Sallie Mae/Harassing Phone Calls?

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On 3/25/08 Sallie Mae started calling our home every 2 hours. The 1st time they called I told them that he (my son) was @ work & the best time to contact him is after 4:00pm and he goes in @ 5:00am. After that 1st call @ 9:52am they continued to call every 2 hours for the next 4 days. I tried talking to a supervisor and a manager & they were very rude to me telling me they can call as much as they want and when they want. After speaking with the manager who was extremely rude to me. She started yelling at me "are you saying he does not live there" and I kept telling her he lives here but is @ work. They even wanted me to supply them with a work number. I am very upset and still very afraid of when these calls will start again. My son is not trying to get out of paying his loan. He has only been out of school a few months and has landed his dream job making very good money. I even told them this. Is this legal 2 keep calling every 2 hours 4 four days straight?

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