to live in southern California, but let's be honest , not only can move there and get a job , so I decided that I could go to school there for housing would be easier (living in the campus ) and then I would get a job. I wonder since I plan to stay in California , even after school I will be able to obtain residency. I do not get it just because of the school . I'm going to register to vote here , once I get my car I will register there and I'll have a job. I also live here during the summer which means you will be renting an apartment in my name . (yes , I know it is not cheap, but I am working this summer and will work throughout the school year to save money for the three months to live there before school starts again. ) 'm just worried that if you do not start school now will not be accepted back . So that's why I like to come to school immediately and pay out of state but I hope that in the coming years could successfully operate . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Again I plan to live here during the summer school and after college . * Please do not give me the whole speech about my lack of preparation and need at least $ 10,000 , I understand , but I 'm going to have money for federal school aid and loans , with a job. Please any help will be appreciated , thanks !
Financial Aid without Parents US Residency.?0Lindsey2012-10-06 11:27:41
Im 18 . graduated from high school in June .. and have been attending community college . I've been asking all kinds of scholarships , but still needs help providing college. I applied and was accepted by the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA.I ' I could get 6,000 in financial aid from the school , but still need 8,000 to pay for a semester . My family can not afford it, and I'm sure it would be eligible for some help if my parents were U.S. citizens . But they arent . I am , but that does not really seem to help the situation . Does anyone know if there is any grants / loans where there is no need to submit my parents' U.S. residency ? I am so lost and I worry that I'll have to lower my intake because this detail . Any help would be great .
Proof of residency and employment for car loan?0cheza2012-10-01 14:36:06
I found the car you want and after discussing and negotiating , I'm sure you will get it right . I have good credit and make good money . However, I will be moving from Washington to Florida in two weeks. Still I have my job and I am applying to remain in the company when it comes to Florida , but right now , it is not guaranteed . The car I have now is not reliable and will not nationwide . I am also living temporarily with a friend and I'm not in the lease . MedlinePlus The company I work for is " job number " service that can instantly verify employment . But I'm not sure what I can offer as proof of residency . If they find out that I move to Florida can order the vehicle ? Once approved and all the paperwork is done , which is right? As I make my payments can not take it back ?
Can I establish residency for a university while attending community college in that state?0Antoni2012-10-27 16:12:12
I'm from Michigan . I would like to move to California or Florida , but I do not want to take too many loans , because I have the intention of going to graduate school too. My question is if I move to one of these states and taking classes at a community college for a while, I considered setting up a student transfer request admission to a university ?
I had a credit score of 710- 36 months ago, today (due to some personal challenges) my FICO score has?0geo2012-09-22 13:38:02
fell to 492 so it is impossible to get a car loan . I along with my wife , has over $ 30,000 in unsecured debt , strange as that question is, if I were to declare bankruptcy , it would raise my FICO score ? ? ?

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