Could someone explain to me how Barney Frank and Fannie Mae single handedly caused the housing fiasco when? related questions

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Could someone explain to me how Barney Frank and Fannie Mae single handedly caused the housing fiasco when?0SunnyDee2012-11-04 10:20:02
(1) Realtors made millions in commissions (2) Mortgage brokers made millions by encouraging their clients to lie on applications and pushing loans they knew people couldn't pay back. (3) Appraisers made millions by going along with the game and doing inflated appraisals. (4) Wall Street made millions by packaging worthless securities and selling them to little of lady pension funds. (5) Rating Agencies made millions by giving AAA ratings to junk securities. (6) Wall Street and the National Association of Realtors bribed countless politicians to do their dirty work. Could someone explain how all this can be blamed on Barney and Fannie?
Anybody remember Barney Frank and Madeline Talbott?1dcw2012-09-23 03:50:02
Updated : Fannie , Freddie Signs exclusion MedlinePlus companies have no value ( / BT - CO -2010
Why does Barney Frank and lobbyist want gambling returned to the internet?1applebottom2012-09-26 20:10:03
Count on Barney Frank to lead change into something funky and old mortgages these liars . Sometimes just amazing . Loans liars , gay rights , now restoring online gaming big. He will help deregulate the banks and trigger the current economic crisis . Sometimes it just does not seem sane.
Should Barney Frank and Chriss "Countrywide" Dodd both be prosecuted, found guilty, and executed?2Keirra2012-10-24 06:21:50
Apparently , people in the Northeast do not know when they are being raped by people who are supposed to work for them . Frank pushed for more bad loans for the benefit of his live - in boyfriend and then in July this year , he lied about the state of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac , which caused more bad loans and investments . Dodd Countrywide had revenue of cash plus a special loan rate . Both bags swollen * shi did these things as Presidents of their respective banks / finance committees and took advantage of his position for personal gain and have cost the citizens of the countries in the billions of dollars . jobs and pensions. .
A group of select Liberals, Barney Frank, Cris Dodd and Barrack Obama(with the Black Congrressional Caucus)?0Arche2012-10-15 12:25:20
chains used Affirmative Action to pressure Fannie Mae and other big lenders to give loans to people who were unable to repay their loans . Why liberals now deny this and try to blame everyone but themselves for the current crisis ? Many of us were alive and well at the time and witnessed his speeches on MedlinePlus the subject . We were not aware of the meetings in camera ( although several are now on youtube ) but we did see and hear a talk after his success in securing mortgage programs for minorities and lower income people .
Do banks single-handedly bring up the cost of houses?1Bryna2012-10-27 07:47:02
Most people can not buy a home without a bank loan . If there were no banks, housing costs down , because supply and demand. People would not be able to repay the loans without homes , sellers can not sell their homes at current prices , which would bring down the cost of sales to sell the house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So no bank means that the only way to buy a house is tight with cash, because this everywhere houses are cheaper . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So the banks have raised prices of houses in order to force people to borrow from them to gain interest ? Banks may have found a legal way to tax owners . Would the world be better if the mortgages had never existed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this all a scheme made by banks to profit from people ? Is the bank of a middle that found a way to do that is needed ?
Can someone explain how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got their names?0Mary Jane freckles 2012-11-05 01:43:11
Are they named after someone? And please no link to Wikipedia, too many confusing terms for me...
Agree or Disagree: The housing Crisis was caused by stupidity?0ang2012-10-27 12:37:42
I think the people would not have asked such large loans they knew they could not afford and I think the banks should never have given these people money . What do you think ?
I would like each candidate to explain how is he intend to solve housing crises that brought world-wide econom?0gaga 100002012-11-04 20:51:59
Unless and until the homeowners are given amnesty (modify the loan to the current market value, as banks are doing when they agree to short sale) housing market will NOT recover for several years to come. If banks are willing to cut their losses, when they are short sale properties to new buyers, why are they evicting the current homeowners who are going through hard times, instead of allowing them keep their home by principal reducing modification?
I am a single mom with 2 kids, I live on lower income housing. I used to get subsidy. By august I made commis?0woodlie(nickname)2012-10-05 10:55:25
So apparently it made ​​$ 700 commission in August I lost my allowance , so my compony cut now work without commission fee , I can not find my pay me anything , I 1770, 80% of which goes to rent and I have to pay my car and nursery only. and remaing of each month is $ 69 all you can afford is noodles and conedbeef dollar store . I messed up my credit and try to get loan to consolidate my debt , my bank requires collateral , I have no one like me lonely here wwith no family except my 2 children. My credit score was 690 , now when I tried to apply for the loan went down the drain . 609. Strange to pay my bills for AMonth . I can not afford to get second job and do not have someone to care for my children at night . Droaning I wonder when I'm going to improve ?
Student Loan Fiasco?2JHMamma2012-11-03 15:27:02
I tried everything to resolve this, I do not know what else to do . I have written to Sallie Mae. My loan went into default. I consolidated them . A year later , another agency tells me that I MORE. I started researching and found that at some point , these loans are now considered in default were entered into the system twice and this is a mistake! It is ruining my life. No matter how many times I call, write , complain, ask and try , nobody can help me clear my name. What else is there for me? You can not build about $ 9,000 in debt that I owe just to get it out of my way, but this is stopping me so much. Please advise .
So the Clinton administration got the Fanny and Freddy fiasco started...?0Kristen Morris2012-09-18 08:20:08
Why nothing is done to fix it before now? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Archive for Monday, May 31, 1999 MedlinePlus minorities

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