Is student federal aids good or bad? related questions

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Is student federal aids good or bad?0Jack2012-10-26 07:59:52
I know that the acceptance of loans is bad because you have to pay , but also has to repay Federal Student AIDS as those offered by the FAFSA ?
IS Citi bank Federal Student Loan a good one?0amie2012-08-07 08:03:02
They have the same reduction to 0.25 % if you automatically refund the original 1% 1% default rate . So what else is the advantage with Citi bank you know? I appreciate your answers. Please NO ADS
My credit score is not as good as it should be due to federal student loans. Help?0Wil2012-08-23 13:24:22
I did not even begin to pay for them until July. But since I have to break it by year 6. So even my credit cards ( not requested new ones, and do not use them ) and car loans (about to pay off ) and not be late for anything ever! I have these 6 additional accounts . I want to apply for a mortgage and have my down payment plus some. Not supposed to consolidate federal loans since the interest rate is so good , but if I do will be to consolidate these 6 accounts just become one ? I heard the July 1 interest will fall much can be a good time to consolidate .
Would it be good to get federal student loans to make a down payment for a car, and to help pay it off faster?0Alive Again! 2012-10-16 00:22:27
Would it be nice to get federal student loans to make a down payment on a car , and to help pay off faster?
Do I need a good credit history or a co-signer to take out federal student loans?1The Unpredictable 2012-10-25 05:32:02
I will use federal student loans (like the Stafford loan ) that receive subsidies to help them survive through school because they can not work for fear of making too much income (me and my father combined ) to keep my EFC of $ 0, 00 ( which is already in line cuz I moved in with my other parent who makes more money than the other) so I can not work until the last year of law school when I considered an indpendent . I like to work and study , but the school told me they are very full . My question is , do I need a good credit or a co -signer to get the loan . And , since I'm going to attend law school after my undergraduate studies , I can ? Further re- defer payment until after law school ? MedlinePlus PS I am worried about this because both my parents have the worst credit you've ever seen and I have no credit .
Is Wells Fargo a good place to get a Federal Stafford student loan from??...?3Keanu2012-09-17 12:48:03
I'm working on finding a student loan for school. ive been qualified for the federal Stafford loan . Does anyone know if Wells Fargo also offers the option of payment in which u do not have to pay anything until six months after you graduate ? please helppp :)
Is a federal credit union a good choice to consolidate your student loans with?0 〃 Shang . ● 2012-08-22 08:33:03
It is a federal credit union a good option to consolidate your student loans ?
Does anyone know where I can find good detailed information on federal student loan forgiveness?0Memorie2012-10-26 18:18:17
Does anyone know where I can find good information about the federal student loan forgiveness ?
Would it be a good idea to consolidate my bank of america student loan to my federal student loan?1Labz2012-08-08 00:08:45
Do you still have fixed rate ? I would like a lump sum, but his being the consequences of this?
How long do hearing aids last?22022-06-06 07:59:10
How long do hearing aids last? 
What are available financial aids for University of California Irvine?0doo2012-09-10 10:17:02
I really do not know how to express my question because I have been living in the Philippines for two months after birth . I was born in the United States , so I have a U.S. passport and dual citizenship ( American and Filipino ) . Recently took a vacation there in America and I liked the lifestyle is not much better . I have an aunt who lives in Anaheim and his house is only 10 minutes drive from the UCI . I'm told that Aunt because my American citizenship , can have a loan plan or something. I really do not understand . I have 15 years and I am a sophomore in high school . I have graduated in March 2011 . My mom told me to start looking for financial aid or scholarships . Here in the Philippines , who are currently studying at De La Salle Zobel School ( if you know this, you can search your Wikipedia page or go to < / a> ) . I currently get a line of 90 degrees (highest possible would be 100) . More specifically , my grades range from 90 to 94 , which is A-. Sometimes I get 88 or 89.
Do you have to pay back federal subsidized stafford or federal unsubsidized staffard student loans?0Channel2012-10-26 09:58:51
Do you have to pay federal Stafford subsidized or unsubsidized federal student loans staffard ?

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