Question about becoming my own boss?

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For a while now I have been thinking of opening my own restaurant. The city I live in ( Louisville, KY) all ready has all the restaurant you can think of. I thought that would be the cheapest buisness to open. Now I'm not sure. Then me and hubby thought about a skating rank. We look up some info on the web and found out that the average start up cost for that is a million dollars. Now I'm thinking of an internet buisness. That way I can stay home with my children. Now I'm looking for information on starting up an internet buisness. First of all do you pay taxes on it? Is it cheaper then starting a regular buisness? Also have any of you bought one of those online stores? You know the kind that is prestoked and you just pay like $40. I live in poverty and don't have any saving. Neither me or my husband have good credit. I don't see us having a good chance at getting a loan. Any ways thanks for your help in adavnce.

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