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College Grants and Scholarships...where to find them?0icha2012-10-19 11:00:09
What are some good resources online or otherwise to finance both pusue government , grants , scholarships , etc. for a person who comes from a family that can not support the dream of college, and unfortunately you can not do well on their own . I do not want to be paying 300k in loans when I'm out and only making 60k a year , on top of a mortgage , and all other costs of living expenses . How do you get people like us to get an education and help with the search of their dreams . I know there's FAFSA , and the military GI Bill , I do, but still is not helping much .
I am needing to find scholarships or grants for college.?1Chantae2012-09-02 11:34:03
I make too much to qualify for federal funds , however , do not earn enough to pay for school and bills , so I'm accumulating credits. I 'm doing my degree through the University of Phoenix Online . I have good grades , but nothing exceptional . Are there any scholarships for the average person ?
Where can I find legit scholarships and/or grants?0Sandra2012-09-14 03:10:05
I have 20 years and now in my second academic year at Kaplan University . I had to go through a verification process in the course of my first academic year and after it ended I realized that I am not eligible for a Pell Grant that I thought I had. So now I have an extraordinary expense of my first academic year and I will have an extraordinary expense of the next academic year (which will be my second ) and they will have to make payments on the students ... which means that the money is coming from my own pocket . I have no money at this time in my life to make payments on my outstanding expenses from what I've been looking for other grants or scholarships you can get. Now I have a scholarship from my school to have a 4.0 GPA . I'm not sure if that will help me in the search for scholarships or grants , but have a GPA and has been included in the list of the President and / or the Dean's List every term since I started college. I log in every day to look for scholarships and / or grants but still give me false , there are no good sites that make you go into a draw to win a scholarship or some other shit . If anyone can help me and give me some websites or numbers that can visit / call for information on obtaining scholarships / grants or to apply for a place that would be helpful . If I can get more loans after the 2 I have some scholarships and then I can get out of my classes ... which is the last thing I want . So please help me people .. !
College grants, student loans, scholarships?2ruwangi2012-09-01 01:09:02
I'm looking for something that can help me get a car for college. I had a vehicle, but was old and eventually established and I can not fix it, would cost much more than its value. I found a 2000 model Toyota Avalon for $ 4500, which is in excellent condition. so I'm looking to get a loan of some sort to buy the car to school. i can afford to pay a little over a month and I know that getting a loan from the school would be the best way to go because it will pay the car to make the cheapest car at the dealership. Anything will help thanks
Stay at home mom college grants or scholarships?0Flora2012-09-09 10:10:02
I'm trying to finish my college career . I am a 28 year old stay at home mom . I can take classes online . Where I can find legitimate scholarships or grants to help me ? I applied for financial aid and Stafford loans and Pell grants already . thank you!
I need help finding legitimate grants/scholarships for college can someone help?0looking for someone to varify my work please2012-09-22 08:34:03
I need help finding legitimate scholarships / grants for college , can anyone help ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I tried to go to Google and search and the only thing I can think of are the pages you want to join schools , etc. I 'm doing a degree in an online university . I am looking for donations to help fund my college remaining instead of just taking loans . Can anyone help , all the grants and scholarships websites i keep throwing up are false and are trying to get you to sign for all kinds of different things . Can anyone help me find legitimate college scholarships pages so you can apply ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
What are some good websites for getting college grants or scholarships?0Azhye2012-08-21 15:36:25
I have already completed a FAFSA . I'm getting a loan for living costs for the same . Now I have enough money problems , no more loans , please ... 5.8k I need a grant or fellowship more . I've been searching online sites , many false calling a credit card to help ...
Why are filthy poor people getting free rides to college with Pell Grants and federal scholarships?0shel2012-11-02 13:09:51
They need to accept that college is for the rich (people with true value) or go into deep debt with student loans. Don't tread on MY taxes.
Where to find good loans and grants for college?0writing2012-10-26 13:52:15
I am a junior in college , and like everyone else , could use a little help to pay for school . I was wondering if anyone knew of any good loans or even grants for college students. I have already applied for FAFSA and qualify. Please let me know ! thanks
Where online can I find grants for college that I might be eligable for?1Jeanna2012-10-04 04:49:03
I am wanting to start at the Art Institute Online . I have 24 years . Regular financial and other loans not work because I am currently still paying years ago , when I first college. I pretty much need to know if there is anything that I am eligible to not have to repay the money . Thanks for your help ! ^ _ ^
Where can i find helpful information about getting grants and loans for college?1Alexander2012-09-19 00:26:04
I'm looking to take an online class for criminal justice and hope to get a degree.
Does anyone know where I can find legitimate grants to attend an online college program?3Marcos2012-11-02 14:22:02
I have considered the possibility of an online program through a university , but need to find one that is accredited . I would do any paralegal or criminal justice . Does anyone know if Penn Foster is accredited schools or any other of these programs online ? Also, I am newly married and now , my husband is the only one working and we have a lot of bills and leaving behind a lot. Are there grants that can help with education costs ? Now I have student loans and prefer not to take any loan ! Thank you !

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