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Help with Ratio analysis 10 points best answer please?0Yellow Bird2012-08-13 17:58:36
Alamo Incorporated has a credit line from Bank of the National Down South is scheduled to be renewed on February 1 . Balance below Alamo Rent Incorporated ear Statement December 31 Income: Sales $ 60,000 Further 4,500 Total revenues 64,500 Expenses: Cost of sales 40.500 Selling and administrative 11.625 Depreciation and amortization 1.875 Interest expense 1,500 Total expenses 55,500 Income before taxes 9,000 Income taxes 3,600 Net income 5,400 Less: dividends of C / S ( $ 3.86 per share ) 2550 Net income added to R / E 2850 Retained earnings at beginning of year 8550 Retained earnings, end of year $ 11,400 Earnings per share $ 8.18 Alamo IncorporatedBalance SheetAs December 31 (thousands This year last year assets Current assets : Cash and marketable securities $ 1,950 $ 1,575 Accounts receivable , net 3,600 3,750 Inventories 4875 4650 Prepaid items 375 225 Total current assets 10,800 10,200 Non-current assets : Investments at a cost 7950 7950 Deposits 750 600 Property, plant and equipment 21.000 19.500 Total assets $ 40,500 $ 38,250 Liabilities and Shareholders
10 points for best answer?? serious one's only?0Sar2012-11-05 04:17:03
Me and my husband want to apply for a loan from the bank to buy a house, my husband has a good credit score problem is i don't have a good score and am a stay at home mom right now..My husband makes great money enough for us to handle morgage and more could he ask for the bank loan only in his name or do i have to apply with him? would they check my credit score which isn't too good?
Accountants i need your help. 10 points for best answer?1Her2012-10-02 13:42:03
selma store operates a supply contractor . it maintains its books using the cash method . at the end of the year , your accountant calculates its accrual basis income used in your tax return . by 2010 , Selma had charges of $ 1.5 million , which included $ 200,000 collected on accounts receivable from 2009 for sale. also includes the proceeds of a bank loan of 100,000. in late 2010 , had $ 400,000 in accounts receivable , all sales of 2010. MedlinePlus Gross revenue accrual basis A. selma calculation for 2010? b.Selma paid cash for all purchases , the total amount paid for goods in 2010 was 1.2 million. in late 2009 , has merchandise on hand at a cost of $ 100,000 . in late 2010 , the cost of goods on hand was $ 300,000. calculate the gross sales of merchandise Selma in 2010 .
Please Can Someone Answer This Question - 10 POINTS?2John Q2018-07-28 02:39:24
Suppose you live in a society where people never withdraw money from their banks . In this case , the amount of money the banking system could create ( make known in form of loans ) . What may limit the creation of deposit in this case ?
Should I move overseas 10 points for best answer?09 year old needs math help2012-08-25 12:47:05
Moving country for school / partner (This is a long question - but a decent read if for it) MedlinePlus? First, know that ultimately this is my decision, but I've been trying to get a range of objective opinions from people about what they would do if in my situation. MedlinePlus (I apologize for the length, but if you are looking for a legitimate question, and one that is important enough probably) MedlinePlus (Background) MedlinePlus My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 18 months, however, is not what one would call a normal relationship. we met while backpacking through Europe - that is from Australia and I'm from Canada. He had left Australia six months before hand and had been traveling the South East Asia, is now making its way through Western / Eastern Europe and down into Africa. We were both alone and as we fell backpacker - decided to travel together. Unlike him, I was just in Europe for three weeks short shopping / Caravan watching trip and was halfway through it. To cut a long story short, he convinced me to miss my flight home and see him traveling through Europe. After a month of traveling we consider a pair (bearing in mind that while traveling together are with each other 24/7 - so you're not months on average). We traveled Europe together for about 3 months, but then I started to run out of money, and had not planned a long trip. He was not ready to end the relationship and so decided instead to go to Africa was coming to Canada. However, he did not come up to 2.5 months after me. This was not ideal however, showed that we could spend time away from each other without our suffering relationship. