Hi, i live in sac, cali how do i get a personal loan for 1,000 dollars w/ bad credit and i dont want a payday related questions

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Hi, i live in sac, cali how do i get a personal loan for 1,000 dollars w/ bad credit and i dont want a payday0Mally2012-11-02 07:09:54
My Question is How long Does BAD credit stay on your credit report? I live in Cali and heard it was 5?0Camilya2012-10-16 11:05:52
I was in a car accident and became disabled and lost everything . I was not able to pay any of my bills including hundreds of medical bills . It's been three years and finally no more am disabled , but my bills are such that there is no way I am going to pay them . So how long does bad credit stay on your credit report ? One of my good friends , which makes loans said 5 years and 7 years in california everywhere is that true?
I keep getting turned down for payday advance loans? it says i dont meet the criteria? they dont do credit che0flip2012-11-02 12:45:06
ecks so im wondering why i keep gettin turned down?
How do people who dont live with their parents, able to live while unemployed and looking for job?1Deacon2012-09-20 05:48:02
I have 28. I live with my parents . I did recently unemployed and have no income. I have saved $ 6,000 each month but have to pay car loans, student loans , rent , etc. . So if you do not find a job fast, then everything is going to chip away at my 6000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do you find a job quickly ? ? ? And many of the educated people in yahoo answers there are not willing to do low-paying jobs ... so it would be more difficult for you to find a job quickly. I'm fine making $ 10 / hr jobs, but I can not even find it in one day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The process of finding a job , even if you send resumes and call you back , usually takes at least 1 week or 2> If you call back . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how kids can survive despite no income or family support ?
I live in Florida, and i am trying to find a good car loan for myself. I dont have much established credit?1God 2012-09-18 17:58:03
but not bad either .. I want something that is a definite guarantee as to force wants to fill a lot of applications and get denied and the risk of hurting my credit card. Please help ***** 5 stars for best answer.
I have bad credit and need a loan bad where night I get one? I dont want any payday loans?0mathie2012-10-02 08:13:06
I have bad credit and need a loan bad night when I can get one ? I do not want any payday loan ?
Since payday advances are illegal in georgia where I live anyone know where I can get a loan until payday?2iya2012-11-05 03:44:02
I, m looking for a loan until my next payday problem is due to the downsizing of my job I have bad credit anyone know of a bad credit loan company in georgia .
Do you think someone can live off of 30,000 to 40,000 dollars a year?1 fish curry -2012-11-04 18:39:02
as taxes will be held to -lot MedlinePlus food, clothing, shelter rental MedlinePlus water -utilities , car insurance, health insurance MedlinePlus MedlinePlus saving money student loans - like most people who start working out of college earn 30-50 k per year , and wonder with all costs , how people live on that ?
I need a small loan for christmas 500-800 dollars but i dont want a pay day cash advance because ill get stuck?1GOGO2012-10-25 18:10:02
my credit is not so great , im only 18 i want something that I can make the monthly payments due
Is it possible to live off $1000 (Australian Dollars) a month?0Help immediately!!!!!2012-09-22 02:27:03
My partner and I bought a house . The loan repayments are just over $ 2,100 a month. So each of us pays about $ 1,000 per month . I can earn $ 3,100 per month and earn $ 3,600 a month. After my mortgage + expenses for my random keys + costs $ 1000 I guess I'll let Bill / Food & couple also have much on this ... Is it possible to live in this? ( without resorting to ketchup and rice every day ) . It is the first time living away from home ... We are a bit worried as there may be more committed .
I have a joint mortgage.can i get secure loan on it even if i dont live there?0Aerial2012-09-26 07:45:04
I have a set I get loan mortgage.can sure even if I do not live there?
Can a Payday Loan/Cash Advance company report you to the credit bureau if you dont repay?0B2012-09-05 03:29:04
I have a Payday Loan / Cash Advance that I pay now its on my credit report . First question is can you do that ? I recently received some papers in a mail stating that these companies are currently in a class action. 2nd question ... If the case goes in our favor .. I can get this taken from my credit report ?

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