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Defaulted on Private Student Loans?12much2012-10-24 22:10:03
Hi , I have two private student loans that are in default right now. She said a representative who had loans went into default several months before they actually had gone into default and when I ask the lender to lift that phone conversation saying he could not find , and there is no could change the default state. The loan amount is $ 11,000 every time I call they tell me they have to make payments of about $ 500, which I have not so I went online today and make payment for what they could afford . Something is better than nothing and I have the intention of making payments jeep whenever I can . I have not a job that I go to school full time, and I can not borrow money from someone like the representative asks me too, so I think it's okay to pay anything on the loan each month rather than nothing ? thanks
Defaulted private student loans?0crhis2012-10-26 12:25:31
My question is, what I can do to solve my problem of getting my private student loan default. We went to a collection agency . Realisticly I can afford, but would do years to do . I do not make much money and the money I can make just to pay my bills . So if anyone can give some advice on what to do .
What is the worst the can happen with defaulted private student loans?1kelie2012-08-20 15:46:03
There is federal. indeed I have no plans to buy a car , no house, in my life. I have no plans to have a sense of family I'm gay and I hate mowing the lawn, many members of my family have homes . I do not mind being alone , I will not be hungry or homeless.
Are defaulted private student loans sold back to the government?4COFFEE2017-09-15 17:45:20
A friend told me that they stopped paying their private loans and the government paid , not by making them private and easier to consolidate. Is that true ?
If I file bankruptcy and have defaulted student loans on my credit, will the defaulted loan stay on there?2SparklyOne2012-11-04 09:06:02
I know nonperforming loans can affect your credit for longer than bankruptcy. If I can not get my loans discharged in bankruptcy default continues to appear on my credit card or I can consolidate or something? I do not want to have a bankruptcy and defaulted loans soup on my credit card for the next 15 years.
I have a private student loan taken out from a bank (T.E.R.I) loan and I defaulted on 2 of the loans?0Stressed 5th grader2012-09-25 03:24:03
Now , a collection agency called me at work and sending letters threatening to take me mw courts . I spoke to a representative and asked rehabilitation loan and was told that he could not, he gave me three options to pay in full, pay $ 4,200 to secure the loan , then I can program how ever much you want to pay for the loan , or simply be taken to court . In any case , I can not do either , I offered to pay 200 a month and I refused saying I can pay $ 4,200 up front and then pay $ 200 a month . I have no $ 4200 and asked if I could make payments to her and she said no . What are my options I would really like to rehabilitate the loan and pay the same amount for several months . I also explained to her that I was back in school as well and she was not trying to hear that. I explained that I work part time and the co- signer does not work . She proceeded to ask me what I do at work told me his paperwork and she said oh . What I can do to fix this problem , I have to contact the bank gave me a loan and see if I can go through a rehabilitation program . Also, the bank no longer provides the loan or student loans teri now . Please help me stressing out? (I have no ownership )
I need some help please!! What to do about a defaulted Private Student Loan?0need a serious and urgent help with this2012-10-01 20:30:04
Is it possible to make private student loan has gone into default now ? MedlinePlus My husband just enlisted in the Army National Guard and has to get its current private student loan defaulters before the deadline (three months from now ) for the Loan Repayment Program Student . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The lending company is not working with us and just talk to him on the phone , bullying him in the process . They want us to sign a document agreeing to terms that are not established . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Others help financial firms not to touch because it is a private student loan is defaulted . The federal student loan company that has committed another loan to consolidate , but the private loan company has refused to work with them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any advice or maybe some information about someone who can help us ? What are our options ? We need a way to make the loan current default !
Defaulted Private Student loan?0sharrod2012-08-07 03:42:03
Dwelling in a private student loan in 2006 ..... Now I get this removed from my credit report and am about to contact the company I owe it to find a payment plan ..... question is , how long will it stay on my credit report?
How can I find out if I defaulted on a private student loan?0Bethshaya2012-10-26 09:15:07
I was behind three payments on my student loans chase. I tried to request forbearance with them , but they said I should have been paying on the loan for at least a year to be granted leniency . So all I could do not to make payments because they had money and they were not willing to give me some kind indulgence or extension for 4 months . I know I should have made my payments on time , but I could not because I was unemployed as 8-9 months . I had to stop looking for a job b / c my dad got sick and had to stay at home and look after him for a couple of months . I recently got a job and was able to pay the arrears and now I am aware of my loans . I asked this question before and all that was getting were from people who advertise a lender in order for me to get a loan . I'm not looking for a loan , I'm a day in the mines . I just want to see if at some point during the time that I had been paid in arrears . I feel bad because my mom is my co -signer and I think that affected their credit, they had a very good credit . Besides , she does not know who fell behind 3 payments and that makes me feel worse .
Defaulted, Written Off Private Student Loan?0Uzair Amin2012-10-27 09:20:05
I have two loans with Key Bank . Was missed while I was in school and they do not fix it even though they know they made ​​a mistake. Key Bank lending has also written . What other options do I have to pay the loan in full right now? Do I even have to pay , as they have been written off ? Thanks ,
Can they garnish my social security if I defaulted on a private student loan?1Deborah2012-10-27 06:43:02
Can they garnish my social security if paying a private student loan ?
I want to consolidate my defaulted school loans and defaulted credit card.?1ko2012-08-27 04:40:02
I have student loans in June for about $ 6500 and a loan of $ 1,500 credit card that I would consolidate all together if possible. Can anyone recommend a good consolidation loan that could help me ? I'm trying to catch up and get my finances in order.

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