Adjustable rate vs fixed 7.57% home equity loan? related questions

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Adjustable rate vs fixed 7.57% home equity loan?0Morgana2012-11-02 20:06:09
I have a fixed rate 64000 line of credit at 7.57%. With the resent rate decrease the adjustable rate I can transfer it to is at 5.8%. Tuesday they may lower it .5 - 1% more. Would it be worth transfering it to adjustable rate. I would save around 100 a month on interest that I would apply to the principle. Also how long will the lower rates remain and would they increase it slowely so a person would be able to relock in at a lower rate?
I currently have an adjustable rate mortgage loan and would like to set a fixed rate ?1Matt Borchelt2012-09-13 22:33:03
I heard on the news that we can ask our lender for a fixed fee . They also gave us a phone number to a place called , I spoke Foundation Unit owners , and they say they charge $ 2500.00 to help , they work with attorneys that help move the process faster. However, no guarantee of results . Can anyone give me any ideas or suggestions ?
Should I refinance at [email protected] (fixed rate). I am paying 6.5 now or should I take home equity loan at 5.25%?0Tillie2012-11-03 01:32:27
I owe approx 100k. I am not sure which way is better for tax.
Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans online?1Vision/ Help2012-10-13 18:03:03
Wheres a good place to get a fixed rate mortgage loans money online ?
Is it possible to consolidate a first mortgage and a home equity line of credit into one fixed rate loan?0sayra2012-10-07 22:33:07
Is it possible to consolidate a first mortgage and an equity line of credit into a fixed rate loan ?
Our home was over appraised by $30,000 4 years ago and now we are stuck with an adjustable rate. Went up $ 8001Aimme J. Keller2012-10-20 14:03:03
By the time we got the loan he needed money for a family emergency . Our credit was and is still very weak , but was able to get a fixed rate loan last month , but away from home valued at 130,000 four years ago is now valued at 105,000 . We spoke with the company HSBC mortgage and will not work with us . We will not be late until after May 15, but we do not have enough money to eat and pay other bills that our going to forget to pay higher MEXT months house payment and start foreclosure. I think we were stuck with a defective appraisel . Who do you turn to for justice . I think this might have been trapped in the lenders . Be the houseing market has had a fall but not by 25% . Thanks for your time .
Should I remortgage my home with the new Rate Cut? I currently have a fixed rate of 5% - Two part question!?0Kallie2012-11-01 20:10:16
Part 1 - With the new rate cuts I was wondering if I should remortgage my home loan. I currently have a 30 year fixed rate at 5%. I've been paying on the loan since the last quarter of 2003. My points are gone too. Part 2 - Between being house poor and paying for my own wedding I also have a home equity loan. That is also a fixed rate loan at about 8%. It's a 10 year loan that I've been paying on for a little over 3 years. If there is an article to link my to I'll take that also if I will save someone time typing :)
I have a 15yr fixed home equity loan in the amount of 50,000. I also have a car note for 27,000. ?3manuel2012-09-22 09:20:02
Both accounts are at 6.99% . I recently acquired 20,000 to put one of these accounts . My question is what account should I put money toward . He was leaning toward the car note so he could keep a cancellation later this year with the home equity loan . On the other hand , is paying the extra money is worth the interest write off at the end of the year . Very confused , Tom
If you get a loan to buy a home, and it has a 30 year fixed rate......?0Tariq2012-11-02 05:46:42
If you get a loan to buy a home, and it has a 30 year fixed rate, does this mean you are bound to the home until the loan is paid? or after eight years if you moved out of state, would you just still be paying off that loan? This all is very confusing to me, so if anyone could help that would be great.
Should I get a home equity loan at 7+% or keep moving credit bal. to new cards with 0% intro rates, 3%fixed?3kerstin =)2012-11-03 07:33:01
I have 20k in credit card debt , 8k is at 2.9% or 3.9 % until paid off ! The rest is at 0 % until April '08 . By then I will have more offers for new cards, with the balance. free transportation and often 18 months at 0% I could move forward the balance and do not worry , I've done this for years and does not seem to have enough credit score affected area. I know there are tax advantages for home equity loans , and I can be achieved easily, but it is worth paying a 7% +? Is there a mathematical calculation to figure this out ? Another factor :. I will probably sell the house within 10 years and pay everything off A full case of refinancing. does not look good , because my mortgage is at 5.38% , and probably would go for at least 6 %
Pay off credit card with fixed home equity draw?0Sanmjha2012-09-15 14:01:03
My 48 y / o sister asked me a question and I do not want to give bad advice . Here is the question and said financial information : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should pay your balance at 8.25 % (first for life ) credit card ( with a long history and excellent credit ) and put the balance towards your home equity loan ? Both have high GRAPHICS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It currently has a mortgage of $ 200K first fixed at 4.25 % until 5 / 09. They also have a fixed ( locked ) rate of 7.65 in its line of home equity within 10 years with a current balance of $ 50,000 ( $ 18K imported ) . Your house is worth between $ 550 580K . They only have a credit card to use , but is $ 12K ( essential for life ) , currently 8.25% , and for at least twice monthly payments in an attempt to settle . They would like to eliminate credit card debt , if you might be able to save more and not feel so stretched each month . In addition , a teenager now needs a car (more output) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Banker will lock addt'l draw and combine for 7.6 % . Annual Salary $ 90K . Advice?
Choosing Fixed Rate Home Loan in Malaysia?0carlos2012-08-08 10:30:44
Hey. I am Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur and planning to buy a new house for rent. But I'm still deciding on whether to choose Fixed Loan Rate Home Loan or Variable Rate Home . This is the first time buying a home and very uncertain about the interest rate in the future. I worry that if my repayment increases, so my income is not sufficient to cover my back . Therefore, I still doubt if the interest rate increase or decrease in the future. I need your opinion on the Malaysia Base Lending Rate ( BLR ) and the likelihood that they would behave in the future. Someone can advise me if I choose Fixed Loan Rate Home ? If possible, the financial institution can offer me the best loan fixed rate long-term Home in Malaysia? Thank you.

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