U.S. is under Attack Right Now!?

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U.S. Citizens their country is under economic attack. Please copy the following letter and mail, fax, email your representatives and Congressman / woman.

Dear [Elected Official Journal],

I am deeply concerned that recent actions of the Federal Reserve to prop up insolvent banks holding mortgages and loans, is deliberately destroying the dollar and endangering the entire U.S. banking system .

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates several times over a period of high inflation, causing the dollar to fall by 5% in foreign exchange markets within weeks, raising import prices of oil and even more. Even worse is the one made in an attempt to save bank profitability from their mistakes therefore acts as a rescue while endangering our currency.

Moreover, the Fed has raised the regulations that limit the exposure of bank deposit into the arms of his bag. These standards were implemented after the Great Depression, when over-exposure of the banks of toxic assets from banks destroy the country.

The whole process is broken, ignored and gamed the short-term benefit of the profitability of banks. As elected public official, it is your job, your responsibility and within their power to curb the supervision and return to this extremely precarious.

Note that their lack of will, or even a weak response, such as implicit approval of the game and deliberately endanger our financial system. Moreover, if we suffer a large scale financial disaster, I'm going to mention my family and friends of voting age, that I have
incumbents contact, and therefore knew about the whole situation and did nothing to defend our financial system.

Thank you so for your time and consideration.

Answer1Stacy's Mom :Literally from the Song!Answered at 2012-08-14 03:51:02
U.S. has been under attack for years ... notihgn new , shocking , yes, but nothing new .
Answer2LexxiAnswered at 2012-08-19 19:08:26
Overly dramatic American .....
Answer3haheeAnswered at 2012-09-25 06:29:03
I bet that , and not even know it .
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