My student loans are taking my federal taxes,can they take my state taxes too? related questions

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My student loans are taking my federal taxes,can they take my state taxes too?0conni2012-11-02 03:06:08
i called the phone number( 1-800-304-3107) to find out if my taxes were offset.They said that there was an offset of 982 dollars (which is my federal taxes). Can they also take my state taxes?
My wages are being garnished for student loans will they take both my federal and state taxes?0puru2012-11-03 05:05:43
If you are having your taxes taken due to defaulted student loans, do they take your state too? I got state.?1Renaldo Nguyen2012-10-23 07:14:03
I have my state taxes last week. IRS site says my federal be placed sixth . I set up to pay my loans and they accepted it and configured to take my debit card for the next 120 months. lol . So that means I will not have my tax offset? I have comformation the student loan company that had accepted my payment plan and configure debit card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Can a contractor pay their taxes online. Federal or the State of P.A?1vsu2012-08-31 20:29:02
Something like the way I can go online and pay my student loans .
How much can they ofset your federal taxes for student loans?0taize2012-10-26 11:39:25
How can OFSET your federal tax return for student loans ?
Do I have to pay taxes on a federal student loan?0nat2012-10-26 07:49:01
Do I have to pay taxes on a federal student loan ?
Didn't file taxes, above minimum to file but owed $0. Will this affect my app for federal student loans?0Jordynn2012-10-27 19:05:11
I was around $ 11 - 12k , about 75 % of practices , 25% of university employment . IRS to file the minimum was $ 5,350 , but when I calculated what I owed , I was at a level of taxes owed ‚Äč‚Äčnothing . I figured it was safe and did not ... until I complete the FAFSA a few weeks ago and gave me a wrong entry " will not submit " , and my income . So I changed my income to $ 0 and everything happened . Is this going to keep from getting federal Stafford loans ? Worse is that the IRS will come after me for ... zero dollars ? ( I guess that would come after late fees if anything . ) Or is it something that can go unnoticed ?
Does having a student/federal Loan affect my taxes in anyway?2Joanie2012-10-27 17:45:02
And if so how? It can also be written as a credit ? or what was that other word ? Need some information about taxes and student loans please. Thanks to all who respond .
Tax question regarding 1098-T and out of state taxes?1helpp me!2012-08-20 11:43:02
I am a full time student and have no job. I took an internship at the MA from my home state of Texas during the summer and won $ 5,500.00. Approximately 980.00 were taken in taxes. I also received a W2 for 372.00 for a work-study job I will briefly had , no taxes were taken out . In my form 1098- T is said to have charged $ 16,869.00 and has received fellowships and grants and loans totaling $ 26,577.00 . The problem is that the peak of AMT is for one semester and scholarships and grants and loans is for both fall and spring semesters . This makes it seem like you have an extra income and was excluded from the EITC and education were eligible for credits before my income has grown with my 1098 - t . Also .... it off and go through the process of filing taxes online that tells me you owe the state of MA $ 502.00 ! Before entering my 1098 - IT was nothing and was getting a significant tax . Is there anything I can do? I am a recent college graduate broke out of work and feel that my 2010 income is misrepresented.
NJ Tax Question. Do I pay taxes on earnings when I lived in another state?0Sergio2012-11-02 22:35:34
My MD tax form lets me deduct all earnings for after I moved to NJ. My NJ form seemingly asks for everything I made, then taxes me on everything -- even what I made in MD. They give a nice little percentage off, but it looks as if they want their greedy hands on earnings I've already been taxed on. Yes I filled out the Schedule A. Hell I can't even deduct my student loan interest payments. F them. The Feds and MD allow that, but Jersey won't. I'm leaving this poor excuse for a state asap.
Are student loans federal or do they go state by state?1Debbi2012-10-20 10:36:57
I always thought it was federal , who had gone to college online while living in Maryland a couple of years and then I had my daughter and have money tight, currently about $ 8,000 should have been gone to NY and I just filled state job application and wondered if I have outstanding student loans in the state of New York , so I want to know , is it going state by state ? If you have outstanding loans in any state I can get new ones in NY ? ( I'm not a dead beat , I pay my bills with the money I have in the priority they have, I have no intention of letting these unpaid so please no nasty comments )
They are taking my taxes for a school loan... How much can they take?0male-gina 2012-11-04 06:37:08
I live in the state of Ohio... I got my state taxes back and now I checked the status of my federal return, and this is what it says.... "Your refund may be reduced to pay a past due obligation such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax. If this applies to you, the Financial Management Service, who issues IRS refunds, will send you a notice informing you of any offset they have made. The details of the debt are not provided to the IRS. Please do not call us to inquire about the details because we will not be able to answer your questions. Instead, direct any questions you have about the offset or debt to the agency identified on the notice." I dont owe child support and I got my state taxes back... so it must be my school loan ( which yes, is defaulted ) :( Is there a low to how much they can take? Or are they going to take it all? Im so sad!!!!!!

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