What is the best degree to pursue: Bachelors in Business Admin or Bachelors in Finance?

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So far I am a sophomore in college and I have to start choosing my specialty classes in less than a month. So far I have done all General Education credits . I am an adult student (28 years old) . I am considering student loan debt that I have to pay again after I'm done . Not sure about graduate school at this point . I have worked in banking / financial education since graduating from high school . I do not like the constant frontline customer contact type of thing. I like the operational and regulation of the banking industry . I love rules and structure . I'm thinking of a big business , but I want to know if a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance would be better ? Do not want my job prospects very small when I finish my degree , so I do not have to stay within banking in particular. I want to be able to pay off student loans and be able to support myself and my son . I've been a member of the working poor long enough !
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If you do not want that job prospects too small - Degree in Finance is better . MedlinePlus And ! cuz! , In finance , you can work anywhere Banking / Bank Corp / Back End / Front End ( in corp only) + also Business Development Manager. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your work will be good pay if you finance due to a lot of calculations business needs ... Now - a - days ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Email me if you need more information .
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