My car was involved in a Hit and Run?

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The car was abandoned by the driver and the police were able to contact the person. The actual damage happened in the middle of the night. The police were called and once the contacted the person he stated that he was not driving the car he had loaned it to someone. This someone finally contacted the police and stated she had been trying to avoid an animal and had hit my car. She did not report it because she was worried she had a warrant for her arrest. The insurance agency has been contacted. They have talked to me, sent a claims person to look at my car, but the response I get is we are still investigating the incident. They feel that the owner was not using his policy correctly. My question is that my problem? I was under the impression that the insurance goes with the vehicle. If they feel that the policy holder was not using good judgment in who was driving should they not still fix my car and seek restitution from the policy holder or the person who was actually driving the car?

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