Help with financial fraud!?

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The sister of my mother , half is married and has two children . She is a school teacher , and her husband is a driver . In addition to their regular jobs , rented a farm and work very hard at it . Recently, my aunt worked for your school principal ( besides being a school principal , was a small business ) . For use legally called Social Security number and a copy of their ID . He worked part-time for two months , and then fired . It was a year ago. Yesterday , I received a letter from a bank . He said it was a guarantor on the loan obtained from the director, and as he did not pay , the bank owed ​​FORTY THOUSAND ! That director took Social Security number and your ID , and he forged her signature (easy, because in class I had to sign something constantly - Notes for parents , lessons plans , and so on ) . Then the manager collected the money , he divorced his wife and went somewhere south ! The guy who gave you the loan , surprise , surprise , not working with the bank too! What should they do ? They worked very hard for their money , on earth , and in their work . Recently bought a new track , to provide meat and food market . Saved to send their children to college . And guess who caught the guy with the loan , and uncle said : " Yes , yes , came to sign" , or " I do not remember , there were a lot of people coming ." And he bought a new truck , the bank can say that using the bank's money for it. And if you hire a lawyer , and the lawyer has further asked the bank ? Please help, because the director is somewhere under a palm tree , sipping a cocktail in his entire life savings !

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