Do Libertarians believe in Federal Pell Grant and Student Loan funding for financially needy college students? related questions

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Do Libertarians believe in Federal Pell Grant and Student Loan funding for financially needy college students?0Jasmn Theman2012-10-26 06:45:54
'I'm Libertarian . MedlinePlus - In college MedlinePlus 3.7 high school GPA . No scholarship unfortunately. MedlinePlus -Parents have not so good credit . I have no credit private loans are not really an option. MedlinePlus - While I'm working to pay for college , still would not have enough if not for the Pell Grant and federal student loans .
Is anybody aware of any student loan or grant programs other than the Federal and Pell ?0Alcott2012-11-04 11:40:20
I qualified for the federal and pell which covered most of my tuition but I am enrolled full time and that being said I can't work and keep up with my classes, so I am looking for a way to scrape by until I graduate . Due to my divorce I have horrible credit so that's a big issue for me as well. Any help or links would be very much appreciated thanks everyone who gives back helpful feedback:)
Can I apply for a student loan even if my tuition has been paid off by a Federal Pell grant?0malik jackson2012-09-11 16:57:04
I want to go to the office of my FAA and talk to a counselor about how to get a loan of $ 3000 for a car . I am grateful that my fall and spring semester 2011 has been fully paid by a scholarship but I really need a car to go to school ! I have ways of getting there , but not very practical. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Spammers please stay away!
I'm getting a pell grant for college, but I also want to take out a student loan?0Naomi-Eliana2012-11-06 05:03:59
I'm considering doing this because I need to get settled in financially. I don't want to be worried about living expenses while going to school. I am also very committed to finishing school so that won't be a problem. I'm thinking the most I'll want is anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000. My Pell Grant is basically covering my entire school year since I'm in community college and it's not very expensive, but I am uncertain if the student loan will goo directly to my checking account or how does that work? I would like to use the money on whatever I like, is that possible?
Will having poor credit and a bad history with student loans preclude me from getting a federal Pell grant?0Samaira Singh2012-09-22 10:34:02
Does having bad credit and a bad history with student loans preclude me from obtaining a federal Pell Grant ?
What is the maximum pell grant and federal student loans a person can get in one year as a freshman?0Kegan2012-10-25 22:31:49
What is the maximum Pell Grant and federal student loans that a person can get in a year as a freshman ?
How do I find grant information for single parents that is NOT a federal pell grant?0LC2012-10-03 03:58:36
I'm a single mom and I have currenlty eligible for financial aid / scholarships Pell . I consolidated all my student loans for several years and they have almost paid off , or so I thought . I received a letter in the mail saying they had a Federal Perkins Loan that was breached . I went crazy trying to dig up all the information about my loans . Turns out that loan was not included when my loans were consolidated . What bothers me is that the university has supported my loan had my address and number of years , and send me away all the time to donate to the school . So why have not sent me anything ? This is the point . My loans were in good condition and now I have one in default.This makes me eligible for financial aid and the Pell grant . I attend classes again in the fall . I waited almost 6 years back because my son is starting kindergarten. I guess what I really need to know is there are (and I mean all websites fake money offereing and only takes the Univeristy of Pheonix Online ) donations from private organizations available ? So many of them do not give to individuals. Any information is appreciated.
Can I get a pell grant and additional student loans for online college?0najebe2012-08-28 07:58:03
I'm trying to decide whether to do the online college or if I should attend a traditional college ? The main consideration would be loans . Would I be able to get a pell grant online college student loans and then get additional help with expenses ?
Are Federal Pell Grants available to grad students?0YOHAN2012-10-26 16:42:55
My friend says that you can not afford it, but I thought it would still be able to get the right loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * I do not know how you can afford .. Tuition is $ 8k/year and has a trust fund .
Questions about the FAFSA and the Federal Pell Grant please help?0Tyshera2012-10-26 13:02:33
I'm attending community college in the winter and I just received an email that had the results of my FAFSA . Said my EFC is 00000 - what is this ? He said it might be possible for me to receive a Federal Pell Grant and other student loans . How I can apply for them ?
Is it possible to get denied for a Federal Stafford Loan if you have debt, but received a Pell Grant?0Melanie2012-10-26 14:32:42
I attend my first year at community college , and I am enrolled as a full-time student . I consider myself an independent , and I'm single and I have a son . So of course , I was approved for financial aid. I just received my Pell Grant - and covers my studies and textbooks. But a few days ago I applied for a Federal Stafford Loan through Wachovia Bank, to cover " living expenses " while I'm at school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I owe Bank of America $ 269 to overdraw my checking account, but I have installed that I will pay the 14 August 2009 ( when I get my paycheck ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Could it be denied by the Federal Stafford Loan debt because I have a bank , even though I considered in financial need ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus or may be denied because my tuition and books are already covered by the Pell Grant ?
How will a PELL Grant, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Loan affect my refund for 2009 and 2010?0m-cook2012-08-20 04:43:03
I started taking online classes from late November 2009 and was awarded the full Pell Grant ( about 5300 ) and a Federal Loan Staffor both sub . and des . A total of about 9,500 . I'm pretty low income ( less than 12,000 a year ) and I was wondering how it will affect my refund this year and in 2010 . I have been receiving a large refund in the past two years since my daughter .

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