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How important does the business plan to lenders?2Kelsi2012-08-14 03:39:04
I want $ 20,000 loan business to expand my small business . I've never taken serious to write a business plan for my business , and I like to play the words or numbers, but my business has some benefit. I can get a loan if I have a qualified business plan ? Please help .
REALLY IMPORTANT , business bank loan?0zain2012-11-05 08:17:02
I have obtained an agreement with the bank manager for a bank loan without collateral as he liked the business idea . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The issue is that I am only 17 and would have to sign some documents at the next meeting ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is that legal? MedlinePlus Do I need a co -signer MedlinePlus ? What else do I have to look ?
What is the most important factor in getting a business loan?3Whitney2012-10-24 17:34:03
I'm in the process of writing my business plan for a new company , of course they have very little capital and am considering a business loan . What would you say is the most important factor for a small business loan of say $ 15,000. I have no prior financial statements of the company , and I will be putting in $ 2500 of my own money .
What is the most important factor in a loan for a small business?0Mounika2012-08-06 06:54:47
What is the most important factor for a loan for a small business ?
I want to do an small business plan on an small retail store, i need an sample of an retail business plan.?0Carla2012-10-10 06:54:07
I also need a pre approved loan bid of $ 5, ooo to start mine activity .
Are Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business Credit important to your business credit profile?0armani2012-09-29 10:16:03
D & B ( Dun & Bradstreet ) has become a much talked about report credit institution . But his antics are controversial , and it has been argued that often have a reputation for small business credit hostage for fees . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Experian Credit business is now on the scene and it is actually a credit reporting agency fully regulated , unlike D & B. The difficulty is finding a lender that reports to Experian business credit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My answer to this problem is the standard deposit lending offered creditloader dot com . Please review and let me know your feedback .
10pts first to answer: Loans from banks are the most important external source of funds to business?2Varsha2018-07-28 02:39:35
because most companies are too small to borrow in financial markets by issuing shares or bonds . Most investors are reluctant to buy the stocks or bonds of small businesses due to the difficulty of obtaining accurate information on the financial strength and profitability of the company . However, the news about the stock market is included in almost all news programs on the network and is often the lead story in the business section of most newspapers. Is there a contradiction here ? 10 points best answer
Can people with little income and a good business plan get a business loan from the bank?0Franny2012-10-19 05:10:18
I have a personal income very limited and can not climb much captial for my business plan for others and myself . I want to know if it is really possible for someone with a well-designed plan for a small business loan from a financial institution ? I'm sure it's possible, but actually a decent chance ?
Have a great business plan but dont hold the qualifications to actually RUN the business??!! suggestions?0berriengk2012-08-30 17:49:04
Hello ! I would start a consortium (off - site daycare that several companies contribute to help with child care for their employees ) .... I have a great plan and location in mind . Although I have little experience in child care , they do not have the skills to actually run the center . What are my options ? Should I see a lawyer ? Will I hire someone serves it to work? What would be fair compensation for them ? Please let me know if you know where to look for small business loans , as well ! Thanks so much!
I need a small business loan. Anybody know of a website that shows you how to write a business plan?0mrs johnson2012-10-15 11:22:55
I need a small business loan . Does anyone know of a website that shows how to write a business plan ?
I need a small business loan. Anybody know of a website that shows you how to write a business plan?3Latishia Holder2012-09-05 21:42:05
I need a small business loan . Does anyone know of a website that shows how to write a business plan ?
Can small business investment loans be solely based on the business plan rather than my poor credit?0jerae2012-09-22 18:02:02
Im a frustrated engineer looking for a way out by going into business . Im looking to get a small business loan for a business idea I have.

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