Is there a mortgage insurance premium charge at closing for conventional loans? related questions

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Is there a mortgage insurance premium charge at closing for conventional loans?0Tamera L.2012-11-04 01:52:18
I know there is a mortgage insurance premium around 1.5% when you close on a FHA loan, but I was wondering if the same charge apply when you close on a conventional loan
Mortgage insurance premium not listed on form 1098?0Andraline2012-09-09 14:32:02
Doin taxes online at the moment and I realized that no mortgage insurance premiums that I paid my lender ar shown in 1098 that sent me . I can look into my acount and see that I paid about $ 600 worth , but not in the form. Our adjusted gross income is only about $ 50,000 and this was the residence primamry through an FHA loan '30s. Why not listed and does that mean it is not eligible for a deduction ?
What is automatic premium loan provision in insurance? And in which section of insurance act it is written?0Hope2012-09-11 09:41:05
On top auto loan if the policyholder forgets his / her cousin is automatically adjusted from value.In cash / funds that act as written
Finance Company retro added Insurance Premium to loan principal already provided proof of Insurance?1aiyunna2012-09-10 01:42:03
I refinanced my car in September 2008. I received a notice in November that insurance had been added to the balance of my loan because I did not provide proof of insurance. Upon notification, I called my insurance company and asked to provide my financial company with proof of coverage. I said finance company received a letter once sure would be eliminated. A week later I got a call from my finance company stating that they have received proof of coverage, but not shown as leinholder so can not credit my account to be sure. Then I call my insurance company again and have updated my faxes leinholder agent another letter. I call my finance company back and say they have received a letter from my agent, but shows the policy effective date 10/28/08 so I can give only partial credit insurance premium that left added to my first loan of 630. Again I call my agent card statement showing request showing that the car was covered flawlessly since being acquired in 2007. I follow up the letter with the bank explained that despite demonstrating that have been covered since 2007 have the right to charge the premium for not having been listed as leinholder in my safe until 10/28/08. They told me that they were not protected if an accident had entered in September. I explain that they have the title of my car and displayed as leinholder in my title, plus they had full coverage on my vehicle in September. Plus it is now December are retro billing for services not rendered. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When asked if there is anything that can be done. They said no, because they were not listed as leinholder with my sure they have the right to bill lapse in coverage even though I recognize that my car was insured. I am currently trying to get my insurance to lein holder retro but that is proving difficult as well. I live in the state of Missouri I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to deal with this situation, what are my rights as a consumer? Do I have any legal recourse? Because insurance finance company just charged me an additional amount on the payment of my regular car (You pay my normal car has been paid). I was warned if no payment within a week will consider paying my car later and add a additional late fee. What should I do? Any advice would be helpful Thanks in advance.
Getting a loan for a car insurance premium? UK?0Teah2012-08-12 09:31:03
I want to get a loan for 2,500 pounds of my bank. I've never been in debt to them , or anyone else . I live with my parents, and expenses are minimal. I have a full time job , Construction and desktop programming , computer hard drives and DVD duplicators . I pay between $ 200 - (. Depends on how busy it is) of 300 pounds per week Ok so the loan itself is a car insurance premium to insure my car for about 2500 pounds. As you earn around 1000 pounds a month , I so easily be able to afford the loan payments . Do you think I will give the loan? And if not why, and what he could do to improve my chances of getting this loan? Thanks for reading, I know it's a little long , so I appreciate any answer Replies greatly appreciated! Thank you !
Which banks offer conventional mortgage loans with less than 20% down?0Magic2012-08-23 20:14:02
I have my own home with an FHA loan . Now I want to buy a house for my parents and I have to put things in my name because my parents have no credit . Banks that I called said I have to put down 20% booked months in cash , pay 3 points on the mortgage , etc. At this rate I'll never buy a house for my parents . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there banks out there that offer conventional loans that require less than 20 % down ? Hopefully 5% or 10 % ? If so , the banks ?
Should I pay Single Mortgage Premium to avoid PMI?1Lonly2012-08-22 03:03:02
I am thinking of buying a house for $ 200K and have saved a total of $ 28k in cash. I am a first time buyer , have an excellent credit score and provides a mortgage rate of 5.25 %. I'm willing to put 5% down and the use of a single premium mortgage to avoid PMI monthly . What is a typical premium rate for this type of loan you can expect to pay at closing ? And best to pay this "fee" in cash or added separately to the amount of the mortgage? I have the impression that taking a second mortgage (80-20 or 80-15-5 ) would be more expensive than the mortgage premium. I am also thinking of buying a used car ($ 12 - 15k ). Should I pay for it with part of the money I saved (and reduce the house payment ) or is it funded? Is there a way a way to get the vehicle financed with money from the mortgage, because it is probably cheaper than the interest rate I will take a used car ?
Is it a good idea to pay off 2 small loans off by rolling them into my mortgage at closing?2choconcung2012-10-07 15:24:02
I'm closing on my new house (construction permanent loan ) , a 30 year fixed at 5.75 % interest. I had to have a grant of $ 20,000 in case something unexpected happened during construction. It seems that I have to use that money , so you can get the money back money or take it off my mortgage . I have a loan of ATV with a payment of $ [email protected] % and my student loan of $ [email protected] % . I was thinking of paying the 2 loans with subsidy. Does this make financial sense ? I have three years in the ATV and god knows how long on student loans about 7 or 8 years, I think . ATV loan is $ 165/mo and the other is $ 78/mo . MedlinePlus home is $ [email protected] % take it for that assignment . I guess I can not know what is the best move ?
Is there mortgage insurance for USDA loans?0luli2012-11-01 23:17:44
I'm just trying to research my loan options to get myself the lowest payment possible and the USDA loan looks very promising. The only question that I can't seem to find an answer to is whether or not it will require Private Mortgage insurance like an FHA loan. If anyone knows that would be great. My location is in Northern Virginia if that helps at all.
FHA or Conventional mortgage?0vectorya2012-11-02 15:53:49
Im 23, looking to buy a house ranging from 170k-200k. I can probably put 20% down if I wanted to. My question is, would I be better off putting down 3.5% FHA, or put my 15-20% down and get a conventional loan. This house would be my first, and I would assume that I would be there 5-10years.
Can I refinance my FHA mortgage to a Conventional mortgage?1Jaizzer2012-09-16 02:35:05
I bought my house a year ago , and would like to refinance and get the capital to pay bills and make some much needed repairs on the house . With an FHA mortgage can only charge up to 85 % equity in your home . I wonder if it is possible to refinance my FHA loan to a conventional loan and collect the full value of my house ? I had a full time job for over 2 years and have good credit and a guarantee if necessary . Thanks for your help
Conventional mortgage and co-signer?0tyana2012-09-23 01:01:02
My wife bought the house we live in now before we got married .... She got an FHA loan and had a relationship co -sign ..... We are seeing the movement and are in need of a conventional loan as the property is owned by the bank. I'm afraid we will not get approved for the amount you need , because we are both self .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I spoke with a guy from my bank and told me you can not have a co -signer on a conventional loan . I read some articles online that contradict this based on the lender .... MedlinePlus Is it possible to use a co -signer to get a conventional mortgage ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !

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