Is it a good idea to move money from my bank a/c to my spouses a/c to thwart bank taking money from my account? related questions

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Is it a good idea to move money from my bank a/c to my spouses a/c to thwart bank taking money from my account?3Fabian2012-11-05 07:57:04
Ok , so we have a loan with a bank. We renegotiated downward loan for 12 months, 12 months have increased and the bank has begun to take x amount each week ( double the original sum agreed, triple the amount of renegotiation ) contacted the bank , made arrangements for just 2 weeks ago renegotiated the amount to be removed on a weekly basis , he said it was okay to separate and never happen again , however he did ( three times the amount to be renegotiated loan to pay wothdrawn ) < br > Contact the bank again and said the same thing would not happen again . He did . It has been going on a Friday. Now I'm thinking of moving all my funds from that account to my bar of wives into account the weekly repayment dates so if you are going to get more of that just will not be there and force the issue if you try to put that in the long finger again. The loan is unsecured , not me the names of my wives. Good idea or not ? Thank you.
Do you think putting money in a savings account at GMAC Bank would be a good idea?1lidia2012-10-03 11:38:02
They are insured by the FDIC , but reading about them , and are affiliated with GM to offer auto loans to them. Currently they are offering a better rate than all other online savings accounts that I have seen . What do you think ?
Someone is taking money out of my bank account and no one is helping me. What do i do?6matherik2012-10-21 17:28:03
Yesterday I realized my statement online that someone withdrawled a penny from my account . I did not worry much about it because it was a penny , but still seemed suspicious , so I called my bank service number . The women agree that looked like someone tried to withdraw money from my account , and found it a fast cash loan . And I have no assoication with them . The woman said she canceled my card and sent me a new one. Today the same location used my debit card and a fake check online and took money from my account . I am now out $ -88 . This is really frustrating me beacuse I explained to the woman the day before something does not seem right and I assure you that anything can happen since I canceled my card. Now look what happened . What am I supposed to do. Nobody listens to me . and no one is helping me . Because the bank stupid and people who are taking the money , the apartment I'm supposed to buy December 1 , with money deposited my rent is 537 and 509, im going to be short of money due to the rate of neg . What should I do ? Pisto im about to go into the bank and all hell will break out tmw
Unauthorised taking of money out of bank account by debit card?0Preston2012-08-26 22:05:18
Has anyone had the horrible misfortune a loan company known payday make money (although it should ) without informing you that you are taking the full amount on a date that he knew nothing , then made the overdraft this. Also when you pay
I need money really bad but dont have bank account for a loan cause i owe bank money what should i do?3Joe Schmo2012-10-26 19:05:03
What are the pros and con for taking a personal loan from a bank to get a car, good idea? ?0kelvin andrew2012-09-03 23:21:02
Is there a limit to what we can take from National City ?
Is it legal for a Bank to move my account to a different bank without my permission?0Sejul2012-10-04 23:40:31
After my graduation , I consolidated my student loans with Loans ISM . Today, I tried to accesss my account online to make payments , but could not access my account . I called ISM . I was told that my account was transferred to a bank X and my payments should be sent to X bank. MedlinePlus Is this legal ?
How to i stop loanfinder taking money out of my bank/?1pinkpolkadots2012-11-05 03:15:02
I called my bank and found that loan finder took 30 pounds from my bank account , it was my child tax credits . I checked my online bank and say you took it out ? I can not get in touch with loanfinder as I can not find a number for them . I have to stop takin money from my account asap.can anyone help me please ... I do not want to get a new number acccount etc because that means I goin to tell you several places to put my money in another account can anyone help
Loan HELP no job no money no car no bank account?0shayner2012-10-13 14:53:55
need $ 1,000 for a lawyer fast / attonry I can not afford that much money up front I have no colladeral for a buisness loan bank loan or help trying to find family and friends is difficult even harder than I do . i can afford to pay $ 100 a month , but 1000 Upfront is difficult for everyone! help need advice.
Concerned my bank will take money from my account. Can they do it?0Kaleb2012-09-06 21:29:02
I've been having problems with my bank on my loan payments . I think I owe on
New US Bank account and can't get all of our money?? Is this true?3 Prince" -2012-10-05 14:22:03
So my husband and I move out of state for a people who do not have the Bank of America ... our bank account only . We have gone to live with a friend who just opened a U.S. bank account last week. We gave 120 to use to open the account, because it is broken, but if you consider that we may collect paychecks not ours. Anywho ... we ask you to go withdrawl 100 for us since we have to leave town . She agreed, but returned with only 80 ... stating that you are only allowed to take 80 to the " account disabled" The money is used to open the account with cash was ... is lying to me and just take a nice little personal loan at our expense ?
Can a bank take money my husband owes them from my account?1torrey2012-09-23 08:28:02
My husband co - signed by his brother to his car for 3 years and now he has not paid for two months , so the bank took the money from our account chking shared . our bank and car loan are the same bank and I have a savings account with just my name can touch is payable department? or should I go to a different bank and close my savings to avoid getting it?

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