Do I need good credit for a "VETERAN" Small Business Loan? related questions

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Do I need good credit for a "VETERAN" Small Business Loan?0Weston2012-10-16 21:04:15
I know there is a program for veterans , offering only an application process faster and more flexible for small businesses , however , I can not find anything that mentions the credit as a factor . Only the veteran must have 50% or more of the company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if the credit is a factor ( my credit is terrible) could incorporate a partner with good credit and get this thing passed? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus James
Is it easier to get a small business loan if you are a veteran?2nat2012-11-02 23:37:01
I want to open my own business and I am a veteran. I know they have VA loans for homes , so I was wondering if there was some small business loans .
Help with small business startup funds - Veteran?0Kuala Lumpur2012-09-12 19:31:02
I am a U.S. Army veteran and would like to open my own salon. I'm looking for a way to get around $ 2500 - without actually taking out a loan ( my credit is not the best when I was younger ) ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know of any programs out there that may be able to help me out ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Small business loan question...I am a Hispanic, Texas-resident, combat-veteran who would like to apply for a?0justjen932012-09-17 20:59:03
lending business . The problem I have is that I have no experience in this area . I am expected to graduate this year with a major in accounting. I have some business savy but I need help in this area . If anyone can help , I appreciate it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Keywords , Military , Army , Texas , Business , Loan , Minorities , VA , Disability , money , accounting, Hispanic, Mexican ,
Veteran trying to start small business needs help...grants loans anything at this point. Im just starting.?1swamp donkey 2012-10-20 09:14:03
I recently separated from the U.S. Army , And I'm looking to start a telemarketing business (do not worry its business to business , and is only called contractors and construction companies to assist in the sales of my parents supply company building) . Well, I need more information and direction. Does anyone know of a program that can help ? Perhaps state subsidies . Or really any useful advice would be greatly appreciated .
I want to start my own business and I need a small business loan but my credit is'n that good what can I do?4cantu2012-09-11 22:19:04
I want to start my own business and need a small business loan , but my good credit is'n what I can do?
I would like to get a small business loan,but my credit is not so good. Who can help me?1eric carriere2012-10-14 18:37:03
I would get a small business loan , but my credit is not so good. Who can help me ?
How good does your credit have to be to get a small business loan?0Dianne2012-09-09 19:05:04
As in : to start a small business .
What is the best way to get a small business loan, with not so good credit?2-2012-10-24 16:22:02
What is the best way to get a small business loan , the credit is not so good?
How do i get a small business loan if i don't have good credit?2Huggins2012-08-09 23:28:02
I like to open a tax preparation company and a small finance company ... so how I can get a loan if I have good credit ? Someone please help!
Do you have to have good credit to get a small business loan?0DaisyJ2012-11-06 02:53:04
I'm going to start an online business that requires me to pay someone to maintain and run bascially a website . The site is funded by advertising , but I need a small business loan for its creation and operation . Will my credit has to be excellent ? If I think of a plan to fund , I will pass by a smaller taste .... $ 15,000 ?
How do I get a small loan to start a business with not so good credit?1Akema2012-09-06 18:25:02
The business idea is great I can only get the money for the team .. Please help ... I'm starting to lose faith

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