Can you change your last name and your records in 6 months? Is it a very time consuming process? related questions

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Can you change your last name and your records in 6 months? Is it a very time consuming process?0pauleen2012-10-19 12:49:53
*** I'm asking this question on marriage and divorce because I guess many people here have had their names changed. I'm not changing my name by marriage, but for other reasons. MedlinePlus *** MedlinePlus I submitted my application and documentation in my county courthouse, but my case has not yet been reviewed by a judge. I live in New Jersey and am moving to Minnesota in early June 09, so it is 6 months from now. This is a list I found online that describes what types of records that may have to change. Is there something missing here? How I can get my birth certificate changed? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * DMV MedlinePlus * Social Security Administration MedlinePlus * Credit card agencies MedlinePlus * IRS MedlinePlus * Utilities MedlinePlus * Your employer MedlinePlus * The post office MedlinePlus * His mother MedlinePlus * Passport MedlinePlus * Bank MedlinePlus * Stocks / bonds / mutual funds * Retirement plans MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus real estate * Professional Associations MedlinePlus * Voter Registrar MedlinePlus * Vehicle registration MedlinePlus * House, car and life insurance MedlinePlus * His will MedlinePlus * Other wills MedlinePlus * Your doctor MedlinePlus * His lawyer MedlinePlus * Powers MedlinePlus * Trust MedlinePlus * Contracts MedlinePlus * Frequent Flyer Programs MedlinePlus * Welfare Office MedlinePlus * Veterans Administration MedlinePlus * Academic (although these are still paying back school loans may be tempted not to bother) MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for the answers.
Military Medical Records-MEPS-Mental Health Records?0Joshi2012-11-06 08:31:07
I was told by a Marine Recruiter that my Mental health record (being as it is without a real psychological disorder other than anger issues.) would disqualify me from service. After being hazed he told me if I wanted to go to MEPS I would have to lie. He told me to not disclose my health records and say I have none. I know I could possibly get a waiver but we are currently drawing down force size for our entire Armed Services. I'm starting to feel like I should lie. I have a huge sense of Selfless Service and it's starting to kill me know I can't stand side by side with a marine and know I have his back. Any advice? If you have knowledge about what a Navy Med Doc would think is mentally disqualifying I would be glad to provide you with my diagnosis(s). I am working with the Navy recruiters to see how to file a lawsuit for their own policy (DOD Regulations) not disqualifying me but yet I could still be disqualified. I've worked so hard and sacrificed a lot. I want this bad. Any advice would be helpful. PS DOD REGULATIONS state I would be disqualified if I have a mental Incompetency and their definition of a "mental incompetency" is not being able to enter a legal contract (based on not being able to understand and uphold that contract.) If I can get a car loan and make on-time payments and larger payments than required I say I qualify. Thank you for any advice. I just really want to serve. It's killing me inside.
Is there a way to change my incentives before I ship out? I just got my contract but I still have two months?0Cait2012-09-24 17:53:02
Is there a way to change my incentives before shipping out ? I just got my contract , but I still have two months until I leave for training. I have student loan repayment on my contract and was told that I would be able to take out loans while I am on active duty . I just found out that the loans needed to be removed before shipping out. I have no ACF in my contract and I want to get that in.
Im 6 months pregnant got laid off owe 11000 on cc and we were in the process of moving? help?0someone :D2012-09-02 10:40:03
I think im depressed. Im 25 years almost 26. My boyfriend is 2 years younger. We are both in college need two more years of school. We had unexpected pregnancy and was shocking but we're excited. I just quit my job next 3 weeks. I applied for unemployment and I get it. I DEFFERED lon my car until November and I have always paid great :) I'm good at paying my bills on time just not that much money I have to pay. My credit score is 635 and half my highest 680. My boyfriend all you have is your car payment, but he is starting his credit and has a 620. I owe 11000 in cc and just want to get rid of it. It's been that way for a while. We were living with her in-laws, but now we have another option out. We passed through the apartment and we should be moving in August 15, I have no money for furniture or anything at first I do not care because I have a bed and you should have everything you need for the baby after the baby shower . But now only makes me annoyed how broke we are. Im so stressed I feel like I've been here and always will be forever to get out. My boyfriend has only 1,300 a month. He is desperately looking for another job, but no luck. He is a reporter for a community newspaper. Cuz money does not have a title. He replaced someone who was making twice what you do now. He has been there for three years and has to hold on to gain experience. He goes to school public relations. I hope that one day all this worthwhile. Is there anything I can do or any advice to get rid of the bills or get extra money. No one will hire me now I'm six months pregnant. If I get unemployment should have enough for my expenses. We had lived an apartment two years ago and never had to buy anything cuz never had money. Cc This is for school, food and gas, as they have never done enough to stop using the cc. Additional we sometimes have student loans to pay the bills .. Help? It has sought to work the night bartender and still no luck. No after school, even if it gets two jobs, and I'm also still school. I feel if he gets two jobs and school will never see the baby: (The baby is due Nov. 8 ..
