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Are there any TERI-approved online-only schools?0Danelia2012-10-19 17:16:14
I would go to school online and I am looking for alternatives to the University of Phoenix for an MBA . This school does not seem to meet certain standards , but I'm not exactly sure why ** is not as good as regular schools . Not on the list approved by TERI for certain types of loans , so maybe not accredited at a level high enough ? The other question is , is any school online just good enough to be on this list , or is there something specific to classroom instruction for a high level Tier / Accreditation ? How I can know if an MBA school is " worth " ( in terms of unique credentials ) beyond just being an accredited institution ?
Who thinks online schools and techincal schools cost more than tradtional schools?0Bheki2012-08-08 13:40:43
I go to a state university and its only 5k a semester. My husband went to a school with more techincal and student loan debt than me.
What are the best online schools that allow you to self pace?0Uhave2012-10-15 17:53:47
I want to do online courses , either in social work or criminal justice . I have to work at my own pace . Also any information on Title IV loans ? will pick best answer .
Are online graduate schools okay or a rip off?0Harlery2012-09-17 11:39:04
I am a housewife and I like to get my Masters . The closest school with my degree program is 100 kilometers away . Do colleges online for something ? I do not want to lose a lot of money . I need loans to pay anyway.
Are there any ART schools that allow one to get their degree ONLINE ?0ultra2012-09-16 07:34:05
I was made ​​redundant from my school where I did my degree in business administration from having a bad grade in Algebra . I sent a letter of appeal , but I have not heard anything from them yet letting me know if I could continue my education or not. However, I've been thinking about changing my studies and now I would like to study something like fashion design or illustration and wondered if I was going to apply to another school would be accepted by the fact that I have an appeal hangs over my head and still has student loans to another school ?
Is there a way one can go about switching online schools?1VIJ2012-09-13 22:54:04
I was taking online classes with the University of Phoenix online , but I decided to change my major to better suit my career . I recently learned that my employer reimbursed the amount spent in class if I get a degree relevant to my work . I also had a heart of MedlinePlus changed and decided I'd rather get a degree relevant to my current job because I think the general topic to be interesting and I have a passion for it . MedlinePlus My general question is : is there any way to change the schools from which I am currently enrolled in does not offer a degree program in what I want to study? I currently have a student loan from Sallie Mae active with 'm currently enrolled in college so I know I just can not get another student loan until I pay this off one. Unless there is a way that you can simply add it to switch to the online college I want. Moreover, the reason I 'm doing online classes is because my work schedule does not allow me to take courses on campus considering having a regular work schedule .
Do online schools check credit?1Jenmark2012-11-02 21:47:02
I started an online course in the month I was paying out of pocket. I decided that this course really did not help much at all, so I decided to leave the course . Will tell about my credit because not borrow money or get a loan or anything. The school was PENNFOSTER online users .
Can you buy a car with student loans (university schools, certified schools, other)?0Winnie2012-09-13 04:23:03
Can a student buys a car loan college students ?
Are there any online schools that will issue a financial aid check?0Hilda2012-08-18 23:40:03
Hello I'm trying to be as specific as possible with this question . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Okay, so I took a semester of college and received my financial aid check . That was the only time I ever took half and I have no degree because children see me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , me being a single mom and everything , it's hard not to scabies and school, work , etc. For my four children are under the age of five , so no old nanny here . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , the question is , are there any online schools that will give me a grant check rather than requiring a loan . Example Kaplan called but they are way higher than a community college that required to make loans . Will I have to do of course , basic to carry only the fee down , or know of any class that fits the usual amount and still cut me a check. As I need for a backup sitter etc and I will not let my course or miss work.
How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree?2Lolerskater2012-10-08 10:00:02
I encourage my wife , but I do not want to get your hopes if you can afford it until later . I do not want a lot of marketing phone calls either, so I do not want to give out our information online . Our credit is not very good . I messed pay a student loan so I doubt we can get a loan for school. Can anyone give me an idea of what these people charge?
Do you get a better one on one education as well as less debt learning from online schools?0Ginner2012-09-21 00:16:03
I lost my scholarship to a junior college because he could not afford to pay for books, much less feed. Now I've been out of work since August and desperate for work and education ... He told me not to bother with FAFSA last year because parents did about $ 74,000 and it was just a waste of time and let him know that some universities will tell you that you can not get a Stafford loan because you go to school ? Something about certain schools are not funded by loans at least that's what I was told by the admissions officer? ! that ... and I had no credit score .. Why is that now you can buy a pack of cigarettes (I smoke just trying to make a statement here how the government says I'm independent enough to buy the bull), but are considered a dependent? Government is screwing everyone through their education .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus parents did anyway less this year and could actually could get some FASFA and I've since learned that all students .. no matter which school can get a student loan. It has always been my dream to go to college and come out with at least a master's degree or technology law. Can you get a better education (best student teacher attention when needed and can go as slow or faster than you need?) And cheaper in paperback and in less time than a regular college or college? Jobs are easy to find here .. if you have a college degree .. but everyone knows that the cycle .. What are some good online schools .... Ashworth tried but are just a big headache .. teach anything and take your money .. still trying to get out of it even though they have asked to be dropped from the program. Are there legitimate online universities that employers will be interested in hiring you? We really need a good education, because I'm tired of jobs dead end ... WANT A CAREER!
Are online aviation schools considered regionally accredited?1GRISSELL2012-09-22 16:09:03
Help ! I'm in a similar situation to that of the other pilots of students about helicopter funding , however , I have taken a loan for $ 80k which promised to finish school and he did not. A flight school online is the best next move for me?

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