Should I write down that I work on my studentloan application even though I was laidoff a couple of months ago? related questions

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Should I write down that I work on my studentloan application even though I was laidoff a couple of months ago?0Chandler2012-11-04 10:29:57
I am applying for a student loan right now and it's asking me if I work even though I got laid off a couple of months. On my 2010 taxes is has that i work so I am think I can still put it down right?
How to write application letter for a loan at your my work place?0invy2012-11-05 11:47:09
I need to write an application essay?0prabhpreet singh2012-11-05 09:38:31
my english teacher asked me to write an application essay asking a bank for an educational loan , can someone pleeaseeee helpp me starrtttt , like with an introduction .
Any one bought a house in the last couple of months?0Aman2012-11-02 18:28:21
Was it hard, Iv been told that its almost impossible to get a mortgage these days. How was the process any tips for us. WE plan on buying in Dec. some time. We are thinking about a FHA Loan.
Is it better to apply now or in a couple months for an apartment with declining credit?0Rockson2012-09-26 01:21:05
I'm in the process of settling my credit cards . Therefore, everyone is behind some months (not more than 60 days at this point) . I agreed with one of them so that one will disappear in a week or two , but it is one of the smaller balances . I'll have about $ 7900 or so in credit card debt to be back there ( at the moment is about $ 8600) . I have a car loan at a credit union that is current , student loans are current, just credit cards behind . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is this , I will request a new apartment in the coming months (5 months maximum) . Not a highrise apartment in a big city , is a one bedroom apartment that is 400 per month . I make about 37k a year and have a solid history of renting for about seven years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be better to apply now with credit cards just a little further back , or should I wait a month or two , and maybe have a bit of that balance shot down at the expense of those that are still unresolved even further back ? MedlinePlus I know it's a horrible time to be looking for an apartment while making the credit card a little messy liquidation process , but my lease by October and I can not afford this apartment today after then ( leaving partner fourth) .
Can I refinance a home equity loan if I've only had it a couple of months?2Netanya2012-10-24 16:26:02
Problem, we recently had our house on the market , but have since changed our minds . We have applied for a home equity loan through our small local bank (17,000) , so my husband could buy a car and could pay a couple of bills . Meanwhile, a bigger mortgage partner we also asked about the loan said they could consolidate all our debts and save us $ 600 each month , even if we double our payment . So , we went with the wider co , however after going through the whole process with them , came back and said that since our house was on the market recently , we would have to wait more than 60 days to get a loan . ( this would be 100 % interest LTV ) My question is , if we go with the smaller loan from our local bank (which does not give 100% LTV loans ) , could actually be a home equity loan a few months by road , pay the loan and also pay 17,000 remaining debt ? Are there any rules about how long after getting a home equity loan before further
Can i take out a secured loan on my property now and then sell the house in a couple of months ?0JESSICA*********HELLLPPP!!!2012-10-14 09:27:11
I can borrow ? Secured on my property now and then sell the house in a couple of months ?
I rented a car for 4 months and paid $4,000. I used it 90% for business. How do I write it off on my taxes?3Anne H.2012-11-03 23:36:02
I could not get a car loan because my credit was so bad but I have a business that generates good monthly income if I can move. I rented a car for 4 months and paid $ 4,000. My plan was to have a car , do not worry about maintenance and be able to cancel the rental of my taxes . I used the car for 80 % and 90 % of businesses and jobs personal rest . ? I can cancel the monthly payment to the rental company ? I can cancel ? Mileage ?
Do Companies that give bad credit personal loans allowed to ask for a couple months payment up front?1Isuckatmath2012-09-21 16:28:03
I applied for a loan online bad credit perosnal . A company called Birchmount Lending called saying he was approved for 5000.00 , with payments of 224.54 monthyl for 2 years . But since my credit was not the best I have to give 4 prepayments . Tell me what you think
Help please. i work all day and i have to finish a couple of test to get the high school diploma..please?0Angel Eyes2012-08-24 13:36:02
True or False . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. ____ The money the government spends comes from government investments in the stock market . MedlinePlus 2. ____ Bank interest always rises , because if not , they can not serve. MedlinePlus 3. ____ In 1900 most Americans lived in cities . MedlinePlus 4. Consumer Price Index ____ is a measure of inflation, which shows changes in the prices of goods and services. MedlinePlus 5. ____ After the Second World War was a glut of homes in the United States because most of the 25,000 war dead . MedlinePlus 6. There isn ____When
I owe a couple thousand dollars on a couple credit cards, I lost my job and cannot pay them..not now,anyways..8Jessica Padilla2012-11-03 10:39:01
.. what , if anything, can these credit card companies do to me if I do not pay ? I've heard that since they are not guaranteed , signature loans type , can not do anything but ruin your credit .. Is this true ? I have no intention of paying , I'm only able to pay at this time .. I have to worry about utilities, food , gas , etc . First .. before you can even think about paying my CC ... help!
A married couple financed this car in Pa. Now the car is here in Ca and the couple divorced. DMV wont let the?0teesha2012-10-01 10:02:03
rigister car until the wife signs the loan . Well , she can not be found . So now the tags are expired can not find the ex wife and he will not be able to refinance the car . Not enough income . What are the options ?

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