Company Payroll Draw vs Hourly - Commission Pay?

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I am currently working for a mortgage company and have been here over 3 years. We are a small company of less than 20 employees. Since I've been here the structure of the roster has changed numerous times and never had to sign anything with respect to changes in wages.

Well being a loan officer who was hired with the understanding that was 100% commission .... Basically, if I can close a loan that costs $ 3,000 receives a percentage of fees. I use to get a draw of $ 2000 a month and if I did close loans would have to pay back commissions the following month. But this year my company started to make me track my hours and I paid the minimum wage twice a month on my pay stub as "salary". If I do about a loan (s) I just received compensation for direct commission and payment of minimum wages is subtracted from my total payment of the commission. I have been told verbally that I can not put my card in the time or overtime hours worked outside the office for business or go to the closures. Now for the first time in 5 years I have deleted the closing half of the month and paid my "minimum wage" of $ 580 based on my time card. Well, I had a first month average commission of $ 2,000 ($ 580 salary line and $ 1420 should have been included in the commission line on my pay stub) - but only received $ 840 ... when I asked the owner said "580 to pay the minimum wage is a tie for last month," which means I have to pay again ....

How can a company force me to track and work during office hours and then I pay the minimum wage and then take it back next pay cycle? How can they say a part of my commission is my salary every month in my paycheck?

I have the hope of a lawyer or someone in the law can give me an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis, I am very confused.

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