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My partner and I live together in Canada for six months during which he has received a working holiday visa and worked on the ski hills. We have grown much closer in time and became very aware that he would soon have to return to Australia for school. I had been to Australia on a previous trip and I love the country (he had previously spoken of wanting to live there one day). So I decided to ask several schools of Australia. Again, not to make a long story short I was accepted and my partner and I traveled to Australia together. There was still another 2 months before school started and although it had been accepted, I had not yet received a government loan of my tuition fees. We continue to grow closer, however, my loan application was lost several times and severely retarded. Ironically I was awarded a student loan the day after the deadline for submission of Universities finances. So I had to come back to Canada - without my partner. Following law school in Australia from now. We've been apart for four months, before letting my placement next term deferred University and my partner booked a trip to Canada for X-mas parties. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (Question) MedlinePlus If I decide to return to Australia and start school there is not going to be easy. I will live away from everyone I know and my family. My parents / friends will probably be able to fly once or twice over the five years of study and that probably will not have the funding to fly home. While they provide a loan for the cost of schooling for my course in Australia - as a foreign student is $ 80, 000 (for the entire course). I'm also going to have to work while going to school to earn a living. Having said that my partner owns a square and while I can not stay its free (as it has corporate rates / etc and is also student) has definitely done a very affordable accommodations for me. My parents also help me in this regard - if only to a limited degree MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I have two main concerns: 1. If I go to school in Australia I will leave with $ 80, 000 debt to be paid within a specified period. MedlinePlus 2. While my partner and I love each other, none of us are naive, relationships end every day. If I had to move to Australia and we parted, he did not throw me out into the street but in the end would have to move and this would make it more difficult financial problems. While it would still be able to cope and if necessary move back to Canada - I can not say I do not regret the experience (especially considering the financial burden). Also note my partner role in all this, and he feels compelled to stay with me in our situation, it would not be fair that began to feel I wanted to move on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So ultimately, I'm not looking for people telling me that I should talk with my partner, or that we should consider the possibilities of what can happen - we've done it countless times MedlinePlus. I wonder - because now you have an overview of our history and of the burdens and benefits faced moving - what would you do?
Need help with math questions best answer 10 points:)?10Sherif2022-07-15 00:39:54
1. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a credit card? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus They are accepted at most businesses, with an ID. MedlinePlus It is very easy to charge more than what you can afford each month. MedlinePlus They can be used for online purchases. MedlinePlus You can reduce the amount of money that should go in a trip. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. The financial burden (Score: 2) MedlinePlus The outstanding balance of the previous month. MedlinePlus The new balance of this month. MedlinePlus The amount of interest paid on the unpaid balance. MedlinePlus The minimum amount paid on the balance. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. April means (Score: 2) MedlinePlus Annual Percentage Rate MedlinePlus Actual Percent Retail MedlinePlus Annual Income Part MedlinePlus Approximate nominal portion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. The percentage charged each month in purchases charged to the credit card account is called (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus periodic rate MedlinePlus new balance MedlinePlus unpaid balance MedlinePlus minimum payment MedlinePlus 5. Elias Statement credit cards showed the following elements: Payments Balance Last Finance Rate MedlinePlus new charges MedlinePlus $ 152.58 $ 45.00 $ 213.40 1.5% MedlinePlus What is the new balance of Elijah? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 320.98 MedlinePlus $ 323.27 MedlinePlus $ 397.51 MedlinePlus $ 322.59 MedlinePlus 6. Frank bank charges a variable rate financing 1.5 percent on purchases up to $ 100, and one percent of purchases over $ 100. If your unpaid balance is $ 354.15 this month, what is the finance charge? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 5.31 MedlinePlus $ 4.04 MedlinePlus $ 3.54 MedlinePlus $ 2.96 MedlinePlus 7. New Brandi balance in your tax credit is $ 256.38. How much is your minimum payment if you should be 15 percent of the balance? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 45.54 MedlinePlus $ 25.00 MedlinePlus $ 38.46 MedlinePlus $ 34.55 MedlinePlus 8. Tim credit card has a restriction that must pay 15 percent of the outstanding balance or $ 25, whichever is greater. What will you pay if you have an outstanding balance of $ 216? