Where is the best place to call to refinance house/ consolidate debt? related questions

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Where is the best place to call to refinance house/ consolidate debt?0Need Help!!!2012-11-04 15:24:30
My husband and I have had a rough time financially in the past year. I am a stay at home mom and my husband makes good money except that he was laid off for most of the last winter and we are having a really hard time catching up and now our credit is not so great because we've been late with so many payments. I tried to get a job too to help but ended up paying more for daycare than I was making. Wondering if anyone knows of a good company to call to help us out with refinance/consolidation. We live in wisconsin. Thanks!
Should I refinance Home Equity loan to consolidate credit card debt (I am buying a new house in 120 days)?1daydrian2012-08-23 15:39:02
Consider this : 1 . I have $ 30k in credit card debt . 2 . I have a first mortgage for $ 200k (4% ) and an equity loan of $ 170K (a prime rate ), without additional available credit . 3 . I will buy another house in late April. Would it be better to refinance my home equity and credit cards in a new home equity loan , or just stick with what it is? I heard that I can be able to get better rates on loans for my new house, if I can refinance. Could this be true? Thoughts ? Comments ? Alternatives ?
What is the best way to consolidate my debt? I have a mortgage and want to refinance,add my debt to new loan?2WeatherGirl2012-09-17 21:49:04
I have a $ 530,000 all mortgage loan interest . I am interested in refinancing soon , ( if it is a good time to do ? ) Should I refinance and add my $ 15,000 of personal debt to my new loan? Or should I get a personal loan of $ 15,000 from my bank ?
I want to consolidate my debt, where is the best place to get a loan?1Markella Smith2012-09-30 06:39:02
My debt is manageable lite , I own a house and I would take only a short -term second mortgage , any suggestions ?
Is it better to refinance or, do a Home Quity Loan to consolidate bills and do repairs to my house?1Lyon2012-10-04 04:01:02
I have a 7.125% APR ..... 30 years .... have been paying about 8 years ...... and have about 30 - 40k in equity?
Looking to consolidate 30K in credit cards, possible refinance. Too much debt to be considered..help!?1Canti2012-11-04 22:02:02
House value to 155K , 130K to loan first, second mortgage in 29K , 30K in credit card debt . Interest rates on credit cards by almost 30 % balance will not move , except up! Total annual income is 62K , a part of the husbands from social insurance and Workmans Compensation benefits . Banks wont touch us for a personal loan . Two mortgage companies have rejected us . Any suggestions ?
Is there a place to just do a personal loan to consolidate debt? My bills are all current. My credit is good.2Lewi2012-10-07 05:45:02
I live in Texas . I do not want to do a refinance or home equity. I can not seem to find a source to consolidate my debt . I have good credit and have never had a late payment . All I can find is for people who already behind . I do not want to do this . I want to keep my good credit . I have to make a payment and interest per month instead of four. Now I'm self-employed. Any suggestions ?
I would like to consolidate credit card debt by taking a loan out without using my house.?0krys2012-08-06 12:29:01
Can any bank or lender to help? I can afford a payment of interest of 10 % or less instead of paying 28 or 30 % as the loading of credit cards.
Does anyone know of a place to apply for a loan besides Prosper or Cash Call?0xboxwee2012-09-26 12:50:04
I was looking at loans of about $ 4,000 and have cash for a shuttle service (to help pay bills ahead , and pay credit cards ) . If your answer is to try a local bank , please do not respond. I am asking for information that can be found on the Internet .
I was thinking about taking out a home equity loan on my house to consolidate my debt I've been paying on my?0Caitlin2012-10-16 09:44:48
home for three years , the house was sold for 83,000 've done a lot of remodeling worth about 25,000 aleast need a loan for 23 000 what are my chances of getting this?
How many times can a car loan place, HSBC - call in one day to ask about past due payments ? ?1dry2012-08-31 04:44:03
I've been out of work since September and the savings are almost exhausted and the car is the last thing that concerns me at this point to keep - HSBC has called me every 15 minutes - no joke - then spend the time to tell you that as soon as my income tax arrives I will send something - then call back in 15 minutes , as they are told . Again and again throughout the day from 8 am to 8 pm - I'm to the point where I can not wait to come just get the damn car and do not tell me I can get the balance when they sell at auction because can get what they do not have and I can deliver to collections so myself . My credit is shot now anyway so one more thing , it will not be a big problem for me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But seriously , who complained to me that they call all the time - and I'm not exaggerating when I say that every 15 minutes for 12 hours . Do you think I'll get to the three months of car payments in the last 15 minutes for the love of God ?
A law firm call my house that my wife ows them money..?2Buttercup2012-10-20 09:54:01
ok i try to talk to the guy that this happens in 2000 I just met my wife though she was an independent woman with two children fighting to stay well all your bills on time , etc etc. . now became disabled in 2002 due to bad knees and arthritis she only receives income and is about paying your bills , but could not. Now he did a credit report and found out after 6 years they call the house asking for a little money now we are married they want a couple grand in the front and she could make $ 50 per month or we to court and he also told me that we own a 2003 GMC envoy and that if they do not come with some money that is going to put a lien on the vehicle .. please can they do need help in this matter was forcing me to talk to my credit union to see if I could get a loan from them to help my wife that he was kind of nie but also was not so . I live in Massachusetts so please any advice from anyone out there please help me thanks ..

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