What should I do to resolve my loan issue?

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Hi, I kinda screwed myself over with an unexpected expense and had to take out a payday loan. The company has stacked on so many fees that it's literally impossible to pay back. One extension fee is $175 and then they just took more "fees" out of my account for $395. None of which pay back to the principal loan. They have ignored my attempts to correct the issue and pay back the loan with a more realistic plan, but threaten to take me to collections if I don't pay up. It's just non-sense! I'm already working two jobs and have tried selling everything!

Should I write to the BBB or credit bureau?

Thank you in advance for not writing sarcastic comments - don't just answer to get points, please! :)
Answer1VovaAnswered at 2012-11-03 21:11:09
Best course would be to pay them in fraction(installments) so that they will keep
quite for 8 months when you intend to pay every one.Keep paying them every month.
If worst comes offer them 12% p.a. as interest to keep their mouth shut.Face them
boldly & nothing will happen but after repaying all stop borrowing.
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