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus 15% MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 25 MedlinePlus 9. Which of the following is an advantage of using credit cards? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus Credit card bills monthly interest charge. MedlinePlus It is very easy to charge more than what you can afford each month. MedlinePlus If you pay late, you will be charged a late fee. MedlinePlus They are convenient. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 10. The amount left when you subtract the payment of the last month of last month's balance on a statement of the credit card is (Score: 2) MedlinePlus April MedlinePlus outstanding balance. MedlinePlus new equilibrium. MedlinePlus minimum payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 11. Use this information for questions 11-13. MedlinePlus In the statement of Holly credit card, your latest balance was $ 102.57. She made a payment of $ 20, had new charges totaling $ 32.11, and pays a periodic rate of 1.23 percent. What is your unpaid balance? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 82.57 MedlinePlus $ 114.68 MedlinePlus $ 102.57 MedlinePlus $ 122.57 MedlinePlus 12. What was responsible for finance Holly? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 1.10 $ 1.02 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 1.26 MedlinePlus $ 1.41 MedlinePlus 13. What is the new balance of Holly? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 102.67 MedlinePlus $ 122.67 MedlinePlus $ 115.70 MedlinePlus $ 92.67 MedlinePlus 14. Diego borrowed $ 915 for nine months with monthly payments of $ 108.00. What is the total amount of payments? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 1,023 MedlinePlus $ 915 MedlinePlus $ 1,002 MedlinePlus $ 972 MedlinePlus 15. Nasir borrowed $ 420 for six months with monthly payments of $ 77. How much will pay interest on the loan? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 42 MedlinePlus $ 77 MedlinePlus $ 57 $ 52 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 16. Casey borrowed $ 814 for the nine months, with monthly payments of $ 105.50. What will you pay in interest? (Points: 2) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 103.16 MedlinePlus $ 105.80 MedlinePlus $ 135.50 $ 122.40
Dealing with interest best answer gets 10 points!!1?0Tebbie2012-08-15 13:19:03
Lupe made ​​a payment of $ 2,000 for buying a new car. To pay the balance of the purchase price , which has obtained a loan from your bank at a rate of / 13 % per annum compounded monthly. Under the terms of its financing agreement that is required to make payments of $ 210/month for 48 months. What is the cash price of the car? ( Round your answer to the nearest cent . )
Question for liberals! Best answer gets 10 points!?1Adelaide2012-11-02 18:57:02
If you are an executive of a major bank and the government . force you to lend to families who have very little chance of paying , what would you do to not only offer these loans therefore not angering the government . , But also reduce their tax risk ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here are some options , but are encouraged to provide their own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A face to face with the government , refuse to cooperate , even the government. can force out of your business . MedlinePlus B , I will gladly take this responsibility , and take this responsibility by itself , so it should come the day when families would not be able to pay , you just go broke and living Jesus final financial sacrifice . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C , agree with the governor , taking the risk , but do gov. workers use the taxpayers money to bail if the debt hits the fan , let the gov. sign the pact with the devil , the devil is your bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus D , spread risk
While working a few months ago, a guy who was acting as a sub / co-worker was meant to be supervised by me but others in my team. There was no reason to make friends, just ask my questions again what to do, how to help, the skills needed to work, so far as he knew, he was almost single-handedly most of my instruction. What I did though was one night, passing by him and some friends (I was with a friend), I smiled and said hello. Just for being decent and kept walking. Very soon, the next day, started a conversation with me and asked me many things about myself. It seemed a bit strange, because usually, no subs (and esp. The type of person who is maintaining a low profile type) gets to talk well. To cut things short, the talks went into prolonged conversations out, flirting, laughing, etc. I even heard a guy who works with me, asked if I still liked (after 2 weeks) and he smiled and said yes. This man was really reflecting my actions and it is very obvious. But we also knew that the country was going in a few months. He left my computer on schedule to join another, but we kept in touch. I sent a message maybe once / twice, for what he did. He had opened a lot to me when we were talking and I thought, maybe maybeee ........ MedlinePlus Anyway, during the last days I was there, asked me to come hang out. I was working that night so I did not say I would not do it or I would, just to encourage the band that was playing that night (I knew I was playing). He did not ask to meet another time and then the next day I saw him and I said it was not. So nothing came of that. I had lent something to him and on Friday, it happened to someone I knew and ran to the rear of the train to its base (3 hours away). He told me to take care of me and if I'm in the area, give him a shout. MedlinePlus Then he asked me to hang out, I thought it was very strange / unusual because we never hung after-hours had a bit of a professional relationship, but easier to use than professional. So, here it was buttered and stirred and then wrote a few days later he asked if there would be more relaxed, because we never did. I guess I was being nice? I really do not know, but it was his response: Oh, as I found an interesting person I'd like to know? Then he told me that there were many people in the office there, few who knew what I asked. (We thought it was strange because at that time he had been before, so why do you ask me now, too, his guyfriends were with him, well, would people around!) Anyway, that conversation turned out to be coffee arranged the following week, if it was free. I was coming to the area for my own stuff, agreed. We did not know organized an hour or so on, I wondered why he did not call on Friday or SAT. Later he texted tha Sat and he told me some bad news - a parent diagnosed with terminal cancer close so it was the next morning. He had suspected something like that in the past two weeks while working on the other computer. So he left, I kept in touch with him on a website and the first week I wrote a few lines, but said nothing for two weeks. I had seen him go online, but the figure, which was the time on their mobiles. I had other things to do outside the home and then fly back to see his father when he was free. Eventually, I wrote a long letter explaining what had happened and we corresponded alittle more often. So I said nothing for a few days and then spoke again. We would like also some internet conversations that lasted hours. Then he returned to his base at home away from home. We were talking, and I asked if we could meet. He said sure, but the weekend was coming, he was out of town again. He went back and talked (but again, I would be the beginning of a conversation), but never had a way to reach me and he is also doing his final year college exams. This was 4 months from the first time we talked in person. So that bothered me a bit because I thought from the way this guy's talking to me, sharing with me both on itself, in addition to me, making me feel that I am special to him, I wondered why I was not making attempts meet me again why I would ask her out about 4/5 times, but it never occurred to him than ever, not just walk. So I said I found this all very confusing. Then he said he was interested, but because he was, because he wanted to spend more time with parents immediately after the exams, because I knew where I was going to work after that and it was not free yet this exam preparation, thought it would be unfair for me. So I asked him what he wanted and if he wants a coffee or a meal if you are still interested in meeting. I told him we could work out, work around it-well, in my opinion, it's not fair to me. He left me hanging and then when I gave him saying, if this is the
Need help with math homework 10 points for best answer please help :(?0yessi2012-09-21 03:51:02
Lupe made ​​a down payment of $ 2,000 for the purchase of a new car. To pay the balance of the purchase price , which has obtained a loan from your bank, at the rate of / 13 % per annum compounded monthly . Under the terms of its financing agreement that is required to make payments of $ 210/month for 48 months. What is the cash price of the car? ( Round your answer to the nearest hundredth . )
10 points for best answer.need help to calculate the working capital?1Mrs. Lakshmi2012-08-28 20:41:03
balance sheet Sales = 67,700 EXPENSES wage
How to make money quick. 10 points to best answer.?1SUPER MAN2012-10-15 21:25:03
Soo ... I am in need of money . not much, only about $ 40. MedlinePlus I have really wanted to go to the big event (legal rave in Phoenix ) MedlinePlus and I have enough for the ticket and a pack of ciggs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The big event is Friday at 19:00 , now is Thursday , 2:45 PM . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus so does anyone have any idea how genius to make money fast ? MedlinePlus 16 year olds can borrow or something? MedlinePlus I have no job now , my parents did not give me money , MedlinePlus and I live in a neighborhood that is a bit stupid little weird if you offer to help other people . MedlinePlus thank you! : D

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