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Rejected for a Walmart credit card?0AJC2012-11-03 11:03:49
I already have two student loans that I am trying to pay off, so I'm in no real hurry to get a real credit card, nor do I really want one, but anway... They rejected me, stating that I could not verify that I am the person applying for the card and that's the only reason. It asked if I had a mortage and from what company, which I do not. Then asking about my student loan companies and the amount I am paying for them, which the correct answers were not even listed. How am I even able to verify myself to apply for this meebly credit card if they do not even have the correct answers for you to choose? I just found it annoying, mainly ranting over something that doesn't even matter.
Does GE money bank offer credit by using the Walmart pre paid card?0kendall2012-09-14 08:39:03
I applied for cash advance loans through internet .. I found a good reputation .. I only need to use one .. I have bad credit so you can not get a small personal loan locally .. I have this company called me saying they work with GE Money Bank / Walmart prepaid card so you can get the loan that you have to go to Wal - Mart and buy a new card and put the minimum amount on it . The card is $ 3.00 and the minimum is $ 20.00 ... After purchasing the card that says you do not activate call back to give information on the number of the card and then process your card advance money in 7-10 days then you get a real credit card GE mail that your balance transfers over .. If you borrow $ 1,00.00 you pay $ 95 per month for 12 months.
On what factors they may have rejected my Citibank credit card application?0Landon2012-09-21 01:32:02
I have an account at Citibank with healthy balance and regular tickets . I have taken some loans in recent times and the lack of payment . My credit score is around 560. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also use the credit card of my father ( joint account ) with the limit of huge and have an excellent payment history since I've been paying on this card for over 14 months. This would have been my own credit card first. MedlinePlus I am in employment / business for last 3.5 years after finishing college .
How do credit card companies determine who is rejected and who is approved?3ssmhollywood2012-11-02 21:48:02
I applied for my first real credit card last month . To my surprise , was rejected for lack of credit history . My credit report has 9 accounts daily and 0 in bad standing . I am a recent college graduate with college loans and car . My income is very comfortable . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I called the credit card company to ask why it was rejected . The man on the phone was a bit puzzled and accepted my application . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have curious if anyone knows why this power of the past ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
What does "insufficient loans secured by real estate" mean when you are rejected for a credit card?1Brandie2012-10-06 15:50:02
I was rejected credit card for that specific reason . I do not own real estate , or credit reporting agency that the information was used by the bank to see if my credit was good enough to have some "real estate" in its report . Please let me know if anyone has any idea. Thank you.
If i apply for a credit card and it gets rejected, will it show on my credit report?3Twilight lover2012-10-25 09:16:02
I am a recent chapter 7 Filée , and get the credit card pre- approved numerous in the mail from a specific bank, all with an annual fee. the bank currently has my car loan, I still pay the before, during and after bankruptcy (which is probably why the offers keep coming to them). I request a no annual fee, but fear being rejected and my credit score could suffer even more .
How To Add Money To Cash App Card At Walmart?0cashappscontact2022-03-11 00:47:13
Now let’s come back to our main question- How To Add Money To Cash App Card At Walmart?  Disregard the idea of adding money to a Cash App card at an ATM. Why? Because this feature is not available with Cash App. You can’t add money to a Cash App card at an ATM. There is one more thing that you can’t do. And that is you can’t check your Cash App balance at the ATM. The reason being is that the Cash App is not linked with the bank account. That’s why neither you can add money to a Cash App card nor check your balance at an ATM. But, you don’t need to worry. You can add money to the Cash App card at the store and check your Cash App balance in just a few simple taps on your Cash App mobile application. The next section will tell you more.  
Is it possible to get a job at Walmart with bad credit?3uah2012-09-05 13:40:05
I have not the worst credit , I am currently living in Wyoming, but when I lived in Wisconsin that's when I got into a lot of financial problems , first had to file bankrupty , you have a car at my repossion credit card , which happen a year ago, has 2 emergency loans out there , and a few bank accounts are exaggerated. Since I've been here in Wyoming for a year I have not even gone to a single payday loan has not been overdrawn in my bank account , I'm much more responsible then it used to be , it's just a matter of a lot of things I did wrong with the money when I was younger , someone knows of people who have been with Wal -Mart with most of the worst credit ? Also in the area where I live all the jobs pay very good money, if I got at Wal -Mart was going to make $ 13.40 an hour working in maintnence , I would be able to catch up with all my mistakes I've made .
What is the purpose of the Credit Union I see at Walmart?0tylik2012-09-24 18:17:03
Every time I go to Walmart , there is a huge line outside the Golden Credit Union inside the store . What are these people waiting in line for ? They are there to borrow money to buy food ? Or are they trying to cash their paychecks ? Are there really that many disadvantaged people who have to wait a long queue just to give a grocery bill ? I've never used a credit union before, so I'm sure would like to know what it was about the line . Thank you.
What is the possibility of the credit getting rejected for my new Car?0Mandy2012-11-02 21:36:32
I have got my new car day before yesterday and the cost of the car is $24000 and i paid $4000 as down payment and my credit score is 678. I got a finance deal of 2.9% on the interest rate and the same has been mentioned in the contract i signed before i drove the car. To add to that i have a problem approving a previous loan from the same finance corporation but the reason is because i have no credit history one year before and they need a high down payment. Please advice.
Credit Union of SC rejected my car loan :(?1Haven2012-10-10 09:16:02
My credit union did not approve my loan because of " too much debt " . I think my cheking and savings account in hopes of approving the loan. It was rejected : ( MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to see my credit report and my best was 749 and the lowest was 706. Well , I have a part time job at Target I made $ 600 a month , and my work is better on eBay I made $ 25,000 last year (2010) . He told me to take my tax return (I did ) , to prove my income on eBay . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I made about $ 2700 per month, which is good in my opinion . I have only two credit cards where you only use 10 % of the total , also I have an available $ 10,000 in my bank Wells Fargo . My plan is to put $ 3,000 down payment by $ 13.999 2010 Toyota Corolla . It means that applied for a loan of $ 11,000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I still do not understand why is rejection? I was thinking of going to Wells Fargo for a loan , since I have an account with them for over four years . It is a good idea? thanks
Bad credit score. Auto loan rejected at 3 places. Where can I try?2Marisol Hernandez2012-11-02 21:24:03
I have 26 years old and just graduated from college . I have a credit score of 595 you know it's terrible to make getting a car loan . But this was mainly due to a couple of late payments ( both were under $ 100) and does not have much of a credit history because credit payments used often. But thank God , I make decent money now (about 120K per year before taxes ) and have never had any loan ( so my debt is still $ 0) . I am interested in buying a car for $ 40K (which again I know is too high for my credit score , but you can certainly feel afford given my current salary ) . I can put $ 10K down payment right now. My only expense is the monthly rent is $ 1000 and I pay about $ 6,500 after taxes. I 'm fine but I get higher interest rates , I am planning a way to refinance after 6 months or 1 year . Is this possible ? Also, I would really appreciate if people do not say " why do you need this car, etc ? " ( It has been my long standing dream )

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