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Anyone want to sponsor my writing?0sandip2012-08-13 21:19:03
I'm trying to write a novel , I want to do an MA in Literature and Writing line of Deakin University in Australia - but no money to spare this year. Anyone want to lend me a UKP10 , 000 so you can have most of next year out of full-time job to get on with things? I'll give it back
How to get rs 25000 from sponsor or companies bec of payment to Education online ? ? ? ?1Teresa Joseph2012-09-08 05:15:02
If you know that .. Hate Bank loan is for online education .. I have not enough money for online education in Beford University and also i hve no credit card so I 'm not interesting credit card while I will be too high to pay to the credit card . . I want to study a degree online education . I am Indian . Can you send me this? please help me
What are my rights when my sponsor (wife) abandoned me after 3 months of our arival in Canada?0Malise2012-09-26 21:28:05
My two sons and I arrived here last June 20, 2007 , after three months of shaky relationship , I learned that she is having relationship and I began my decision to stay away from it . Now she's going after me for child support , I know that law , but I will not give my wife cash, but I can give my children what they want for goods. She has created a great destruction in the peace of my mind . I have contract work in the construction sector and want to spend to stabilize myself for my future and my children . ? I can use it in your signed sponsorship contract ( March 10 years of support ) to counter legal purposes ? I want my kids back, but how? My kids are 10 and 8 and / or & should be treated well. Im making $ 18/hr . Given my apt . rent of $ 550 and $ 506 car loan , would it be enough to support my children and save for future home loans ? Im totally confused and need legal advice . Thank you and God bless.
How to get a car loan. I'm a student with F1 visa. I have good income from my scholarship sponsor.?1kariga2012-09-18 19:06:02
by the way , I have ITN . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help please
In 2005 I signed an affidavit of support I-134 to vow to sponsor my "now x-husband". The forms stipulates that?0erica p.2012-10-14 22:32:33
The form states that I will support it so it does not become a " public charge " .... (Ie , no food stamps, Medicaid , etc. . ) In the event that files bankruptcy unsecured debt (credit cards ) and leaves the country to its creditors are able to come after me by debt? Also, ( and I think I know the answer to this question ) if you have received student loans for the last year and moved back to Mexico , the government come after me for this debt as well ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He has been a resident since 2/2006 and divorced 12/2009 .
Are there any airlines who sponsor pilot training? Or who give sign on bonuses that I can put towards my loan0Zach2012-09-29 11:06:02
I've heard of easyJet , British airlines cathay sponsor help, but I do not qualify for easyjet ( and is still $ 60k ) , did not find any information on BA and Cathay is a jip . I've found a fast track program where I live commercial pilot and private part of all totaling $ 69,990 in 5-6 months ( ATP ) . Is there a better deal out there ? Or something for the same cost that includes a title ? Spring, TX
Does anybody know how to find a private loan or sponsor for my small business (studio-bakery like Ace of cakes1baasima2012-10-07 07:17:01
We are currently looking for a private loan or a sponsor who can help us open this workshop - bakery . The business model is Charm City Cakes ( TV Show . : " Ace of Cakes" ) and open it up here on the west coast of Los Angeles , where there is one that does the chef Duff in Baltimore , .. We have an impressive portfolio and a website where you can see our cakes ENDS . Please advise if you can
Writing off a car that I'm about to buy.?0geeh mommah2012-09-15 21:44:04
I'm about to buy a car that has had its MOT and taxed on the rest of the year . I have not passed my driving test yet, but take it in August. I can afford to buy the same car and apply taxes for the following year , however I can not afford to fully secure until my student loan shows in September. Do I have the right to cancel the car ( I is not going to lead to mid-September , regardless ) until you can afford the insurance or will I have to pay the insurance right away?
Writing Bad Checks???2latecia2012-09-23 13:04:03
I had gone to a cash loan to help myself get ahead and pay the rent on time and had a good hold with the company . Unfortunately, I was fired from my job and my bank account is discovered . I thought my unemployment would come through me , but taking longer than expected . So I have this loan out $ 87 and I worry that you may have trouble writing a bad check . It says in the agreement that I can not be prosecuted in criminal court , so I'm not sure what this means . I have every intention of paying the loan , I'm just absolutely broke . = (What am I looking at?
Article Writing, 7Contentwriting2022-06-06 07:23:39
Hey guys, this is Alex, a professional in Journalism. I have been seeing many emerging writers facing writers’ block while completing their article. That’s why I have been helping them in Article writing flawlessly. If your article needs research or polishing and belongs to areas related to fashion, lifestyle or Hollywood, I will be happy to help in getting it done.  
Need help writing a business plan!?1bandit55712012-08-08 17:22:03
My name is Stephanie I graduated with my degree a year earlier in Fashion Merchandising / Marketing . I'm thinking of opening a business in 2012 and I need help writing my plan step by step. Where I can get government help in Chicago? I have write down all my ideas on paper. Now I have to be structured so you can get a loan. In particular it will be a little gem of a boutique business sole proprietor . I need a mentor , a teacher, someone with experience to help me ! Any suggestions , anyone useful resource ! ! :)
I am writing a thank you could you make sure it is correct?1maryfae2012-11-01 20:48:02
Thanks for coming to Scripps Ranch High School on Friday, April 18, 2008 . I learned a lot about cars and car loans . Although Don

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