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Very Important Financial Question. Please Help if you have info on this?0israa2012-10-19 15:53:30
I have no experience in this, but it is very important for me to understand . Does taking some of your principal on your loan automatically raise your mortgage payment or only back the repayment period. I need to know how the process works , for example. If I have 100K in equity and want to make 25k how it works. I've been looking online but can not really find anything concrete is all we found sites selling different products . Please only serious answers . Thanks in advance for your advice .
Financial aid disbursement question really important!!!!!!?1Jessi2012-11-02 20:25:02
My financial adviser told me to wait until two weeks after the money is put into account in school to get my financial aid was refund.that October 16 12th.on school I have something tells me I have the money in myself in school I already knew because he said in my e- mail from the school take classes online . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 19 then the bank gave me something that I'm getting my Stafford loan but not yet is it really coming.i check.when need a computer badly since taking online classes and is difficult to walk an hour to reach the nearest library to do my job . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do not know if it matters but I live in South Carolina and my school is in iowa
Need info on getting info on tracking down a financial. Out of $419 by Kenneth White!?0justjen932012-09-03 23:36:03
CA Financial Services claimed to help ensure guar . GOV loan to start a small business loan . My check went to New York , but was taken in Canada . Any information is appriciated . Now hear , you do not have to pay to apply for a federal grant to start their own business . Yes , I was stupid , feeling like a big loser . Please make sure to check / verify the license of the # before doing business . In addition , if a company sends you an email, look at the top of a email link , follow to see if it is ligit ! See now, his was not , duhhh .
If you take out a home equity loan or credit line question? VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION?1CRR2012-08-23 18:55:02
I have no experience in this, but it is very important for me to understand. Do you get something from the capital of your loan will automatically increase your mortgage payment or just push back the repayment terms. I need to know how the process works , for example. If I have 100K in equity and 25k I want to accomplish , how they work. I've been looking online but can not really find anything concrete all I find is sites selling different products. Please only serious answers. Thanks in advance for your advice.
Ladies: How important are the Financial aspects of a gentleman's profile to you?0tiffaney2012-10-15 07:45:45
The old question is "what do you have to offer?" But that question goes back to the days when more single women lived with his parents and worked part-time in support jobs anyway. Women today are not only help themselves, are part of a team live situations and many married women are either the sole breadwinner or income earner married couples with or without children. MedlinePlus How importatnt are the financial aspects of the profile of a gentleman to you? When casually ask a guy on the first date "what do you do for a living" is doing the mental calculator? How long in relation to me? What are my friends and family will think when I introduced him and he says he does this and that? MedlinePlus Currently I am in a situtation where I left my last full time job to find a job in a small business that failed. I tried to go back to my former employer, but it was a union job and I could not re-hire due to union concerns. Since then I have been trying to get my own business going as well as an income supplement through my temporary work. After working in various offices, I managed to get a job in the call in a retail store. I'm busy right now with Christmas sales and many of the people who take time off permanent end of the year. MedlinePlus I am well educated with both bachelor's and master. I grew up in a middle class environment. My family helped me through undergraduate and I managed to work for employers who provided for my college education. MedlinePlus Apart from the credit card debt rating, otherwise I'm debt free. No student loans. Car has paid. I do not own a home, but they get support myself living in an apartment. MedlinePlus My current girlfriend and I have been dating for about two years. We are both divorced and sees neither remarried. She has no children. I have two children from my first marriage that I have visit. MedlinePlus Recently we had a fight over money. She likes to go out to dinner with friends at expensive restaurants and expected to pay for us when we go out with friends. Otherwise, split the cost of dinner and drinks. MedlinePlus Lately she has been having a bit of "Eat, Pray, Love" moments after facing economic problems with me. She is saying things like: "I just want to be alone" and "is different for women." Like Julia Roberts character, I have a suspicion that she wants to flee to Italy right now.
