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Finanical aid, then a loan? Please answer, its really important?0Willy2012-10-17 02:02:20
I signed up for financial aid months ago , I passed and got my prize , the school started today and I needed to get my books well but was not enough room for all my books , I only had $ 9 left my help for this semester , what was worse , two of my classes on campus were canceled for this semester and I had to take two online classes that meant more money, more the advisor recommended that I sign a loan , well you did , I was wondering how long is this going to take that I have to pay for the rest of my classes and my books and do not want to be left out of any of my classes , this takes weeks ? months? or what? I have no job to pay .
Very important. 10pts for best answer. Are there any online websites that you can apply for a personal loan?1Busisiwe2012-08-27 14:49:02
Will you do if you have bad credit ? Or, they will work with you to get a personal loan without a credit check ? Need to know . No crazy responses please.
10pts first to answer: Loans from banks are the most important external source of funds to business?2Varsha2018-07-28 02:39:35
because most companies are too small to borrow in financial markets by issuing shares or bonds . Most investors are reluctant to buy the stocks or bonds of small businesses due to the difficulty of obtaining accurate information on the financial strength and profitability of the company . However, the news about the stock market is included in almost all news programs on the network and is often the lead story in the business section of most newspapers. Is there a contradiction here ? 10 points best answer
Question about the start of the finanical crisis or the root of the problem?0Com1562012-11-06 02:46:37
I need help finding research on what the exact issue was that kick started the massive economic fallout in America. People believe that it all started with the housing markets and banking/loans. Is that true and if so where can I find the best information online for those answers. If you don't think it started with that then what do you think? And lastly, can you provide me with the best links to areas with info on how the slumping housing market started, what caused it and how it affected the entire economic crash? This would be very beneficial to me in so many ways if you could please help me out, thank you.
Has anyone ever heard of Nationwide Finanical out of NEw York, New York?0deer2012-09-16 20:12:06
I applied for a loan and the company is in contact with a Aproval but I have to buy an insurance policy because the loan would be unsecured , I can not find any information about them on the BBB and do not want to send the money to the not sure if it is a real company , any information would be helpful , Thanks in advance !
WHY WOULD YAHOO! REMOVE MY ANSWER? do you think this was a wrong answer?2Spazzo2012-10-10 11:13:02
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PLEASE ANSWER!!! I WILL ANSWER YOURS!! :) "Pell Grants"?0Chapman2012-10-05 03:32:58
I checked my loans and Pell Grants online . It is said that for my scholarship pell i have $ 5500 for the two years 2010-2011 2011-2012 . Then , during my years 2010-2011 that says MedlinePlus MedlinePlus -1850 prize amount MedlinePlus Remaining amount payable -3700 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then , during my years 2011-2012 that says MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2775 prize amount MedlinePlus amount paid -925 MedlinePlus the remainder -4, 625 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not doing any post that says cause was awarded with 5500 or 11100 for two years or whatever . And you just start paying on my 2011-2012. Yes , it is fall . What happened to the amount not yet paid (3700 ) for 2010-11 ! That has me confused
How to take out a loan. IMPORTANT**?0kaily2012-09-28 07:19:02
I am in desperate need of $ 1,500 . I have to get someone out of jail , no, not a criminal so please no lectures or comments about it . His bail was set in 1500 and I have the money to pay . Is there a way to take a loan from my bank and get that fast .. I have 18 years , I have a checking and savings recently had over $ 2000 in my account , but had to move into my own apartment . So yes , I'm renting , I have these accounts and I have a job. I really need help with this, is there any way to get a quick loan or anything to help me out with this money .. and no, I can not ask for a bail bondsman exempt bonds are not in Oregon . Please help, my son misses his father .
Can someone please help that knows about financing a loan thru a bank..plz, it's really important?0Achillies2012-09-09 00:47:02
My fiance bought a car a few weeks ago and is now saying it was a mistake . What can we do now ? We could try to sell it to another dealer and get at least some money for it and be stuck with the rest of the bill ? I really do not want to do that , but what can we do? What is the quickest and easiest way possible outside ? Please no rude comments we are in this rut ​​and now has to leave because of a job change that the salary was reduced . Any help with this would be great . What your credit negatively ? If we could sell the car for the full price you bought it and gave all the money to the bank that would be negative to your credit? Will there be additional costs ?
Did i just sign up for a loan? IMPORTANT NEED FAST HELP?3CLYDE 22012-10-27 05:20:59
My school requires me to fill out a loan application ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unsatisfied requirements says my school account MedlinePlus MedlinePlus then in the state that says the petition , please send MedlinePlus I file the I Dont Wanna borrow MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the link is called Federal Loan Application Direct Stafford / MedlinePlus Entrance Counseling MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ok i just completed and this is what it says :: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Congratulations ! You have successfully completed the entrance counseling necessary to receive a Direct Unsubsidized Loan and / or Direct. The school ( s ) you selected will be notified within 24 hours . Please print a copy of this screen and keep on file. If you have questions about your loan ( s ) and / or your state, contact the financial aid office . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Did I just signed up for a loan frecken ? ? ? ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PLSZ OMG NO I say , why would they say please send and why is it called to be and why it should be considered a requirement
What is the most important factor in getting a business loan?3Whitney2012-10-24 17:34:03
I'm in the process of writing my business plan for a new company , of course they have very little capital and am considering a business loan . What would you say is the most important factor for a small business loan of say $ 15,000. I have no prior financial statements of the company , and I will be putting in $ 2500 of my own money .
REALLY IMPORTANT , business bank loan?0zain2012-11-05 08:17:02
I have obtained an agreement with the bank manager for a bank loan without collateral as he liked the business idea . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The issue is that I am only 17 and would have to sign some documents at the next meeting ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is that legal? MedlinePlus Do I need a co -signer MedlinePlus ? What else do I have to look ?

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