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Muslims, I know that paying interest is consider Haram (I think)....?0BBF2012-11-04 10:35:53
My friend is a Muslim and he doesn't deal in any situations where he would have to pay interest on something. He doesn't speak English too well, so I have a hard time asking him about it. The thing is, in Western countries one needs to use credit in order to build up their credit scores, to that they can get better rates on home and car loans. I imagine Muslims would not involve themselves in any situations where they would need to pay interest, but I don't understand how they can do that. Homes and automobiles are very expensive purchases and it is very difficult to pay for them up front. I know there are some banks, like HSBC, that offer "Muslim loans", but those are not common and are a fairly recent creation in the Western world. How do Muslims cope with buying a home for their families or buying a car if they aren't able to take out a non interest bearing loan? I make a pretty decent salary and I have been saving now for 5 years so that I can buy my house without having to take out a loan. I am doing it for different reasons, though. When I was very young I got into a crapload of debt and I vowed that I would never owe anyone a dime for the rest of my life. And I try my best to stick to that the best I can.
We want to know in detail how Muslims regard non-Muslims, and how they should deal with them according to Isla?6Bettye2012-11-02 06:41:02
Praise be to Allah. 1 - . Islam is the religion of mercy and justice 2 - Muslims should call non-Muslims to Islam with wisdom and good exhortation and debate in a way that is better. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning) :
A question about loans/interest being haram?0Rosilyn2012-10-09 16:09:27
I know it is haram , but do not understand how people can live without having any interest in their lives . Most people can not afford to buy a house / apartment with cash, so they take loans ( but I know they charge interest. ) How can you eliminate the interest of our lives ?
Is it haram to get a loan with interest if you are buying a house?3shaje2012-11-03 23:55:01
Now interest is haram in Islam . Now also no exception as if you are buying a house that is fine . But it's a good idea to get a bank loan to open your small business ? I mean I have no other way to save money .
Is interest Haram when you're being charged a percentage as a "sales fee"?1shanari2012-08-17 20:28:30
Salam Alaikoum . I am a jewelry designer, and I sell my pieces online at a website that has the same idea of eBay. I charge a flat fee to post an item for a certain period of time, but when I sell a piece , I charge a percentage commission for each transaction. Is it haram for me to participate in this type of contract. I cut the credit cards and savings accounts, because they want to deal with the guilt or grief of interest. Do not take loans from banks or even people who really, and even stop paying hefty job in efforts to have a Muslim lifestyle . I have no way to sell my pieces, as well as exhibitions of handicrafts, but still, many sellers are prepared to accept credit cards. Allah is the provider, and I have complete faith in him, but I want to make sure I'm making the right decisions and take the right actions. Thanks for your responses. Khayr ou Jazaka'llah :-).
Do Muslims Get Interest Free Loans?0☆Ethan2012-09-29 15:25:03
Under Islamic law , or sharia is forbidden for a Muslim to pay interest on a loan . I can understand ? Borrow without interest ? If you do not believe me , just read the Koran or search online .
Should Muslims be exempt from tuition fees, due to the fact that they don't believe in Interest?0Flo has issues 2012-10-13 09:17:45
maybe if Christians , Jews and atheists students pay an extra 1,000 p / a to cover for them , that's ok eh .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus funny Muslims companies seem to have a problem accepting credit card payments huh .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus >> Muslim student leaders say changes to tuition fees in England could violate Islamic rules on finance, which do not allow the charging of interest . MedlinePlus The coalition government plans to increase tuition fees up to a maximum of
What interest rate should I be paying for a small business loan? My credit is A+. I am currently paying 9.5%0Charu2012-08-06 08:44:02
What interest rate should be paying a small business loan ? My credit is A +. I am currently paying 9.5%
STUDENT LOAN!!!! HOW MUCH INTEREST ARE YOU PAYING???? I AM PAYING 0HumanBodyIdiot2012-10-15 22:59:26
I graduated in 2008 , I found a job that I like but is the pay . 12k **** About a year ( before taxes !) Well at least I 'm working . So I still can not afford a car ... I can not afford insurance .... I can get out yet ..... I I'm frustrated , but I 'm patient and I hope to gain experience for a well paid job in the near future . Anyway , so I get home tonight and I meet my student loan burden I
What is my interest rate if I am paying $170/month interest on $23k debt?2chen yeng2012-09-10 06:25:02
this is for my credit card debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it make sense to get a consolidation loan ? What is your APR ?
What do you know about the muslims gog(ALLAH)?2lisa centeno2012-10-12 07:12:03
under this title that put episodes ( In your name , we live ) MedlinePlus which is a program made by ( Mr.amr khaled ) MedlinePlus ihad copied befor the first two episodes and this is the third MedlinePlus Episode 3 : Al- Shakour ( The Appreciative [1 ] ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In the name of Allah , the Compassionate , the Merciful , praise be to Allah , the Lord of the whole universe , and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah . today
Muslims can you tell me the answer ?1anonomas2012-09-17 02:04:05
Why Income is not allowed in Islam ? If a person says Loan A gives to B and B invests that money in business , should not receive any benefit to give the loan to B ? Then there is the interest that you will receive from B , while the repayment of the loan , a return on the money paid ? How is the situation different then when A gives money to B as a B loan and invests that money in a business and give benefit to some profit shares of the same company ? To respond effectively ? What is the Islamic way of taking loan? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus

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