Mortgage Company Complaint?

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I live in Michigan, in today's date of 3/17/12 I was contacted by the mortgage lender (JP Chase) and had the most disgusting woman accuse me of being a liar, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Long story short, I was in a motorcycle accident, lost work, surgeries, became disabled, fell behind on my mortgage and exhausted all my resources. After two months after the short sale package will be sent to me and did not return calls when asked where is the package, which was then finally said I could download the package from thier site. MedlinePlus Submitted all documentation, allowed to list the property as a short sale with a local realtor, and now, when ever I realtor or had a question for Chase, no return our calls. The house was listed for 6 months, had a solid offer that Chase rejected after home appraisal. House Listing expired. MedlinePlus Then I went to try to get a loan modification and hinted that subscribers would probably not be able to help me and I should consider a deed in lieu or short sale continue. MedlinePlus So I relisted the house, contact Chase to ask what I had to do a deed in lieu, all they said was to present the request in writing, along with an agreement of sale with the new real estate office and someone will get in touch with me re-evaluate the MedlinePlus home. That will never happen ..... MedlinePlus Then ltter receive in the mail, by submitting to a person like me dedicated customer service. To my surprise, that person contacted me the next day, they told me then the next person would be a "negotiator" who would contact me. This person calls me and tells me you are sending me some forms overnight to get started writing instead, she gave me her direct line and extension if you have problems ...... this was yesterday, nothing happened, so I called her, left a voice message unanswered ....... then talk to another person called me today and told me that I have nothing on file for me, and the person I was talking not assigned my case .... ... WTH? MedlinePlus Where did all my information, well, they had to get to do the short sale, they released my information to the realtor, agreed to do a short sale, email me and contact me from the department in deeid place .... . what the hell is going on? MedlinePlus I'm trying to do this clean and easy without a lawyer, but who or where in Michigan I can call to complain ..... I feel like I want to run over me and not use other things as fact rather than solving this problem so we can go our separate ways.
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Overnight sent on a Friday, means it will arrive on Monday.
Chase is not paying extra for Saturday delivery.

Why are you trying to do these sort of business transactions on a Sat? Wait until Monday when your the "negotiator" is back in her office. If it is is midday Monday and your overnight package has still not arrived = call her.
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