Is the Amount paid on a loan equal to the interest paid plus principal paid? related questions

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Is the Amount paid on a loan equal to the interest paid plus principal paid?0deeq2012-11-04 15:57:13
I'm working on a project and have to figure out a loan amortization schedule on excel. I have to find the amount paid, interest paid, and principal paid, and the beginning and ending balances for each payment. Is the amount paid equal to interest and principal?
Understanding interest paid on car loan & what's left on principal?0Shalea2012-09-20 22:46:03
I hope someone can solve this for me because I can
If I paid the principal balance on a car loan but $ 6,000 in interest remains, How can i escape this?0Mildred2012-10-10 10:11:32
was paying , had financial difficulties , deferred payments for a while, now what ?
Can you negotiate interest rate with a stud. loan company after principal is paid?0Mr. Sandwich2012-09-05 12:09:04
I bound stud . Nelnet loans four years ago . I have reduced my interest rate from 9 % before consolidation of 7% after consolidation . These loans are very old ( mid-1990) I am close to paying the original principles before consolidation . Do you think that once the original directors are paid I have some bargaining power to reduce the interest rate further. I have never been delinquent . Besides, I am a public school teacher in a disadvantaged school. However, I do not qualify for any teacher forgiveness program due to the age of the original loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestions ?
Do taxes have to be paid on the principal of a loan?0mariely2012-08-11 09:28:03
I am a small business owner and I bought my property through owner financing with a down payment and 10% interest rate . I want to pay the principal of the loan and financial discount property owner says he will not accept full payment because it would in a higher tax bracket . I told you only pay tax on interest earned on the loan. Can someone please tell me exactly where you pay taxes in this situation and in case you want to sell this property through owner financing ? thanks
Should a collection account be paid in full, or paid in payments, for a better credit score.?3Sabra2012-11-03 01:28:02
I have a few new accounts receivables (within 1 year) that need to be addressed . I heard that the old bills paid in full adversely affect qualification , so I'm assuming that the payment of the newest first have better short-term results in my credit score . I know from dealing with accounts up to date credit cards , a payment history , regular payments on time , it is better for my rating. I also heard that a payment history of new accounts 6 months is going to hurt my account , payment history , while more than six months will be good for my score . So ... How should I pay collection accounts ? Is it better to spread payments for 6 months or more , or better pay in full ? I'm looking at the possibility of obtaining a mortgage in the future . From what I've read , paying collection represents just before applying for a loan is a bad thing . Although my report show paid in full , which adversely affects the credit score . Trying to plan ahead for best results .
Car Loans and intrest paid due to late payments how long and how much she be paid?0Jaskson2012-09-29 13:48:03
I've been paying a car loan since 2001 . The intrest rate was calculated by the company to pay for my trade in which left a total of $ 10,000 . I have a 1998 Ford Explorer and payments of $ 470 it was becoming difficult to pay on time with my other accounts. I was charged with late payment arrears and now I'm being charged an additional finance charge on the account. I was told this was the intrest in the last installment ( s ) in the amount of $ 5,000.00 . MedlinePlus This company has repurchased my car when payments were made in error having to take my car back to me due to their error corrupted and now I'm being charged an additional $ 5000. The loan amount was $ 26,000 which includes $ 10,000 of my trade and intrest rate was 21% . I did not know that you may be charged an additional amount on intrest . So I was late fee ( s ) when loaded later and intrest in the last installment ( s ) . Is there anything I can do to avoid these $ 5,000.00 add'tl the value of the car is $ 2000.
PAID $2,000.00 cash down, paid$200.00 more for ins. on car. (must have full coverage to drive car off lot ) ?0Roary2012-09-26 00:41:06
signed loan papers indicating payments would be $ 178.00 per month . and driving my new used car home . weeks. Dealer calls later I must come and sign loan documents completion . when I get there I am ddifferentlloanagreement hands a day I have car i signed . indicating he will pay over $ 250.00. I told them that there was no way I could do it , dealer told me I had to pay $ 1,000.00 down and he would get funded c / payments that are around it first. agreed. I had over $ 1,000.00 today. trader told to pay $ 500 in a week . & $ 500following sem .. I said I would try. Then he told me to lie to the bank when they called me . tell them that all the money was paid . bank never called . merchant named 5 or 6 days later, once again affirming Nneed end tocome sign papers. And I still am unable to $ 1,000.0 more . What's going on ? ? ? MAY HAVE A NEW CAR ? ? ? ? I agreed on one thing and now they are telling me that I must pay m ore to maintain self ...
A car loan of 8 per cent on $6,500 for 5 years. What is theexact amount paid through 8 per cent interest?1giant salamander2012-10-09 04:10:02
8 percent of the loan of $ 6,500. How much interest is paid each year in a five-year loan ?
Can i deduct amount paid on parent plus loan?0Yoyo2012-11-02 21:26:24
Can I request an auto loan amount that is higher than what I paid for the car?0Emmaline2012-10-06 07:38:05
Hi all - I just bought my first car for $ 13,900 many CarMax . They initially settled with its high rate financing because someone else was interested in the car and I had no time to pursue other options . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fortunately , the credit union at our corporate campus offers a low interest rate (5.5 % ) , auto loans to employees of our company . So now I'm working in refinancing loans through them . My question is - when I fill out the paperwork at the credit union , I can borrow ? Which is $ 1,000 on the total cost of $ 13,900 paid for the vehicle? Their form says finance up to 115% of the value of Kelly Blue Book , and $ 13,900 is well below that. If they approve the loan , the credit is only given me I can deposit a check so I can write my personal check to CarMax ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm working hard to find cash for a down payment on a house I'm in love , and this extra money could really help . I appreciate all your answers and advice. Thank you !
Does prepaying some of a PLUS loan reduce the overall amount paid in the long run?1Jasmine822012-08-24 11:37:02
My dad says that the advance payment of a PLUS loan repayment shortens but does not reduce the total cost paid. I disagree with him and I think the pay for a PLUS loan shortens both depreciation and reduces total cost paid. Who is right ?

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