What is more important for financial success: saving or paying off debt?5Laquan2012-11-04 11:09:03
I'm in my 20s . I have one semester left of college and working part time. I get by on incomes that do ( live on my own) and I have student loans ... only one car payment and some credit cards . I make enough to get ahead hourly fine. Also I have regular premiums ( about 5-8 times a year ) that can be anywhere from the high $ 100 to low $ 1,000 ' s . I do not want to blow the money , I prefer to put it to good use . Being that is graduating soon , I'd be able to buy a home in the next two years . It should focus on paying my debt or put it in savings?
Important Tax Question!?0Huber2012-09-17 16:07:05
I 49k 25k per year , but is taxable only (I'm in the military are nontaxable housing and subsidized my Subsistince ) . I contribute 8% to my TSP ( 401k ) and Roth IRA 4k annually . I have been actively negotiating lately and have already accumulated earnings 4k in short -term capital . I wonder what they must withhold from my salary , I'm sick of giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan if I could make better use of my money . Currently I am claiming 0 but do not know if I should claim one to reduce out of pocket . The only reason I 'm starting to feel this way is because I'm tired of my taxes going to what the government considers to be spending 90% of taxpayers if not disagree more. I Wrather they send me a bill at the end of the year ... Please help !
Very important follow up question. How do they go about this?0calculus2012-08-12 01:40:38
First here is the link to my first question and the best answer I chose.
Important Question about Loans?0Sis2012-08-28 20:14:04
anyone can tell me what type of database is used by lenders cash advance / payday loans ..........................
Please help! Very important question regarding going to college!?0Adrian2012-09-13 11:53:05
I graduated from school in 2009 , and attended cosmetology school in September 2009 - September 2010 . I have really wanted to go to college but I have a lot of money in loans from cosmetology school , and I can not afford college right now. All I would be able to take what scholarships or grants , but do not think that 's for someone in my position . Is there anything I can do to get into college without paying any money ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also ( if this information helps anyone ) , I would rather take online courses versus traditional college as it is very difficult for me to be able to pay attention in class. I 'm more of a visual learner , so sitting there listening to a teacher talk is a great way for me to learn as much adrift . Even in high school , thereby being prevented me from being so " educated " guess you could say , as I wanted to be.
Super important tax question?3kgirl2012-09-13 16:55:03
I work for a doctor who is not tax my paychecks. I know I have to pay taxes on this income . I also worked at Toys R Us season , where taxes taken out of my paychecks. I also paid more than $ 600 in interest on student loans. I do not know how to present and am considered a small business , steady job because my boss does not pay taxes for my work . I usually prepare my own taxes every year because it is cheaper and usually has simple 1099.
Please help with info on financial aid- college or military?0AMAR JYOTI2012-09-02 01:53:04
Here is my experience, I have 25 years and want to go back to school. Psychology is something that has held my interest for a while. Taking courses online is my only option because I live in a rural, relatively remote. I wonder what percentage of financial aid covers and if I can get loans ... I just received cash assistance for some time, I have a child 18 months old and I'm living with my boyfriend of seven years. I am the only one working right now and practically live paycheck to paycheck - they both come from poor, shabby background:. (We never even owned vehicles or have a driver's license because we have the resources that have worked in food service for 10 years, but not enough to succeed. I mean I guess they are quite happy considering all things.'m pretty smart and I think I can. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also wanted to go into the army for a while and tried to enlist before my son was born, but MEPS lost my papers again and again and had trouble processing and finally got pregnant and could not. But now that I have my child people are telling me irresponsible selfishness, and be bad for my son and family relationships in general. I know it would be deployed and gone for periods of time and may be emotionally healthy for my son. Almost everyone is guilting me not to. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I'm overthinking everything like I always do, and I'm looking for some advice or validation because they really have no one to talk to about it. Can someone who has experience in college or the military give me an idea of ​​a good way to go? I would like to attend college only if I can acquire the means to do so, but do not know if there are loans or anything to cover all the expenses? People say "oh, just go to college," as is the easiest thing to do, is it really that easy?

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