How long do you think interest rates are going to stay around 5.8%. ? related questions

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How long do you think interest rates are going to stay around 5.8%. ?0Price2012-11-03 22:40:41
Soon to be first time home buyer with good credit saving up the 3.5% for an FHA loan, It should take be 3 more months to have the down payment saved, Just a little scared I might miss out on some good offers.
How long will it take the latest 3/4% interest rate cut to affect the mortgage and loan companies rates?2vanessa marie2012-09-18 17:41:02
With the Fed's decision to cut interest rates , I understand that banks follow suit and lower interest rates . How fast will take for these changes are in place ? At what point should people start researching refinancing their mortgages and other loans that really reflect the new rates ?
How can I determine the IRS imputed interest rates for a long-term, small business start-up loan?0Marcela2012-09-14 16:07:03
My brother - in-law is paying me $ 20,000 (paid in increments of $ 2,500 / month) to start a small business with a long term deferred payment plan . I have to write a note , how I can find out the interest rate charged ?
What do Americans think of these loan interest rates from an Irish bank,are interest rates in the US lower?0concy2012-11-04 01:57:45
From what I know they are higher than US banks?
How/why do interest rates set by central banks affect market/retail interest rates?0Aldric2012-10-26 22:32:22
I understand that central banks ( the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England in the UK ) set their own interest rates for loans to / take deposits from government and commercial banks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not understand is how / why the rate set by the central bank affect the rates charged by my bank for loans and mortgages . Is not my bank is free to charge whatever they want , regardless of what the central bank charges ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would have thought that competition between retail banks would be the main factor affecting interest rates . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Maybe I'm being stupid ... Could an economics student , or other person in the know ' get well ?
Should I leave my credit union or stay for better rates?3Huberta2012-11-03 22:50:02
I've been with my credit union for about 10 years and have been very happy with them in terms of their customer service until recently . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last year change operations managers and everything went downhill from there . Most staff currently consists of young women in their 20's -30, no customization , when you go unless you get an employee original, and the bank has added two more branches . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In the fall , I received a notice of temporary of my vehicles I have with them even though my payments are made through automatic debit ... but it turned out the notice of agency because they lost the titles to the vehicles , however it happened. Then I have scheduled loan payments are made and sometimes three days before I leads to overdraft fees ( a total of $ 400 in OD fees last year because of this ) . And the last was last week when he could not process my online bill payments . Should I stay with good rates and give good service ?
Is it possible to postpone student loan consolidation to wait for lower interest rates rates?0Bryan2012-08-22 20:38:02
I graduated six months ago with several federal student loans combining more than 40K . Which is better for me to consolidate now or stay ? Will the fed cutting lending rates ( now 3 % ) affect interest rates offered by preparers loan? Will I be offered either variable or fixed if I consolidate ?
I have found the national interest rates for auto loans, how do I calculate the rates for poor or good credit?0student32012-09-19 03:26:03
I'm trying to help a friend . I do not want to be nosy and ask what your credit rating is good , bad , good , but I was wondering if there is a certain amount of percentage points that is supposed to be added to the national loan rates car I've found Internet . I think the national rates of car loans is based on the credit rating of excellent good , right? MedlinePlus Thanks for your help . It is greatly appreciated.
Why do MORTGAGE Interest Rates go up Every time the Fed cuts rates?0niel2012-10-27 19:27:55
Why is it that every time the Fed cuts , the housing loan rates go up?
Does "car finance rates" mean "car loan interest rates"?0Angelica Martinez2012-11-03 17:02:18
Or are they something else?
Why would someone pay the higher interest rates when lower rates are available elsewhere?1Brittani2012-10-15 03:30:04
this is a question I have for homework . Refers to auto loans , banks , credit unions and the like .
How long does a co-signer for a car have to stay on the loan with me?3Nepal2012-09-19 01:20:05
How long does a co -signer of a car has to stay on the loan with me ?

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