In the next six months we are opening a franchise and in the process of clearing up poor credit?1A.T.2012-10-07 03:43:02
Me and my partner are looking to open a franchise in the next six months, and in the process of cleaning the rest of the credit , along with saving capital for six months , but we will need a loan under a new corporation . We wonder whether the crisis should wait a year after the dust settles six months or that lenders may be more acceptable to small business loan . Although the financial crisis may clarify clearly headed for a recession in which it might be better to stay at the old job or to try a better paying job . My partner and I consider franchising as recession proof and you are able to save until we open but definitely needs a loan to open without piercing the corporate veil ! I understand that it may take a year to two years for a bank to look for a large loan , but we are looking to put in place to go with our capital . We are seeking corporate credit clean up is definitely in the works for our qualification , but a little concerned that we may have to wait indefinitely for a loan. Any suggestions ? I saw in the other bad emails can not be the thing to use after the financial crisis are wondering what in addition to loans and savings (homeless sorry!) What else can be done . Will the afternoon to take a lot of small businesses ? By the way what exactly is a line of credit for small business what it is used ? Is it the money ?
My parents are in the process of re-financing and at the same time, I would like to use them as co signers?1jaydee2012-10-04 23:48:03
I have 19 years and full-time student with a steady job for the past 2.5 years. I have absolutely no credit at all and my old car has become im the store and this is not the first time either. Basically , I need a better car reliable , preferably one new used , and will need to finance a loan for it. I'll put a 6000-7000 down with my car for a trade , which is a good amount of money . I am part of a credit union and only recieved news that was rejected for a loan becuase I have not accumulated credit . Now my parents are in the middle of refinancing our home and will be willing to co - sign for me as soon as it's done. My question is, can co sign, while in the middle of refinancing or should I wait until the process is complete ? For now , I will get a credit card and earn some credit , but I know I'll need a new car in the next month or so . Any advice would be great .. thank you!
How does Lunaire Keto UK deal with consuming fat fastly?02022-01-18 21:40:32
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Recently I change my job. At this time will I get home loan?0ishika2012-11-02 12:45:49
Hi friends, I am planning to apply for the home loan. I need to provide documents (6 month bank statement, 3 month salary slip, company Id, 2 years form 16 ). If I change my job at this time will that affect my home loan application
I have a couple questions about the loan process, because I am a first time home buyer. Please read below.?1fraction 예 half2012-08-10 03:05:03
I have a couple of questions about the loan process, because I am a home buyer first time. Initially I went to a credit union to apply for the loan. After seeing their prices were not as good, and were a little harder to get in touch with my application for a loan by borrowing from my real estate agent of the company. He had a better price, but much higher PMI, but still told me to send the papers to sign to drive the ball rolling. Upon receipt of the documentation, I saw the lending arm has a clause in demand as described in the Disclosure Statement Federal Truth in Lending, while the credit union is not. After reading about the demand clause in line (ie, the rate can change at any time, even though I am getting a fixed conventional loan), I am very worried, so I was looking for any input on demand clause. My second question is I have to provide information from my home, for obvious reasons, but have never really talked to the owner, because I live in a college town and pay rent to my brother to pay rent on the owner (my brother hired first and then I moved and the landlord knows that living here is very relaxed about these things). Is it something that must be transmitted to the loan officer? The third question, the credit union representative sent to the uniform residential loan application before you have a purchase offer in hand, and has no home market value purchase offer price agreement. Will this update necessary paperwork, which sent me back. Or maybe you just use the documentation in hand? The last question! :) By the tender offer, the closing is late May. There should be no problem closing at that time, once you have returned to the documentation that came with the release of Truth in Lending? Thanks for any advice you can give!
Is it bad to get a personal loan and pay it off fast like in 2 months time?3DAME2012-09-28 22:36:02
My son needs surgery and want to borrow money, but I will be able to do 1/3 of the first month payment and pay the rest of the month is a good idea or not repay a loan has a good effect on your credit score ?
Need time off from paying car loan about to stop working for about 3 months?1Otto2012-08-26 21:07:17
I had a car that could not afford , so I returned to the lending company voluntarly course they found a way to owe an additional 6,000. Well, I've been paying for about 10 months time and I'm about to go on leave maturnity , asked them to work with me Unitil back to work , I will give only 30 days , my short term disability will not be enough for my expenses let alone pay them and I have been paid correctly and on time , went so far as to say that you are a good customer, but 30 days is all that I will give, any suggestions out there. I'll be honest , this was a car loan scam from the beginning but like a fool I signed the papers and my life has been upside down since all , please someone give me some advice.
Is it possible to start personal loan repayments in 10 months time?0Rema2012-09-19 05:00:03
I'm taking aa gap year and will be traveling for 10 months , and would like to make a personal loan to finance a part of this. Since I will be overseas at the time , you may start making payments when returning to Australia in 10 months ?

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